Fall Hygge List

This afternoon, I googled to see when fall begins. It’s September 22, in case anyone else wants to know. This year I have practiced a week of hygge activities, to welcome each new season. Thinking about the two weeks ahead, I wondered when I would have time to focus on the Danish custom of hygge, which is by definition a lifestyle that celebrates living in the moment, finding beauty in simplicity and nurturing yourself and others with coziness.

The fact that I considered not welcoming fall with a week of hygge showed me just how much I need to slow down and nurture myself.

Fall Hygge List

Fall hygge list

Continuing the tradition that I began in the spring, I cut 16 strips of paper and wrote a fall appropriate hygge (pronounced hue•gah) activity on each one.

My list includes cozy inducing actions such as:

• create a fall themed front porch • choose a new book/author to read • create a cozy reading nook • go on a nature walk and collect treasures • make apple cider • wear a neck scarf all day • enjoy an outdoor fire with healthy snacks and a hot drink • plant bulbs in the garden • make a new fall soup or chili – plant based of course

Fall Hygge List

Fall Hygge List


Hygge randomness

Another tradition that I instigated with the summer season involves creating more than a week’s worth of activities. The slips of paper, 16 for fall, are folded and dropped into a container. Each day during Hygge Week I randomly select an activity and carry it out.

I enjoy this form of creative play. The Divine plays along with me and I always select the perfect action for the day, even if I initially think otherwise. This game grows my faith and my trust.

As I considered which container to use for these slips of paper, desiring something “fallish”, one popped into my mind. I dug the ceramic container out of the closet and smiled. The squirrel nut dish belonged to my maternal grandparents. Grandma kept mints, nuts or candies in the dish, and Pop continued that tradition after her death. After he too stepped into eternity, the dish came home with me.

The sassy little squirrel atop the walnut brings me joy. Looking at him I am reminded of my grandparents, who would surely approve of creating more coziness, simplicity and nurturing in my life.

The fall hygge list, cut into strips of paper, rests within the vintage covered dish. I’ll begin Fall Hygge Week on Monday and count down the days to autumn, which begins next Saturday. I’m grateful for hygge and that I am honoring my own tradition, especially when it feels like I am too busy to do so. It’s going to be a great week.

Fall Hygge List

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