Aloo Masala to Go

Joplin has not had an Indian restaurant for several years. Which is a shame, because I like Indian food. So imagine my excitement to learn that a new Indian cuisine cafe had opened on West 7th Street.

Today, driving back from Kansas after lunch with my grandson Jonathan, I decided to stop by this new place and grab some lunch to go.

Driving down 7th Street, heading west from Main, I thought I could surely spot the restaurant. I was wrong! I actually drove by it twice without seeing it. The cafe, located at 1825 W 7th Street, sits back from the road, at the end of a row of businesses, and faces west.

I found it by watching my phone’s GPS and turning into the parking lot when the dot that was my car was even with the larger dot that was the cafe. For future reverence, I now know to turn right before Woody’s Pizza, if I am headed west.

The owner of the restaurant greeted me. He was friendly and helpful. I was thrilled to see a good selection of vegetarian meals on the menu. One great thing about Indian food is that there are lots of veggies used in the dishes.

I selected aloo masala for my first take away meal from this new cafe. Aloo masala is a mix of veggies including potatoes, onions, cauliflower, carrots and peas in an aromatic and spicy curry sauce. The scents within the restaurant were tantalizing, as I waited for my order! I couldn’t wait to get my lunch home.

What a savory treat it was. The rice was delicately flavored and the aloo masala, wonderfully rich with spices. The meals come with rice and naan, Indian flat bread, but I requested rice only.

There was enough food in my to go meal to split it in two, and enjoy the second helping tonight for dinner. It was just as good, reheated.

As I was leaving with my order, the owner made a request. If you enjoy your lunch, please come back, he said, with a hopeful smile.

I so enjoyed my Indian lunch. I will go back, and one by one, try all the vegetarian meals.