Better an Oops Than a What If

Tonight’s Sunday Short, which is very brief indeed, was inspired by a few words.

“Better an oops than a what if.”

Those simple words, that I almost passed by without noticing, triggered an avalanche of thoughts.

Better an Oops Than a What If

Better an Oops

Thinking about living without regrets, which is my response to preferring oops over what if, I came up with this rapidly scribbled list.


…an embarrassed laugh than a sigh of resignation.

…trying and failing than never trying at all.

…taking a risk than staying safe.

…living large than playing small.

…doing something while afraid, rather than being afraid and doing nothing.

…stumbling over the right words than not speaking at all.

…to get lost while adventuring than lose the opportunity to explore.

…to love with all my heart than protect my heart and not love at all.

…to create an imperfect reality than live a perfect lie.

…to lose someone for being unapologetically who I am, than to lose who I am to keep someone.

Than a What If

These truths are still firing in my brain, but you get the gist of my thoughts. I am so determined to live a life without regrets, free from the soul damaging “what ifs”. The rapid fire pop, pop, pop of these sayings bouncing into my consciousness shows me how much my life has shifted away from the carefully chosen persona that I used to hide behind.

I’d love to include more Better… statements to the list above. Play along and add any that pop into your head, in the comments!

Better an Oops Than a What If

6 Replies to “Better an Oops Than a What If”

  1. I love what you took out of such a seemingly simple quote. I especially love the last one you shared – “Better to lose someone for being unapologetically who I am than to lose who I am to someone else.” That’s so, so true, and such important words.

  2. I totally agree that it’s better to make a statement, take a chance, or just simply try that get hung up in doing anything at all in the first place. Life is too short to have regrets!

  3. Its true! I always prefer to give my best and try, than just wonder what could have being if I tried. With my youtube channel, I tried my best and who knew I already have 1140 followers! Its always better to try!

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