Vision Boards 2018

Creating a vision board has been an annual project for me, for many years. I enjoy the process of flipping through magazines and cutting out images and words that draw my interest or represent a desire of mine.

Several years ago my sister Linda and my mom began joining me in creating boards, and what was a solitary project became a fun shared tradition. We allow ourselves the whole month of January to complete our vision boards, meeting one evening a week to browse though publications while chatting and laughing.

Here are our finished boards:

Linda’s word this year is Stronger. Her board reflects her desire to be stronger in all areas of her life…financially, health, relationships, fun and doing things that she loves. Linda noticed as she began gluing on her words and images that she had definitely followed a theme. That is a good indication that her subconscious is ready to head down a new path and she is being guided.

Mom’s word for 2018 is Positive…a desire to live in the moment and see and experience the best in life. Her board reflects who she is and what she wants to enjoy this year, from continuing good health to gratitude to reimagining her life. Linda and I chuckled that Mom chose words like declutter and organize and then proceeded to create a very neat board that is both!

My board is a rich canvas of images overlaid with words. I try to cover all of the white space, which may be a visual representation of my desire to live life to the very fullest! My word for this year is Story, and my board includes the word, twice, and my symbol, a pic of feathers. Like Linda, I realized I leaned heavily into a theme, an area in my life that is shifting. Travel images and words account for about a third of my board, meaning my Bohemian spirit is showing. Also included are pictures and/or words representing creativity, abundance, health and writing.

I appreciate that my mom and sister take this journey with me every January. We enjoy dreaming out loud together, encouraging each other and sharing stories about our lives. I am privileged that they continue to journey with me throughout the year. It is wonderful to have companions headed in the same direction.

My vision board is already hanging in my creative studio where I can look at it each day and allow it to spark joy in my heart. I feel inspired. I feel excited to see how 2018 unfolds. Oh, the stories I will tell.

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