Holmes Asylum for the Criminally Insane Part I

Before you wonder where in the world I was this evening, let me add the qualifying words “family Halloween party”! This was the big night, the annual get together hosted by my sister Debbie, my niece Ashley and her husband Jon, in their lovely house in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Each year this creative and hard working trio transforms their home into a work of art that rivals any professionally done spook house.

The theme changes each year and the guests arrive, dressed accordingly. This event is so huge that I now divide the accompanying blog post into two. One focuses on the decorations and staged rooms. The second one captures the party goers in their fun costumes.

This year’s theme was an Asylum for the Criminally Insane, with the house becoming that dreadful institution. Attendees were encouraged to dress as fictional, or historical, people who would be at home in such a bleak and stark place. You will meet all of them tomorrow night.

Tonight…enter Holmes Asylum for the Criminally Insane…if you dare…

So much effort goes into this party. Debbie, Ashley and Jon spend a good portion of the year making their decor. Most of what you are about to see is hand crafted.

The mood is set from the outside of the house, inward.

Looks like things went awry in the office!

There are amazing decorations and interesting vignettes, and a quotes game to challenge the brain. The items on the Lost & Found table hint at who they belonged to. So clever!

You never know what’s going to be lurking down this hallway…

…just don’t let her out!

Sure, the “morgue” can double as a dining room! I took the photo too soon. There were lots of yummy snacks, including treats the plant based eaters could enjoy. My family is so cool and gracious.

This “nurse” was incredibly creepy!

What a fun idea…candies in pill dispensers.

A patient’s room. Crayons were provided so that we could write messages on the walls.

Surprises everywhere!

The prop in the pic below represents a scene from the movie Arsenic & Old Lace.

There are so many details throughout the house that I could wander around for hours, examining everything and connecting vignettes and props to movies, stories and history. As usual, Debbie, Ashley and Jon created a rich atmosphere, full of fun and spookiness, for all of us to play in. Every year I think they could make money with their off the charts Halloween parties.

And yet, they spend time, money and energy doing this for their family and friends. Why? Because they enjoy expressing their creativity in this way. I am grateful and I look forward to this party every year.

Stop back by the blog tomorrow…and see which criminally insane people were admitted to the Holmes Asylum!