Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

Today’s gratitudes are clustered around family, and in particular my great niece, who turns four next week. She chose to party at Joplin’s House of Bounce. We gathered to celebrate her at the special event…Lola’s Bouncy Birthday.

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

Bouncy Birthday

House of Bounce is geared toward kids under the age of ten. They have a variety of inflatables to tumble, climb and bounce on. It’s a fun place for children to play and expend energy.

The facility can be rented for private parties, such as Lola’s. This allows adults in the family to jump too, if they want. The Wrecking Ball area, with its giant inflated tethered ball and ring of platforms, draws the adults.

I’m grateful that many of the adults in my family join the kids, playing and bouncing too.

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

Kids Love Nate

My son-in-law, Nate, is great with kids. Lola adores him. He honors her by showing up at her parties or visiting her when she’s in town. It’s so cute to hear Lola calling his name and inviting him to bounce or play.

Lola celebrated Nate’s birthday, which was yesterday, by sending him a video of her singing Happy Birthday.

I’m grateful for Nate and for my close knit family who loves celebrating each other.

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

Presents for Lola

Lola’s bouncy birthday bash paused nlong enough to open gifts and blow out candles on cupcakes.

At four this bright girl communicates well through lilting conversation and darling expressions that animate her sweet face. She showed genuine delight, in every gift she received. After all the presents were opened, Lola stood on a pint sized picnic table and thanked us all. I already appreciate her enthusiasm for life.

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

Blow Out the Candles

After presents were opened and exclaimed over, it was time for cupcakes. Lola selected the Minnie Mouse party ware and she chose the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting.

She grinned as we sang to her, past the age now when such attention embarrasses her. In her typical theatrical way, she blew out the candles.

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

The Gift of Lola

I’m grateful for this beautiful child, who loves to sing and dance and have stories read to her. I’m grateful as well for her parents…my nephew Scott and his wife Nicole…who love their children with whole hearts and encourage them to be their unique selves.

We celebrated Lola tonight, and offered her gifts. She is the gift, however, a special gift to us. Lola’s bouncy birthday was simply an opportunity to recognize how blessed our family is with her bright presence, and to surround her with love.

Happy birthday Lola!

Lola’s Bouncy Birthday

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