I Am an EntrHERpreneur

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By definition, an entrepreneur organizes and manages an enterprise, especially a business, with considerable initiative and risk.

Until recently, I didn’t see  myself as an entrepreneur even though as a realtor I’m considered an independent contractor. I certainly know realtors who exhibit all the characteristics of entrepreneurship, showing initiative and taking risks. I don’t place myself in that category.

Six months ago, my “side hustle” writing blogs shifted in importance to me. I love writing, and blogging in particular. The potential and opportunities with this form of communicating are huge. I made the commitment in January this year to devote time and energy, in all its many forms, to growing my passion into a thriving business.

Two and a half months later, I find I’ve never worked harder, or longer hours, in my life! I’m learning, and growing my reach, and connecting with others…and loving it all.

Occasionally, after a short night’s sleep and a long day working online, I’ll check in with the Divine, to make sure I’m still on track with birthing my dreams. I scare myself sometimes, with the intensity of my desires. So I’m not beyond asking for a Divine sign that I’m heading in the right direction…a marker that shows I haven’t strayed off the path.

This story is the most recent thumbs up to my journey. It showed me I am an entrHERpreneur.

I Am an EntrHERpreneur

Encouragement, Please

On this particular day, tired from lack of sleep, busy on the computer, I half heartedly asked the Divine for some encouragement. Do you do this? Daily I have ongoing conversations with the Divine. I don’t mind asking for what I need.

Part of my daily business building strategy is extending my reach on social media. I happened to be on Instagram, connecting with people, liking posts and commenting, when I came across a page called Simply Chaffon.

I follow the page. She follows me. Engaging by liking several of the page’s posts, I lingered over a photo of a women’s t shirt with ENTRHERPRENEUR written across the front. That shirt caught my interest, as a “her” entering into the world of entrepreneurialism. That shirt shifted something around my heart.

Looking beneath the photo at the accompanying text, I saw the word GIVEAWAY. I brightened. Why not try? I simply had to comment with my business page on Instagram. Even if I didn’t win, the shirt served its purpose. I felt inspired…and yes, encouraged.

A few days later I received a message from Chaffon. I won!

I Am an EntrHERpreneur

Simply Chaffon

Tucked into the package containing my t shirt, I found a lovely note from Chaffon. Reading it, I felt more inspired.

Simply Chaffon offers inspirational and motivational shirts through their Etsy Store, Simply Chaffon Designs.

Their desire is to change the narratives for millions of foster children who too often grow up without celebrating their birthdays. Proceeds from the sales of their affirmation and empowerment tees are donated to provide birthday celebrations for children in foster care.

Simply Chaffon believes in FOSTERING WISHES, because all children, regardless of their circumstances and situations, deserve to be celebrated.

How beautiful is that?

I Am an EntrHERpreneur

I Am an EntrHERpreneur

Among entrepreneurs worldwide, one third of those are women. These women are changing their corners of the world…and beyond…by taking initiative and accepting risks.

True entrepreneurialism is more than that even. Entrepreneurs offer a solution to a problem. Through inventions, songs, companies, t shirts, books and blogs women are saying, “let me help you with that, let me come alongside”. They offer from creative minds and wide open hearts. They offer encouragement to their sisters as well.

I’m excited to own an entrHERpreneur shirt. I’ll wear it proudly and remember that this is me. I am an entrHERpreneur. My desire is to offer solutions to those with chronic pain or health problems, through Journey With Healthy Me. And through this blog, my intentions are to inspire and encourage, and to offer fresh perspectives to those who are ready for change, who want to see the world with enchanted eyes and embrace new experiences with wide open arms.

Thank you Simply Chaffon, for offering encouragement on a day when I asked for it. And thank you, most sincerely, for the difference you are making in the lives of children.

I Am an EntrHERpreneur


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  1. I love seeing women support and lift other women in this digital space! It really shows how amazing collaborations can be!

  2. Yes you are! =) Keep on being fabulous with your inspiring business! Journey With Healthy Me sounds like a wonderful business with the opportunity to help those with chronic pain. Wonderful!

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