Day 1: Light a Candle

Today I kicked off the 7 Day Hygge Challenge with the Monday activity. This day’s challenge seemed simple enough. And yet, as I selected a new candle to purchase at Bath & Body, I quickly fell back into my old habits. It was interesting to watch myself waver between buying a brand new scent and going with a long time favorite.

Light a Candle

Monday – Light a new candle in a fresh, light scent.

To accomplish this first challenge, I browsed the huge selection of candles at Bath & Body, located in my local mall. This store is the ideal place to pick up a scented candle. They had new spring scents in, with candles set up in attractive displays. That should have made my task easy.

Light a Candle

I was particularly drawn to a new line of 3 wick candles. Called Test Lab candles, these jar candles are dye free, with a soy based wax. They are made with natural essential oils, combined into interesting blends. Bath & Body currently has a dozen candles in this collection. I had to give each one the sniff test. Ultimately I selected the Sunny Fig candle. It has a light, clean fragrance that’s just right for spring.

Light a Candle

Bath & Body had so many candles on display. And this is where I almost changed my mind. I knew better than to start sniffing other candles. And yet, I wandered to another display, picked up a vanilla bean candle, and inhaled the sweet scent. I love vanilla. For years I used the Warm Vanilla Sugar line of products from Bath & Body. I don’t now, choosing instead a natural, organic line that doesn’t include chemicals. And I’ve bought many vanilla scented candles in the past as well.

I wanted something different today, something fresh. And yet…now I felt torn. Sunny Fig? Or Vanilla Bean? I actually turned to put the Sunny Fig candle back on the shelf. And then I paused to consider my actions. Of course, I was free to choose whatever I wanted. There was no wrong action here, no judgment on myself. But what was it that I wanted to accomplish?

I examined that. My desire was to try something new, a fresh scent, for this first day of the challenge. I could have bought both candles. However, I upheld my original intention, and made a very deliberate choice to not go with the scent I have bought so frequently in the past. It was time to step away from the familiar, and climb out of the rut.

Light a Candle

Bath & Body had a new product that was my “icing on the cake”. They carry inexpensive magnets that fit perfectly on the candle lid. I left the store with the Sunny Fig candle and a You are Something Magical magnet!

I’m about to get on a webinar. I’m in my bedroom, with my new candle alight, along with eight tea light candles. Is it cozy? Is it hygge? Very. I love the glow of candlelight. I love the intimacy it creates. I am glad I tried something different. The new scent is delightful. I’m not missing the vanilla at all.

Light a Candle

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