Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated

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I’m having so much fun with the Decocrated subscription boxes! With the mix and match pieces from the seasonal boxes and my own decor I can create fresh and unique vignettes throughout the house.

With summer well underway, I decided to change things up again and create something new…something very new.

Check out how easy it is, creating personal vignettes with Decocrated!

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated title meme

Summer’s Golden Glow

The Decocrated subscription boxes ship out at the beginning of each season, offering fresh decor pieces to incorporate into any decorating style.

The summer collection is built around a palette of sunshine yellow and bright blue, with accent colors of cream, black and gold. The decor in this box combines light natural wood and gold finishes with homey textiles. Check out how I styled these pieces for summer vignettes.

The featured artists for summer are Kate Aurelia and Kasey Free. This duo met in college and combine their talents to create art inspired by nature and travels. They work with a mixture of techniques, from traditional paintings to collage to digital art.

Before receiving the spring Decocrated box, I rarely used gold decor in my home. I’m more naturally drawn toward silver tones. However, that’s what I love about Decocrated. They are nudging me out of my typical decorating rut and encouraging me to expand and create something new.

Both the spring and summer boxes included gold foundational pieces. How fun it’s been, creating with these items.

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated entry table
Creating personal vignettes with Decocrated – bonus display. I love these ceramic trees from the winter box! I’ve left them out all year. Table top sign from winter box as well and black lantern from spring.

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated

Recently I noticed items for sale at Michael’s Craft Store…gold decor…that I don’t think I would have noticed prior to receiving Decocrated boxes. I circled around to those pieces several times, drawn to them. Feeling a strong a personal connection to the items, I bought them.

I’m excited to show you how I used those unique pieces with items from the spring and summer Decocrated boxes to create personal vignettes that tell my story.

Ready to see?

Kind is Gold

I relocated the mirror from the summer box to the vintage wooden chair near my armoire. The gold tray and canisters arrived with the spring box. And the yellow pillows with the reversible textured side are from summer.

I love this warm vignette, build around sunny yellows and gold. The little table top sign reads, “Kind is Gold”.

This cheerful grouping reminds me that summer is here and that kindness is, indeed, golden. The mirror in this personal vignette represents reflecting back to others that kindness and love.

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated kind is gold
Creating personal vignettes – kind is gold
Close up
I love the way the mirror reflects the light.

Hello Succulents

The summer Decocrated box included a cute gray planter containing three faux succulents. Well, that inspired me to pick up several more. And these succulents never need to be watered!

I love this fun vignette that highlights my playful side.

The “hello sunshine” print is also from the summer box. The art print is a spring item. I also enjoy using stacked books as risers to create height. From my collection of books, I look for covers that are in my color palette.

Shelf Top Vignette
Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated – playful shelf top grouping

Telling My Story with Decocrated

I used the dining room table to create a unique vignette, full of items that tell my story.

Gold Planter

The blue and white rug from the summer box creates the foundation to build upon. I added a gold place mat. The gold planter, another summer box item, anchors the left side. It’s filled with artificial eucalyptus in soft greens, grays and peach colors. The letter “C” with gold floral trim is for Cindy, of course. And the little blue flower pot filled with succulents brings a pop of color that ties in with the rug.

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated gold planter
Creating personal vignettes with Decocrated – gold planter and C for Cindy

Tiered Tray

I filled the two tier tray from the summer box with items that have meaning to me.

On the bottom shelf are two gold canisters from spring, holding more fun faux succulents. A “dream” metal stand up sign in gold reminds me to keep pursuing my dreams and more than that, to make them a priority. And tucked into the corner is a blue and gold candle holder, because being light, shining my light, is always important to me.

On the top shelf a vintage looking gold crown represents my queen symbol from last year. Looking at it, I recall the question I was divinely asked in 2019, “Do you want to be the queen of your own kingdom or a pawn in someone else’s?” I choose to be the queen of my own kingdom.

The gold hand statue reminds me “open hand, open heart”. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. There’s a gold votive holder there, shining with candlelight. And finally, hanging from the tiered tray is a golden key, my symbol for this year. Curiosity is the key that is opening doors for me.

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated tiered tray
Creating personal vignettes with Decocrated – tiered tray

Inspiration from Decocrated

After enjoying three subscription boxes…so far…from Decocrated, I can genuinely say that this company inspires me. I’ve always loved decorating and creating vignettes. Decocrated provides beautiful pieces that increase my creativity. It’s so fun to see what I can bring together, to tell unique stories.

The vignette on the dining table is especially meaningful to me. It will remain in place until it’s time to decorate for fall!

Would you enjoy receiving inspiration in a box? You can!

Click this link for the Decocrated Summer Box, and use this discount code for $15 off the price of your first box:  CINDYM15 

Or use the same code to receive $15 off a yearly subscription. Once you are a member, there are additional items that can be purchased from the online shop and a fun Facebook group of other Decocrated decorators to join.

What are you creating in your house this summer?

Creating Personal Vignettes with Decocrated table
Creating personal vignettes with Decocrated – telling my story


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  1. This is an amazing idea! I love the idea of an area of my own, with the things I like about the seasons! Decorated has some amazing thing! Thank you for the discount!

  2. I love creating personal vignettes. I use a table when guests come for tea and have a theme related vignette when they come in the door. This was fun to look at your pictures and get some creative ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love these creative ideas. I finally made a table by the door. Now I just have to decorate with something other than masks and and sanitizer! The succulents in the little blue pot are gorgeous! What are they?

  4. This is super cute. I’m not usually a fan of yellow, but I like it with the pops of blue. I’m also terrible at keeping plants alive, but these succulents make me want to try again!

  5. I love the tiered tray – it’s so versatile, you could use it in several areas of your home and with so many different decorations.

  6. These are some really cute looks and a great way to create a better interior design if that’s not your forte.

  7. Decorating little corners will uplift your spirit, I’m sure. I love the ceramic trees, I would leave them up all year too!

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