Manga Three Quarters View

This evening I enjoyed a return to the Manga Artist’s Workbook, for another lesson on cartooning.

Take a look at my three quarters view sketch!

The workbook provides detailed, easy to follow instructions, and the outline of the head and face, using basic shapes.

I began by adding the guide lines so that I could correctly place the eyes, ear, hint of a nose and simple mouth.

With those features in place, I erased my guide lines. Using the ear and eye brows, I added the hairline.

While the mouth and nose are left as suggestions, rather than completely finished features, the eyes get more details added. I blocked in the hair.

Reflections are added to the eyes, to create interest and depth, along with pupils that are darkened at the top of the eyes. Dark lines suggest eyelashes. And the eyebrows get filled in. The hair is drawn in, with more detail, giving this teen girl a shaggy looking cut.

This is what I loved about tonight’s cartooning exercise…for the first time I sketched very quickly and confidently. I am getting the hang of this. I didn’t over think the process or labor over it for long.

And that makes me smile. A month ago, I was inspired with an idea that I wasn’t sure I could bring into reality. But the truth I believe is being proved in my life. If inspiration gifts me with an idea, it is because I am capable of creating it.

I only have to ask for guidance. Sometimes the answer arrives unexpectedly, and looks like a manga workbook with detailed lessons in it. Soon, I’ll be creating a storyboard. By then I’ll have the ability to create this cartoon story that offers a peek into my magical life.

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