Miracle Minded Manager Book Review

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Thank you to SMITH PUBLICITY for sending me a copy of the book Miracle Minded Manager for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

When Smith Publicity contacted me about reviewing Miracle Minded Manager, my interest peaked immediately. Written by John J. Murphy, the book carries the subtitle, A Modern-Day Parable about How to Apply A Course in Miracles in Business.

I’ve owned a copy of A Course in Miracles for many years, and I’ve yet to work my way through it. This felt like a Divine tap on the shoulder, an invitation to learn more and go deeper.

Check out this sincere review of Miracle Minded Manager…and discover the connection between the two books.

Miracle Minded Manager Title Meme

Miracle Minded Manager Author John J. Murphy

John J. Murphy is a global business consultant, speaker, spiritual teacher and author. He is founder and CEO of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm that specializes in creating high performance work environments.

As a business consultant John provides services to some of the world’s leading organizations including BMW, Chase, GM, Hilton, Target Stores and the US Navy. John’s trained thousands of people from 50+ countries and mentored dozens of project teams. He delivers keynotes and leads seminars world wide. He is the author of 19 books and he’s featured frequently on radio and television shows and in newspapers nationwide. Learn more about John at his website, johnjmurphy.org.

Miracle Minded Manager is the sequel to Murphy’s Agent of Change: Leading a Cultural Revolution, although it is not necessary to read that book before reading this one.

Miracle Minded Manager Book

Miracle Minded Manager Synopsis

We are all familiar with stress and anxiety, unfortunately, as a part of life and business. However, what if those feelings are self-imposed states of mind? And what if we’ve all accepted the ego-thought system as the normal way of seeing, thinking and believing? How important is mindset and our belief systems, to creating the lives that we live and the work that we do?

John answers those questions in Miracle Minded Manager. He teaches us how to get out of our own way by shifting thinking and seeing life, ourselves and others, differently. John does this by integrating the teachings of A Course in Miracles, a spiritual self-study program, with other life lessons in Miracle Minded Manager. We are given tools to eliminate stress and live in deep peace.

John accomplishes this by presenting truths through a unique modern-day parable. In the story, Jack MacDonald, the CEO of a struggling company, feels trapped. Jack, the company and the employees are all stuck in old ways of doing things and old ways of thinking.

Jack turns to business consultant Jordan McKay, who uses spiritual practices to help him work through the challenges, from the past and the present. The parable offers valuable lessons on how to overcome fear and eliminate stress at work and at home, resulting in a “peace that passes all understanding”.

Miracle Minded Manager Stack of Books
My journal and A Course in Miracles became my companions to Miracle Minded Manager.

My Thoughts on Miracle Minded Manager

What a beautiful, thought provoking read. A couple of chapters in and I appreciated the way truths are presented via a fictionalized account. I typically read novels…or  “how-to” books. Miracle Minded Manager combines the two styles to create a story that is easy to read and yet deeply insightful. The book is rich with tips and techniques for alleviating stress and moving away from ego driven thoughts.

I quickly found myself caught up in Jack’s story of growth and transformation as he shifts his thinking and his beliefs. The beauty of this book is that it reads like a novel and yet the teachings are anything but fictional. I’m well aware of the difference that shifting mindset makes. Jack’s journey away from stress and ego-based thinking exemplifies everyone’s journeys. It’s been mine for the last 12 years.

Reading Miracle Minded Manager stirred within me the desire to delve into A Course in Miracles. I pulled my copy of the book from the shelf, grabbed a journal and began working through the lessons. Although I do not complete a lesson daily, I am steadily working my way through the 365 sections. The impact of reading John’s parable and working through the lessons in A Course in Miracles is profound and life changing.

Miracle Minded Manager and A Course in Miracles

Let Go of the Stress

I highly recommend John’s book, whether you manage a company or not. Miracle Minded Manager is a book for living a better life, period. You do not have to work through A Course in Miracles at the same time, although I suspect you will want to at least check this book out.

A few times in the last decade I’ve picked up a book that transferred to me an intense feeling of quiet peace and joy, just from the act of reading it. Miracle Minded Manager is such a book. I finished it and immediately decided to read it again, slowly, allowing the truths to settle deeply.

John shares,

“We all get in our own way from time to time by doubting ourselves and thinking inside a box…a paradigm…that doesn’t exist. It could be a ‘rule’ we follow, like we have to work 40 hours per week, eat three meals a day or wear certain clothing styles. We spend countless hours trying to find ways to improve performance and results inside these ‘boxes’. Entire industries are being disrupted by innovations challenging old paradigms.

The same is true in our personal lives. If we can find innovative ways to work four hours a day, or three days a week, why not? In healthcare, if we can find ways to prevent illness and disease, rather than treat it, what might that look like? This is what miracle minded management is all about. It is about challenging old paradigms with a truly open and fearless mind.”

What does such a life look like, indeed? Let’s find out.

Miracle Minded Manager Journal
I’m writing my own story…

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