Sunday Saunter

I love the slower pace of Sundays. Typically, this day is devoted to self care, and catching up on rest and laundry, while getting ahead on food prep for the week. On this bright day, made cooler by storms that rolled through overnight, the theme for the weekend continued. It was a family afternoon.

Grandson Joey finished the football season with his final game. This year’s super bowls were held in the little community of Carl Junction, northwest of Joplin. Family gathered in the stadium to cheer Joey and the Tigers to victory.

Conveniently, my daughter Elissa lives in this town. We made plans to walk together after the game. During this 30 Day Walking Challenge, one of my intentions was to walk with each of my grown children and with my grandson Dayan, who is away at college.

I’ve realized that intention. I walked with daughter Adriel and her husband through their neighborhood at dusk. I drove to Dayan’s college city and walked the campus with him. Friday night I walked with my son and his family in Exeter, around a fun farm which included a corn maze that we got hopelessly lost in. That adventure surely increased my steps for the day!

This afternoon my daughter Elissa, and her two chihuahuas, Beatrice and Agnes, walked with Greg and me through her neighborhood.

Talking with my daughter earlier in the week, she mentioned that there was a trail near her house. Our destination was that trail. Elissa said she had no idea where the trail led. My response was that we could discover that, together.

The dark clouds moved eastward, freeing the sun to deliver delicious and appreciated warmth. It turned into ideal walking conditions. The dogs were excited to join us, and being a small breed with short legs, we let them set the pace.

We easily found the well cared for trail, just a couple of blocks from the house. The gravel path heads west toward the Kansas state line, bypassing the high school football stadium where games continued. I looked this trail up later and realized it is the last section of the Ruby Jack Trail. The Ruby Jack begins in Carthage, and continues west 16 miles along an old train track bed, culminating at the Kansas line.

We enjoyed our walk, which with the pups busy checking out interesting scents, became more of a stroll. This pace was perfect for appreciating the beauty around us. I love how even common grasses put out tasseled stalks in the fall. These slender stalks rippled along the edges of the path, the shorter days turning the grasses shades of rust and coral and brown.

As we walked I thought about the parallels between what Elissa said about not knowing where the path led, and life’s journey. As I walk in life, I may know the general direction I am headed. However, I don’t know where the path is going, ultimately, or what is around the bend in the road.

I am okay with not knowing. What is important is that I trust the journey itself, and trust that all on this path is for my highest good. I am thankful for those who quite literally walk with me. And I deepen my growth during those times when I walk alone.

During this walking challenge, which concludes in six days, it has been my privilege to have companions. As it happens, they are my life companions too. I am grateful to share the journey with them.

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