JJs Woodfire Pizza

I enjoy trying out a new restaurant, especially when I know the owner. This evening my mom, stepdad, sister and I checked out JJs Woodfire Pizza, located at 1612 S Madison, Suite E, Webb City. The restaurant is now under new management, by a friend of mine.

Traditional pizza is not part of my plant based lifestyle. So I was prepared to order a salad and watch my family chow down on pizza. Imagine my delight to discover that JJ’s offers gluten free crust and a “make your own pizza” option with plenty of veggies to choose from for toppings.

The restaurant is clean, bright and cheery, with ample seating. I liked the eclectic mix of tables and chairs, that includes high tops and traditional tables. For the sports minded there are tvs scattered around the perimeter of the dining area and yet the volume was set low, so if one doesn’t want to catch a game, the tvs can easily be ignored.

Tucked into a corner is a small stage equipped with sound equipment and a mic. Friday and Saturday evenings, beginning at 7:00, are karaoke nights. My sister Linda and I exchanged looks! We have discussed trying karaoke as a new experience, one that would definitely push us out of our comfort zones! This could be the place to go beyond.

Everyone in my group tried a different pizza, with three of us going with the “create your own” option. Our waitress was patient and helpful with our special requests.

Here are our yummy orders:

My stepfather Walter chose a black olive and mushroom pizza. This is a large, and he ate most of it!

Mom ordered a small mushroom and onion pizza on gluten free crust. A small is about 10″, providing plenty of pizza for one person.

Linda went with a small taco pizza, and raved about it! Look at the amount of ingredients on that pizza.

And I created my own small veggie pizza on gluten free crust, without cheese. I selected mushrooms, green peppers and black olives for my toppings, however, any veggies could be used.

While we waited for our pizzas, which appeared in a very timely manner, we signed up for JJ’s coupons and specials via text message. I had to snap a pic of my almost 90 year old stepdad figuring out how to do that, under my mom’s watchful supervision. Yes, that’s a flip phone, and I’m proud of them, that they do their best to keep up with technology!

The pizzas arrived and they were delicious! My family appreciates a thin, crispy crust and these pizzas were perfection. We enjoyed our dinners, chatting and laughing and comparing pizzas as we ate. All of us boxed up leftovers to take home and finish up tomorrow.

Two thumbs up for an authentic, woodfired pizza, made with fresh ingredients. And a heart felt thanks to my friend, for offering gluten free, dairy free, veggie options. This is my new go-to pizza restaurant. I’ll be a frequent customer.

And watch out. One night soon, my sister and I are going to do karaoke!