Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

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Next month, May 9, is Mother’s Day in the United States. The day celebrates and honors motherhood, with all its joys, blessings and challenges.

My big extended family includes many mothers, from the matriarchs…my mother and stepmom…to the newest mommy, my younger daughter, Adriel. My mother and stepmom, my sisters and sister-in-law, my nieces and nieces-in-law, my daughters and daughter-in-law, and me of course, all journey together, a sisterhood of mamas. We mother and grandmother well, helping each other as needed and always encouraging and supporting one another.

I’m excited to offer a selection of thoughtful gifts for mom. There’s something for every mama here, from the grandmother to the new mommy, the health conscious to the the traveler, the ecologically minded to the entrepreneur.

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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

I’m an affiliate with all of these companies. I can suggest their products with confidence because I’m familiar with them, use them and appreciate each company tremendously.

Tough as a Mother Jewelry

The newest of my affiliate partnerships, Tough as a Mother offers beautiful necklaces and a fun bracelet.

Jennifer Cervantes built her company for all the women living through their own motherhood journeys, from finding the strength to endure miscarriage to the deep darkness of postpartum anxiety, through sleepless nights and physical and mental challenges of all kinds.
No matter what the  motherhood journey looks like, Jennifer knows we all deserve to call ourselves tough as a mother. From gemstone pendants to custom designed necklaces featuring the initials of children or grandchildren, find the perfect necklace for the mothers in your family.
Use this LINK to check out all the possibilities this beautiful company offers.
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom tough as a mother
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Tough as a Mother

Decocrated Curated Home

For the mama that enjoys home decor, creativity or the delightful surprise of subscription boxes, Decocrated makes an excellent gift. Four times a year a seasonal box arrives at your front door, full of curated pieces designed to work with any decorating style.

Order a single seasonal box…spring is currently available…or save money with a yearly subscription. Additionally, add-on boxes are available to subscribers only. Add-on boxes include Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Americana.

Click this link for a Seasonal Box and use my discount code CINDYM15 to save $15 off of your order! Or type in the same code to save $15 off the yearly subscription.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom decocrated
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Decocrated Curated Home Subscription Boxes

Wolfie Kids International Clothing

Based in Australia, Wolfie Kids is a small, international company, made up of moms and creatives. They work hard to provide their customers with carefully curated clothing for babies, toddlers and children.

Keeping little ones comfortable in ethical, cozy fabrics remains a top priority for Wolfie Kids. Most designs feature soft cotton and linen that won’t irritate delicate skin. Plus the company uses eco-friendly, recycled packaging, from green shipping methods to reusable cotton bags that arrive with the clothing lovingly tucked inside.

For the expectant mama, new mommy or busy mother of several kids, Wolfie makes a fun gift, because who doesn’t appreciate thoughtful, comfortable, well made clothes!  Check out their adorable outfits HERE . Use my code, CINDYBEYOND20, to save 20% on your order!

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom wolfie kids
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Wolfie Kids Clothing. Finley Grace modeling the Ziggy Jumpsuit

Four Sigmatic

The founders of Four Sigmatic grew up in Finland, foraging in their backyards and enjoying the benefits of all kinds of mushrooms. They recognized that perhaps the rest of the world didn’t use mushrooms as much as they did and wanted to change that.

Four Sigmatic includes familiar superfoods in their products such as green tea, cacao, hemp and coconut. And they include some less familiar, like Reishi, Cordyceps and Ashwagandha mushrooms.

This company’s health conscious products are for the mama who loves her coffee, tea or hot chocolate AND appreciates the additional health boost from high quality, nutrient dense foods.

Check out all the products Four Sigmatic offers HERE. And use my special code, CINDYLAUDERDALEMOORE, to save 10% off of your order.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom four sigmatic
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Four Sigmatic

Smartr Skin

Smartr Skin is a physician created line of skin care products. The company embraces a whole-person view of health. They believe that feeling healthy and confident is a result of caring for the whole self…body, mind and spirit.

They also believe that smarter, higher quality ingredients lead to better results. Therefore, they’ve created custom formulations from clean ingredients that nourish the skin, from the inside out.

I’ve been a customer of Smartr Skin for exactly two years and I LOVE their products. Their skin care line and jade roller are perfect gifts for the mother who desires to nourish and enrich her skin, no matter what her age.

Click this LINK and use my discount code CINDYM20OFF to save 20% off your order!

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom smartr skin
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Smartr Skin


Toad&Co is a sustainable clothing company that’s woven their intentions into the very fabric of their company: to support communities, take care of the planet, and empower people to live their fullest lives. These long-term partnerships have shaped Toad&Co for the better, helping them to live well and do good every day.

The company believes that minimizing their environmental impact and helping clean up the apparel industry is an integral part of their business ethos. Therefore, they use 100% sustainable, ecological materials, 100% of the time.

Toad&Co clothing or gift cards are for the mother that is ecologically minded and yet fashion conscious. Click HERE to check out styles that are suitable for a fun night out on the town or for traveling around the globe.

Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – clothes from Toad&Co

CBD Living

Established in 2013, CBD Living is headquartered in Corona, California. The company uses only 100% organic hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado

The secret to their superior products lies in the use of nanotechnology that reduces CBD into nano-sized droplets, without the use of emulsifiers. This technique allows the CBD to immediately penetrate the body’s cells, giving increased bioavailability at the cellular level with no waiting.

The company offers a HUGE range of products, from CBD infused water to gummies to energy drinks to pet products. CBD Living is perfect for the mama who appreciates the health benefits of CBD and who makes her health a priority.

Use my LINK to browse CBD Living’s 100+ products.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom cbd living
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – CBD Living

Mer-Sea & Co

Friends Melanie and Lina founded Mer-Sea & Co. They share the belief that life should be simple, like life at the beach. This attitude is reflected in all of their products, where utility, tranquility and simplicity reign.

Mer-Sea & Co offers mindful products such as artisan soy wax candles, Moroccan totes, travel accessories, bath and body necessities and beautiful sweaters, tops and wraps, crafted in the colors of the sea.

For the mamas who appreciate and enjoy well crafted articles and love the beach or travel life, Mer-Sea provides beautifully unique items. Use my LINK to explore their website and perhaps pick out something for yourself as well as your mother!

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom mersea
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Mer-Sea & Co. Me loving their tasseled wrap while in Edinburgh.

Voke Superfood Supplements

Kalen Caughey came up with the idea for Voke ten years ago, as he rode in a chairlift up a local ski hill in Montana. A competitive skier, Kalen wanted a healthy, convenient, portable energy solution for long days on the mountain.

Together with his dad, who has a PhD in biochemistry, the two developed an organic blend that is natural and balanced without sugar, artificial sweeteners or excessive doses of vitamins.

Voke Superfood Supplements have fueled expeditions on all seven continents, including climbs in the Himalayas. The benefits of the tablets go beyond adventurers to the health conscious and to health minded professionals.

I experienced the power of Voke supplements on my last trip to Scotland. They helped me overcome jet lag quickly while boosting my energy levels for days of walking and exploring. Voke is perfect for the mother who loves to travel and who values her health and wellbeing.

Click HERE for Voke Superfood Supplements.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom voke superfood
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Voke Superfood Supplements

BOOM! Makeup by Cindy Joseph

The late Cindy Joseph began her career as a makeup artist in the 70s in San Francisco. Even then she believed less was more. As she aged, she became pro-age, rather than anti-aging.

As she approached 60, Cindy entered into the cosmetic business, introducing BOOM!, a line of products that are rich in natural moisturizers such as olive oil and beeswax. She created makeup that was about revealing rather than hiding.

I’ve used BOOM! products for four years and it’s the only makeup line for me. BOOM! is perfect for the mom, of any age, who desires to nourish her skin and allow her natural beauty to shine through.

I’m excited that BOOM! recently became available on Amazon. Get the BOOM! Trio Sticks HERE.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom boom
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – BOOM! Make Up

Blogging Blastoff or Travel Blogging Blastoff

Not sure what to get Mom this year? Does she enjoy writing? Have an entrepreneurial streak? Eager to try something new?

Consider gifting your mother with a blogging course that helps her build a profitable blog, from the ground up.

I’ve taken both of these courses by Heather and Pete Reese, who are successful bloggers themselves. Blogging Blastoff changed my blogging career very quickly as I implemented what I learned. And Travel Blogging Blastoff is opening doors to new opportunities working with travel partners. I highly recommend both.

Click HERE for Blogging Blastoff and this LINK for Travel Blogging Blastoff.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom blogging blastoff
Thoughtful Gifts for Mom – Blogging Blastoff courses

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you found something special for the mothers in your life, in this collection of thoughtful, unique gifts. I’m certainly shopping the list, for the mamas in my family.

Perhaps you even found something wonderful for yourself. Buy it! Sometimes we must nurture and cherish ourselves.

May you celebrate, with joy, all women experiencing their motherhood journeys. And may you be celebrated as well.

Happy Mother’s Day. Blessings to you and your family.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom me and Finley
Snuggling my granddaughter, Finley.



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  1. My mom loves jewelry, so I can’t go wrong buying her a necklace. All of your suggestions are great, and thanks for the reminder that I need to order something ASAP.

    1. Thank you! I enjoy all the Four Sigmatic drinks. And Decocrated has been so fun, getting those boxes delivered to my door once a season.

  2. These are great gift ideas Cindy. I love Four Sigmatic blends, they’re filled with such awesome nutrients and I love the bonus energy kicks. Also love that little onesie your grand baby is wearing, so cute. Thanks for sharing ☺️

  3. This is such a great list! I love how much variety there is! And I may have to put a few of these on MY wishlist 🙂

  4. These are great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. I really appreciate non-traditional ideas that are very unique and cause thought…

    1. Yes! I love all of these products. Toad&Co is running a special that I’ll be posting about tomorrow. Their clothes are amazing. I’ll add a link to the Mother’s Day Gift post.

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