Cindy’s List

With a full day of family fun, I chose to stay in Best Picture mode and post briefly tonight. People have been asking me which movie will win Best Picture tomorrow night during the Academy Awards. I truly don’t know. However, Ill share my list of nominees, ranked from my favorite to my least favorite.

Cindy’s List

All of these films were amazing, so ranking them was difficult. Imagine how challenging it has been for the Academy to select a winner.

I made three lists, ranking the films, before I was satisfied that I had the correct order. Like flipping a coin, committing a list to paper helps me to know immediately if my decision is accurate. If I don’t like the result, it’s not right!

I especially struggled with my top three, jockeying them around. These three movies impacted me in a deeper way.

So here is my list:

Cindy’s List

I would love to see Shape of Water take home the Oscar. This adult fairy tale has so many enchanting elements that when combined, create the perfect story. Truthfully, I will be fine no matter who wins. They all have brilliant casts and intriguing storylines.

Tomorrow is akin to a holiday to me. It’s Oscar Day. I’ll be celebrating the achievements of people who follow their hearts, do what they love and share their gifts with the world. Watching them, I am inspired to follow my own passions.

Happy Oscar Day! Tomorrow I’ll conclude this fun week of films with a post announcing the winners in the major categories.

Cindy’s List

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