The Dance of Sun and Moon

Like many other people today, I paused during my work day to experience the nature event of the year, the Solar Eclipse. I didn’t purchase solar shades, so I had to get creative to witness the moon’s trek across the face of the sun.

Primarily, I wanted to sit in my backyard garden during the eclipse and experience the energy along with the event. I am grateful for a job that allows me such flexibility.

Since we didn’t have proper viewing glasses, Greg made viewing cards by punching a pin sized hole in an index card. By aligning with the sun overhead, and holding a second white card below the one with the tiny hole in it, we could safely watch the shadow of the moon encroach on the sun. We did such an activity with our kids when they were young.

Although I could not accurately capture the way the light shifted in the garden, as my phone’s camera seemed to adjust for the lighting, I could see it and feel it.

The overhead sun changed from bright, glaring brightness to a softer light, similar to sunset. The temperature dropped about 8 degrees, bringing a welcomed coolness that was very noticeable. The birds stopped singing and crickets began tuning up in the garden.

I marveled that all over the US, people were looking up. Perspectives changed, opinions quieted down, debates ceased for a time, as people gathered in parks and yards and open fields to gaze upward in wonder at nature’s show. I loved the feeling of unity and shared camaraderie, witnesses all of us, of this beautiful display in the sky.

And I could feel the energy, radiating from the sun and the moon as they passed each other. I am sensitive to energy and drawn especially to moon energy. For me, sitting in the garden, there was an increase in energy leading up to the eclipse and during the dance of Sun and Moon. As the moon slipped by, there was a gentle ebbing of energy, like a big sigh, slowly exhaled.

I turned my phone camera upward, and caught amazing photos of the sun’s brilliance and a sky full of streaks and swirls of energy. I practiced sun gazing, which is simply closing my eyes and lifting my face to the sun. I loved the wash of sun and moon energy over my face and body.

It was a magical couple of hours in the garden. The eclipse reminded me of the deep mysteries that surround me, if I have the eyes to see and my senses on alert. It reminded me of the importance of pausing to experience such wonders. And it reminded me that humanity needs to keep looking up.

This last photo is my favorite from the day. I took a selfie with Sun and Moon as they danced. I am bathed in radiant energy and interesting colors and shapes fill the sky behind me. The eclipse was a spiritual experience for me, a very moving one.

I entered a house cast deeply in shadows as the event concluded outside, and enjoyed a short nap before returning to work. What a glorious solar eclipse.