Classic Monsters Halloween Party

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It’s almost Halloween! For me, it actually seems like the holiday is already past, as my family gathered last Saturday at the house of my sister, niece and nephew-in-law, for the annual Halloween party.

The theme this year was Classic Monsters and as usual, Debbie, Ashley and Jon absolutely wowed us. This is a big event in my family. It’s so fun to drive up to the house and experience the transformation. I show up early so I can get the grand tour and begin taking photos, before the other guests arrive.

The majority of the party attendees dress up for the occasion. Classic Monsters is a broad category. We had witches and vampires in attendance with some werewolves and several who put clever spins on the theme.

Come inside, if you dare, and have a look around. This post is photo heavy. And for the first time, I’ve included a four minute video at the end, if you want a room by room tour and a peek at the guests.

Classic Monsters Title Meme

Classic Monsters in the Yard

The Halloween decor, at the party house, starts outdoors and continues throughout the house. It is always a thrill to turn the corner onto the street and get a hint of what’s inside the house, by seeing what’s outside. Debbie, Ashley and Jon make most of the decorations, using basic materials, creativity and a lot of hard work. They are masters at repurposing objects and decorations from previous years into new creations for the current party.

A cemetery, complete with a fence and tombstones, filled the front lawn. I enjoyed reading the clever inscriptions on the stones. Actors who portrayed classic monsters, such as Lon Chaney and Vincent Price, lay buried in this graveyard! And beware the creatures lurking among the graves.

Classic Monsters Cemetery
Debbie, Ashley and Jon created each of these tombstones.


Classic Monsters Werewolf
Watch out for the Beast!

“Werewolves howl, Phantoms prowl. Halloween’s upon us now.”  Richelle E Goodrich

Classic Monsters Throughout the House

Inside the house, the transformation is magical. I don’t mean a few decorations tucked here and there. I’m talking about a complete transformation. These ultimate party planners cover walls and ceilings and take decorating to an extreme level, to create authenticity. Take a look!

Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab

Classic Monsters Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab, complete with one of the most well known classic monsters. This figure began its existence as a Santa Claus!
Classic Monsters Frankenstein's Lab
Close up of Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. Pick up the classic book HERE.

Count Dracula’s Castle

The living room and dining room became part of Dracula’s Castle.

Dracula's Parlor
Dracula’s Lair. Grab this classic tale HERE.
Classic Monsters Halloween Party Dining Room
The castle dining room. By the time guests arrived, a smorgasbord filled that table.

“Being normal is vastly overrated.”  Aggie Cromwell

The Witches’ Wood

Jon claimed this spot, as the “potion” maker. He is an excellent bartender and keeps guests supplied with their potions of choice.

Witches' Lair
This is an adult party, with the exception of a few younger nieces and nephews. Jon serves up creative drinks from this creepy room.

The Spider’s Web and Creature from the Black Lagoon

The downstairs hallway was filled with spider webs. And the creature’s lagoon wasn’t recognizable as the guest bathroom.

Spider Spider
Imagine getting tangled in this spider’s web!
Classic Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon
Classic Monsters – Creature from the Black Lagoon. This room was stunning.

“It’s as much fun to scare, as to be scared.”  Vincent Price

Mummy’s Chamber

Classic Monsters Mummy
Classic Monsters – Mummy
Anubis at the Halloween Party
Anubis in the Mummy’s Chamber

Classic Monsters Upstairs

The theme for the party continues up the stairs.

The Invisible Man on the Stairs

Classic Monsters Invisible Man
Classic Monsters – Invisible Man

The Phantom of the Opera

Being a fan of this musical, I loved this surprise at the top of the stairs! The soundtrack from the musical played on a loop, which was such a nice touch.

Phantom of the Opera
Classic Monsters – Phantom of the Opera

“I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”  Evan Peters

The Costumes

Here are some of the attendees, in costume. Unfortunately, I did not get photos of everyone. My sisters and brother and I all dressed up as vampires. Each year, at the Halloween party, we take a sibling photo. It was fun to get a sibling vampires shot!

Classic Monsters Halloween Party Guests
Miller Family, Mom and her girls, Sibling photo with fangs, Sibling photo without fangs.
Classic Monsters Halloween Party Guests 3
Bryan & Christel, Cindy & Greg, Nate (Cookie Monster), Elissa & Adriel, Nate & Adriel
Classic Monsters Halloween Party Guests 2
Scott & Nicole (monster under the bed), Barnes Family, Cody & Ciera, Christina & Brian

“Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.”  Elvis Duran

Our Phenomenal Party Hosts

I am amazed, every year, at the work that goes into the annual party. These are people with jobs and responsibilities and busy lives. And they possess an extraordinary level of creativity and resourcefulness.

Our hosts adhered to the classic monsters theme in their costumes. They appeared as a vampire, wood witch, werewolf, Dr. Jekyl and Dorian Gray. See Ethan’s transformation into Mr. Hyde in the next photo!

Halloween Party Hosts
Debbie, Ashley, Kaleb, Ethan & Jon, our amazing party hosts.
Mr. Hyde
Ethan changed back and forth from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde. Such a clever costume…and teenager.

Video Tour of the House

Enjoy this 4 minute video tour of the house.

Classic Monsters Halloween Party

Another Halloween party here…and gone. I’m so appreciative of my family. Their party creating skills are off the charts, truly. They do it because they enjoy the creative challenge and they enjoy hosting family and friends.

I marvel at their ingenuity and their labor of love. For that  is what it is. Thank you Debbie, Ashley and Jon.

My vampire costume was steam punk inspired. I enjoyed a slightly different look that cost me almost nothing to pull together. I owned the leggings and jewelry already. The knee high boots, shirt, vest and long jacket all were thrift store finds and cost me less than $20, total. Daughter Elissa loaned me the hat and great nephew Kaleb supplied the walking stick. I purchased inexpensive teeth at Spirit Halloween Store.

Most of us create our costumes “on the cheap”, with clothes and props we have on hand and thrift store purchases. The idea is to be creative and have fun.

Mission accomplished.

“Every day is Halloween isn’t it? For some of us…”  Tim Burton

Classic Monsters Vampire
Steam punk inspired vampire.


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  1. From a Brit – where Halloween is taken nowhere near as seriously, though it’s catching up – I’m always amazed at the level of effort and creativity that goes into your celebrations! Glad you had a great time 😊 #SeniSal

    1. My family perhaps goes a bit over the top! 😃 However it’s all fun! Do you have any specific traditions around Halloween in England?

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