Dancin’ in the Streets

This evening I took to the streets, accompanied by Greg, our daughter Adriel, and son-in-law Nate. Okay so maybe we didn’t exactly dance, but we did move and chat and enjoy each other’s company as we walked Nate and Adriel’s three dogs, Abby, Xander and Frances.

Tonight, on Day 4 of my 30 Day Walking Challenge, I was thrilled to walk with one of my children in her neighborhood.

There is something magical about an evening stroll. When I had a big dog of my own, nighttime was my favorite time to take her for a walk. I was never fearful, not when I was accompanied by Payton, a lab/chow/Rottweiler mix.

Walking past houses that are lit up inside feels cozy to me. Rather than feeling like I am on the outside looking in, or excluded in any way, seeing the glow of light through windows represents life and family to me.

The four of us headed out into the subdivision just as the sun was dipping below the horizon, and the moon was riding. Temps were mild and a slight breeze played with our hair.

Adriel and Nate are avid walkers, and typically include their two bigger dogs at least. Little Frances was excited to join us tonight. My daughter and her husband led the way, winding through their beautiful neighborhood. This area was heavily impacted by the tornado, resulting in mostly new homes that now line wide streets.

There was an easy camaraderie among us, walking together in the cool of the day. People we met as we walked were friendly and chatty. As we turned down streets and watched darkness fall, Adriel and Nate told stories about their neighborhood, their neighbors, their favorite houses.

This vacant lot is where a young skunk once surprised them, charging the dogs and sending them home with his distinctive, lingering scent.

This contemporary house is home to a large dog and a pack of smaller ones that like to greet everyone who walks by.

And this classic house is one of their favorites.

This one wishes passers by a Happy Halloween.

And at this house, the flag was at half mast, presumably in response to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

My daughter and son-in-law were in Las Vegas the weekend before. Their hotel was next door to the one the shooter barricaded himself in. We talked, as we walked, about the senselessness of that violent act, and the timing which allowed them to be safely home when it occurred.

How precious it was to walk together with Greg, and Adriel and Nate and their fur babies. How grateful I am for them. This hour of journeying together was not only good for us, health wise, it was symbolic of our larger journey together, through life.

The light spilling out of house windows, and beaming from front porches guided us back to Adriel and Nate’s home. I appreciate the time they took to welcome us to their neighborhood and give us a walking tour. I look forward to joining my other adult children on walks in their towns, and journeying companionably together, sharing stories and life and good health.

Dancin’ in the streets? Yes, life is dance, is it not? A twirl here, a skip there and joy in being with each other. It was a gorgeous evening for a walk…and a waltz.

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