Small Enchantments

Small enchantments are those things that bring us joy or make us smile or inspire a surge of creativity. As a small child, my attention was constantly caught by small enchantments. The puddle of water called to me. Crawling beneath the bush in the backyard, into the hollow space between the trunk and the canopy of leaves, encouraged me to daydream. Ladybugs, crickets and spiders all enchanted me with their intricate designs.

The world was magical to me, and as a result, ever full of mysteries and wonders to explore. I’ve never outgrown that sense of enchantment.

Recently I came across a marvelous quote by author and marketing specialist, Guy Kawasaki. His words reminded me that the greatest enchantments are often found in the smallest and simplest of treasures.

“Let yourself be enchanted in small ways.”     Guy Kawasaki

Small Enchantments

Let Yourself Be Enchanted

Enchantment is a feeling of pleasure or delight, the state of being under a magical spell. To be enchanted by someone, or something, is to be charmed. There are big events, places and encounters that definitely qualify as enchanting. Those impact us in unmistakable ways. Seeing the Sistine Chapel, in the Vatican wowed me, as did walking along the Grand Canal in Venice. I won’t forget those experiences.

Equally enchanting to me, however, were the simple plant based meals that I enjoyed while in Italy and exploring the narrow winding streets through  the villages. Allowing myself to be enchanted in small ways reconnects me to my childhood and deepens the mysterious wonder found in life’s tiniest treasures.

Allowing ourselves to be enchanted means opening to possibilities, slowing down and seeing with child-like eyes. I took my children for walks in the neighborhood, when they were toddlers. We never made it very far from home. Every twig, rock, leaf or squirrel fascinated them, requiring frequent stops to check out each amazing find. That’s the kind of enchantment that awaits us, if we have the eyes to see.

Small Enchantments

Small Enchantments

Small Enchantments

The small, simple things from my childhood still attract me. My backyard garden exists because colorful flowers, sprawling plants, tasseled grasses and fragrant herbs enchant me. Water, whether it is bubbling in a fountain or still within a small container, ignites my imagination.

I appreciate small, intimate spaces and candlelight, crackling fires and cups of hot tea. Wholesome, simply prepared food enchants me as does the beauty of a leaf lying in the snow or a double rainbow arching across the sky. Nature abounds with enchantments from butterflies flitting from flower to flower to the solitary tree that stands tall in a meadow. The spider weaves her magic, ensnaring me, and the narrow opening into a cave fires my curiosity about what lives within.

Small Enchantments

Small Enchantments

The Key to Wonder

Enchantment is a key. Being enchanted, as Guy suggests, in small ways, is taking that key in hand and opening doors to bigger vistas and larger enchantments. When we connect with the wonder found everywhere in the world, and our sense of “Oh Wow…”, we notice more things to be enchanted by. We can’t help it.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, you suddenly see that make of vehicle everywhere? Before purchasing a silver Toyota Camry, I never spotted them. Now, I see them everywhere. They didn’t suddenly appear. My awareness of them shifted.

When I notice the little enchanting things in my life, and feel joy because of them, I begin to see more and more small enchantments. I feel wonder. I’m inspired. My creativity ramps up. I sense how beautiful and mysterious life is. The connection I have with the Divine deepens.

This is where I dwell currently. I live in enchantment. The small amazements  open my eyes and my heart so that I can receive even more enchanting wonders. I love that openness and the delight I find in life and in the world.

What small enchantments are right there, in your life, waiting for you to notice them? Trust me, they are there and they will continue to show up. What tiny treasures make you smile and bring you joy? And even more importantly, what shifts and breaks apart in the heart and what opens up in the soul? That’s where enchantment works its greatest magic.

Small Enchantments



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