It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated

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Do you know what time it is? It’s time for summer with Decocrated!

In spite of May’s cool, rainy days I know summer is almost here. I know because my Decocrated Summer Box arrived, in a cheery, bright yellow carton. It provided the inspiration I needed to bring summer vibes into my home.

May brought lots of cool spring weather AND days full of exciting opportunities for me, as a blogger. I’ve never experienced such a busy May. It was fun to set aside a day to unpack my Decocrated box and go into puttering mode.

Puttering is spending time in a relaxed way doing small tasks. I excel at puttering around. And in one afternoon I reset my home, from spring to summer.

It’s still raining today. However, inside my house, summer is here!

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated title meme

Decocrated Summer 2021 Box

If you’ve never heard of Decocrated Curated Home, check out my initial review HERE. This subscription box company specializes in curating home decor that mixes brilliantly with what you already own and use. The boxes arrive to your front door four times a year, in time for each new season.

Plus Decocrated members have access to the online Decoshop and add-on boxes that come out around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. There’s a brand new Americana box on its way to me now!

As summer arrives, after the strangest 14 months in recent history, we can bee-lieve it’s going to “bee” sensational! The Decocrated Summer Box celebrates with warm yellows and cool blues that bring the summer vibes.

This sweet box combines bees and hints of lemon, cherry woods, black metals, handwoven textiles and bright patterns. Kim Nevo is summer’s Deco Creator.

Check out this short unboxing video…and then let’s decorate!


Bringing Summer Into the House

I’ve enjoyed the Decocrated boxes for almost two years. What I love about this home decor company are these two things:

One, all the pieces work with each other, with items from previous boxes (with the exception of a few very specific holiday pieces) and with my own decorating style and decor items.

And two, receiving the new pieces challenges me to create something different, something fresh. I love such challenges. If I do what I’ve always done, I get what I’ve always had. Decocrated pushes me to try new things, decorate with pieces in interesting ways and “go beyond”…which is what I’m all about. Getting creative ramps up the decorating fun.

Here’s where the summer box pieces found a home.

Summer Lumbar Pillow Cover

Most Decocrated boxes contain a seasonal pillow cover. What a simple way to freshen a corner of the room, changing out pillow covers.

The fun bee and lemon print on the lumbar pillow cover shifts the mood in my cozy corner on the sofa. Paired with last summer’s yellow pillow cover, it brings the spirit of the outdoors into the living room. The wooden and metal tray, from winter 2019 , holds gardening books and a miniature watering can.

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated pillows
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated – pillows

Wall Ledge

This ledge is perfect for holding small keepsakes, bathroom toiletries or a seasonal vignette.

I really needed something to hold my wee treasures from Scotland. My bedroom is intentionally evolving into an extremely supportive space that contains messages and symbols that carry significance for me.

Mounted beneath my tapestry from Thirlestane Castle, in the Scottish Borders, this shelf is the ideal size for an assortment of favorite items from that beautiful country.

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated shelf
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated –  wall ledge

Wooden Bee

Designed to hang on the wall, layer up with other items, or prop against anything…this bee can literally flit around the house and fit in anywhere.

For now, my bee is nestled inside my rustic wire and wood box, on a shelf in the dining room. Here in this box, the cutout reminds me of a bee resting on a screen door. How summer time is that?!

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated bee
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated – wooden bee

Double Sided Art Print

The double sided art print features a bee on one side and a quote on the other. It’s perfectly presented on the clip frame that arrived in the spring box. On a whim, I can flip the art print over to the “I love you like bees love honey” side.

The perpetual calendar is from the winter box. I happened upon the JUST BEE sign at Hobby Lobby. It’s perfect for this little grouping in the dining room bookcase. After I took a set of photos, I decided to add a yellow and white checked linen. It gives the shelf a pop of color, with all the wood elements.

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated just bee
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated – art print
It's Time for Summer with Decocrated just bee 2
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated – full shelf

Table Clock, Wooden Arch and Boho Basket

The vignettes on the small bookcase are my favorites this season.

I love the black metal table clock. Hanging on a faux leather strap, the clock brings to mind a large pocket watch. It looks wonderful grouped with the wooden arch with black accent pieces and the black metal candle holder from spring 2020. This versatile clock will show up in many places in my house, in the upcoming months.

The woven basket from fall 2020 balances out the top shelf. I’ve found myself drawn to muted neutrals lately. I’ll use the black and grey fringed runner beneath the vignette year around.

On the second shelf, the new boho basket is made from natural materials with a dark blue accent edge. I tipped it on its side and layered in a rolled Decocrated wrap and some linens. On the other side of the shelf, those black metal lanterns from last year’s Halloween box still bring me joy. I dropped a couple of tea lights into them. They are two of my favorite Decocrated items.

It's Time for Summer with Decocrated happy
It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated – happy vignette

What Time is it at Your House?

Is it time for summer yet, in your house? Or is it time for some fresh decor?

Click this link to get your Summer Box now. Use my code CINDYM15 to save $15 off the seasonal box or a yearly subscription.

What’s your favorite Decocrated summer item? And where would it go in your home? I’d love to see your summer decor.

Decocrated Summer 2021 Box


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28 Replies to “It’s Time for Summer with Decocrated”

  1. This is great! I totally forget about summer decorating. I feel like the other seasons have obvious decor but summer is one I skip over and there is such fun stuff! The Decrocrated concept is so smart.

  2. This is really cute! I love that you get a new pillow cover for each season, it really can help make a room feel different! And the bee decorations are adorable!

  3. This is such a great idea! I love decorating for holidays, but rarely think about it for seasons, especially summer.

  4. Once again, the pillow is my favourite. I do love the bee, as it reminds me of how my older kids’ nursery was decorated MANY years ago!

  5. You share the coolest stuff from Decorated! I love the farmhouse items like the arch. So pretty and I’d love it in my home.

  6. How cute is that wooden bee? As a beekeeper, that would be a perfect addition here on the hill!

  7. Cute! If I wasn’t homeless…😂
    Nah – that’s just an excuse – I’ve just never had the extra energy to decorate for the seasons, though I admire people who do.
    For instance, I bought 5 pumpkins before Halloween for my friend’s front stoop, and finally just threw them out there on the steps. *sigh*

  8. This box is awesome. I just plant flowers in the summer and leave nature to take care of the rest. And i do love the humming birds, butterflies, bees and others the flowers attract

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