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After knocking several things off of my realtor to do list this morning, I thoroughly indulged in rest and relaxation for the remainder of the day. I needed it. The last few weeks have been full. This cool and rainy day created the perfect environment for reading, watching the last few episodes of Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle, and catching up on social media.

On Facebook, one of the things that caught my attention was a quiz. My friend Mark posted his results from the What Profession Were You Born For? quiz, by wittybunny.com. He got Radio Host, which he found interesting. I was intrigued too. I know Mark used to do that very thing. He hosted his own radio program. It is something he's considered doing again.

The Facebook quizzes are intended to be fun. They are randomly generated, typically. However, I like playing with randomness. I like how seemingly random events can collide in meaningful ways. Those are called synchronicities. I decided to play. After I posted my results, I invited others to play along as well. I was interested in their professions…but more interested in what thoughts came up around the results.

My daughter Elissa got Disney Princess. Her response: The princess part feels right. 😊 She definitely has the royal bearing and the interesting personality! I can see my daughter as a Disney Princess…keeping kids in line and making them behave themselves! She's an excellent mom, who also doesn't take mouthiness from a kid.

My long time friend Becky received Lawyer as her profession. That's actually spot on. Although Becky doesn't currently work as an attorney, she is analytical and well organized, with great judgment skills. Her response: Funny, this has always been something at the back of my mind and I've said it many times throughout the years. Maybe it's still a possibility! Yes, Becky it is! I love your thinking.

And my friend Vicki got the interesting result, Love Doctor! I don't have a pic of her quiz post, but her response to such a tantalizing profession: Less than qualified??!? I don't know about that. Vicki is kind and joyful and full of love and good advice. Perhaps she's missed her calling!

Grandson Dayan got Rapper, because of his language skills! This soon to be political science major does indeed have the language skills. And I know he has always been drawn to performing, musically. Band has been his outlet. His response: A rapper, for my language skills 😂😂😂 Well, while I can't rap, I suppose it's a compliment? I would say so!

And my result?

I laughed, at first. And I struggle with being the center of attention. I like to be recognized for a job well done, but to have a spotlight on me, that's a different matter. However, thoughts began to rise, and inspiration appeared at my shoulder, inviting me to go deeper. Ah, I thought, I guess I won't be writing tonight about a movie.

Because I had intended to watch one. I love movies. I set aside a whole day each year to celebrate Oscar Day. Actors and actresses have my admiration and appreciation as they live out of their gifts and hearts, doing what they love. This year's theme was inspired by an actor's quote. I think of Alan Rickman every day, with love and gratitude, as I type the words Life a Little More Tender or Art a Little More Robust. Attending a movie premiere or a red carpet event is on my bucket list.

So what about being a Hollywood celebrity? As a child, I was in a couple of elementary school plays. I felt too shy, too awkward, to try out for any roles in a high school production. And yet, like Becky, it's been a desire I've carried with me throughout my life. Acting had been a very secret desire. Ironically, or not, just yesterday I was thinking about it, again.

So this fun quiz today raises a question for me. To be…or not to be? No, that's not really the question. The question is, has my long held desire of acting found expression in the much safer action of watching movies? Has my passion gone underground on this desire and surfaced in the form of a fan of film and theater and the amazing people who aren't afraid to be in the spotlight?

I'm still thinking about it. I know this. I am at a place in my journey where I am not backing down from challenges and where I am facing my fears head on. My heart is open and I love being in the flow of life. I trust the Divine and these nudges and invitations that reveal more about who I am and what I can do.

Who would have known that a playful, randomly generated Facebook quiz could be an open door to peek through? I am discovering that opportunities for soul exploration and growth are everywhere. Dare I walk through this door?

I am friends on Facebook with actor J. Eddie Peck. We've chatted a few times through messenger. He's a Joplin native and last December he offered an acting workshop, for children through adults, and presented a free seminar the night before, The Business of Acting. I shared the info. I was too shy to attend the seminar or the workshop.

I hope he will return to Joplin and offer again. It makes me blush to think about moving beyond my comfort zone in this area. But I think I am ready to test the limits and see what I can do. Perhaps I can even audition for a bit part in a Joplin Little Theater production. Those intentions scare me.

But I was born to be a Hollywood celebrity, right? I can take the next step.

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