Listen to Yourself

I love a quote I came across this week, attributed to Tiny Buddha. For today’s Sunday Short, I adapted the words slightly and created a meme.

Listen to Yourself

Reading the quote, added below, I wondered why I’ve found it so difficult in the past to listen to myself…listen to my own voice, my own heart, my own intuition, my own instincts. As a people pleaser, I was much more apt to listen to what someone else said was true for me, even when I knew those “truths” ran contrary to what was right for me.

Thankfully, a time came in my journey when I chose not to live an outward life that was out of sync with my inner life. This happened as I got to know myself better, accepted who I knew myself to be, and let go of the desire to please others.

Living as my authentic self required inner work that then allowed my outer expressions of self to shift and come into alignment. I’m at my happiest, most joyful and real self when I listen for Divine guidance and then listen to myself, trust my intuition and act accordingly.

Life has become a magical adventure that began with a simple command. Listen…

Listen to Yourself

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