Series Review: Kevin (probably) Saves the World

I have seen trailers for this series, which premiered on ABC on October 3. And I’ve seen several headlines giving the series great reviews, using words like “charming”, “fresh” and “unique”. Today, in between planned activities, I caught another preview and something about it upped my curiosity, transforming it into intrigue.

I was able to watch the first two episodes today, catching me up in preparation for episode 3, which airs Tuesday evening. I was immediately captivated. I laughed. I teared up. My heart expanded.

This is Kevin (probably) Saves the World.

This new series stars Jason Ritter, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, India de Beaufort, and Chloe East. The comedy/drama/fantasy was created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas and has a run time of 1 hour each week.

Kevin Finn (Ritter) is a down on his luck man, miserable in his New York City life. He becomes so disheartened, in fact, that he attempts suicide. In recovery, he leaves the big city and relocates to Texas, moving in with his widowed twin sister, Amy (Swisher) and his teenaged niece, Reece (East).

Feeling disconnected and without purpose, Kevin is struggling to cope, when a meteor that falls to the earth turns his world upside down. The meteor brings with it a woman named Yvette (Gregory), who announces that she is a Warrior of God. She tells Kevin that he was one of 36 righteous people on the earth. He appears to be the last of the righteous. Yvette’s mission is to journey with Kevin as he carries out his mission…locating 35 righteous people via his willingness to help others.

Kevin’s disbelief, and his conversations with a being only he can see, creates confusion and humorous interactions with his sister and niece…and also with former classmates and friends and his ex-girlfriend Kristin (de Beaufort). However, as he moves from disbelief to trying to complete the mission in his own way, to a sense of wondrous purpose, Kevin begins to understand that he is being called to something amazing and beautiful, to a bigger life than he has ever lived.

No matter that to everyone else, he appears to be a weird man. Obeying a wild call to transform, Kevin’s heart is changing and opening to a guidance he didn’t know existed. The more he opens and follows that guidance, the more wonders he is shown.

I am still processing this interesting show, after viewing the first two episodes. But I can tell you this, I will definitely be tuning in for episode 3 on Tuesday.

Jason Ritter, son of late actor John Ritter, delivers the perfect portrayal of a man who has been brought low by difficulties and now catches the first glimmers of hope, that perhaps there is more to life. His delivery, facial expressions, and mannerisms, all reminiscent of Jim Carey, bring both comedy and sympathy to his character.

I like the premise of this show, which is be kind to each other, and help each other. And, I certainly identify with the kind of journey Kevin has embarked on. It is full of signs, synchronicities and wonders. It emphasizes having a personal relationship with God that goes way beyond attending church. As Kevin begins to see with different eyes, more and more is shown to him.

This series is quirky, funny, and heart touching. ABC has placed it in a difficult day/time slot to survive in. And I don’t know if people will get the deeper messages present within the humor. I don’t know if it will last beyond its initial eight episodes.

But I like it. I appreciate what it offers and the way it portrays life’s journey. Kevin (probably) Saves the World is worth watching and worth pondering. I’ll be doing both.