A Day’s Accomplishments

This has been another full day, in a very full week. That’s not a complaint, at all, just an observation. Late in the day, as I was working on a health blog post, I asked the Divine for inspiration for this piece. It’s not unusual for me to ask such a question. The word inspiration literally means Divine guidance. I asked, stayed open, then set to work writing in Journey With Healthy Me, knowing I would receive.

A Day’s Accomplishments

As I sent out my first post, I had the thought that what I had done all day was live, breathe and move from person to person throughout the day. And that, I realized, was enough. Inspiration flowed into that space of simple acceptance, along with the image I created above of a very short to-do list.

The day’s accomplishments included breathing throughout the busyness of the day, into all situations and tasks. Breath equals life. The breath centers mind and body and brings me continually into the present. There was no need to allow my mind to run ahead and create stories about what had not happened yet. That, I’ve found, is a very freeing way to live.

Staying in the moment allowed me to be present with the people I spent time with. That meant clients and realtors and two of my precious grandchildren had my full attention. Here at the end of my day, my awareness and attention is focused on my needs, on all levels.

And…that is enough indeed. The accomplishments of the day were enough. I am enough.

A Day’s Accomplishments

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