Haunting History

I appreciate when our small local theater offers something unique, apart from their usual awesome movie lineup. This evening Route 66 Movie Theater in Webb City, Missouri sponsored Haunting History with the showing of a couple of documentaries that featured local paranormal investigator, David Glidden.

My mom, sister Linda, daughter Elissa and grandson Dayan joined me for a spooky glimpse into two haunted, and historical, locations.

Haunting History

David and his team use a variety of high tech gadgets to investigate houses, buildings, and cemeteries, with the intention of capturing and documenting paranormal activity. They have a YouTube show, Haunting History, that’s in its fourth season. Check the show out HERE

Tonight we watched an episode that was taped in a local cemetery, and got to view a pilot episode for a proposed television series.

As the title indicates, David includes historical information about each location as well, adding depth and interest to each piece. Places where historical events have occurred, such as battles, tragedies or murders, tend to be steeped in strong and often negative energy, hence the hauntings.

Haunting History

Tonight we learned about the tiny community of Newtonia, Missouri, near Neosho, where two Civil War skirmishes took place. A nearby family manor was temporarily converted into a military hospital and the rural cemetery became the final resting place for fallen soldiers. David and his team set up lights, cameras and devices, and caught a moderate amount of activity in the cemetery.

Haunting History

In the second episode, that David is packaging for television, the team traveled to Malvern, Iowa. There he investigated Malvern Manor. This big old foreboding place was once a house that later served the community as a facility for the mentally disturbed. According to stories, the treatments at the Manor could be extreme by today’s standards and the care was not always the best for the patients.

As you can imagine, the energy in Malvern Manor is heavy and dark and malicious. David teamed up with paranormal investigator, filmmaker and entertainer Richard Rose. They recorded much activity in the shadowy rooms and hallways of the former institution. In this investigation the team received help as well from psychic Angel Kay who worked via remote viewing, from Springfield, Missouri. Her reading of the situation was accurate and helpful as they gathered information.

Haunting History Linda and I waiting for showtime.

Haunting History That’s Elissa’s hand in the foreground and David Glidden photo bombing behind Mom and Dayan!

I appreciated the fact that David includes science and technology and history in his investigations. He seeks to understand and validate what’s going on, rather than just scare people with creepy footage.

And I appreciate Scott and Nancy, the owners of Route 66 Movie Theater, for hosting a beyond-the-ordinary event that left us all marveling at the mysteries that surround us. The location was perfect for such a screening, as this theater is reported to be haunted as well!

For me, and most of my family members, the paranormal passes for normal. The veil between worlds is very thin for me and I’ve experienced hauntings the tales of which would make you sleep with the lights on. It was good to sit back and watch someone else experience it all and share his findings. David helps me to recognize that the truth is out there, indeed.

I believe…

Haunting History