This Is What’s Important

This brief Sunday post could qualify as a follow up to Friday’s, on following my heart. This part 2 presents thoughts around an Iain Thomas quote that focuses on how crucial it is to protect what’s important to the heart.

This Is What’s Important

I can feel the deep truth of this quote. Isn’t there always something vying urgently for our attention and calling out for our assistance? There are many important issues in the world, alarming news headlines grabbing for us from social media and so many people, causes and programs that need help. Energetically, there are flashing arrows pointing at all of them, saying…this is important!

And don’t even start thinking about things to worry about!

Unless we choose what to devote our time and attention to, we can easily get overwhelmed. I have often overcommitted my time to projects that are indeed important, but not in alignment with my heart’s desires. The result is burn out on my part or an eventual disconnect and pulling back from what seemed important but was in reality someone else’s cause or desire.

I love Iain’s words that create the image of yanking back my hand and placing it over my heart as I say no, this is what’s important. My heart’s desires guide me in the direction I need to go, direct me in which interests to pursue and what to focus my energy on.

It helps to keep a mental or physical list of what’s important, what my heart’s desires are, such as the list I shared Friday. I can weigh what others say is important for me to do against what my heart says. When there is alignment, I can choose to devote time, money, or energy to that which calls for my attention. When there’s not, I can touch my chest over my heart and more easily say, no…this is what’s important. This is what matters to me.

I love protecting my heart in this way.

This Is What’s Important

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