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I love discovering the story behind a company or brand. Don’t you? I like to know their vison and mission and what motivates them to do what they do.

When Jason with True Stock Studios contacted me about a collaboration, I visited his website before responding. After reading through info there and scrolling through art pieces, it was an easy yes to working together. And not just because the request came in during my Yes! Month.

The wooden signs are not only beautifully made, the company goes beyond providing a product. They enrich the lives of others.

True Stock Studios title meme

Company Origins

True Stock Studios, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a family business. Jason Schickerling founded his venture in 2018 when his daughter asked him to carve a lotus flower on a black wooden background. Always one to enjoy woodworking, Jason complied and inspiration struck. True Stock Studios was born. The lotus flower design continues to be one of their most popular art pieces.

The company is committed to creating their art sustainably and responsibly as well. They partner with global eco-projects like the Pachama Jari Para Forest Conservation Project. True Stock Studios offsets carbon emissions with voluntary carbon credit contributions that counteract the impact of shipping their art. I love that they create art AND care for the planet at the same time.

True Stock Studios logo
My wooden art from True Stock Studios

True Stock Studios Mission and Vision

Jason now oversees a diverse and creative team. His mission is to create beautiful wooden art decor that inspires and enriches lives, and not only for the people who buy them. True Stock Studios donates a portion of sales to charities that are customer chosen! Charities such as Feeding America, Black Lives Matters and Unicef benefit from the company’s desire to enrich others.

Connected to their mission, True Stock Studios envisions a better and more socially just world. Everyone who purchases a product gets to make an impact in the world too by choosing which charity they want to support. Making a difference in the world is what this amazing company is all about.

I tried my wooden art in several vignettes.

Crescent Moon Desk Art

Jason allowed me to select a piece of art from his studio. Believe me, it was a difficult choice as there are so many beautiful, meaningful pieces.

As I scrolled through art, I said aloud to myself, “If there’s anything with a moon on it, that’s what I’m choosing.” There are two available! The Moon Over the Mountains appealed to my adventurous side. However I ended up selecting Crescent Moon.

As you know, if you’ve followed me for a while, every year I choose a word/theme for the year and a symbol. For my Year of the Wild Woman, the moon is my symbol. The moon carries great significance for me. I love this True Stock Studios art piece as a visual reminder of who I am this year.

This is a small wooden desk top piece, perfect for tucking into vignettes or displaying on a shelf, bookcase or table. I immediately connected my gold metal “dream” art with the moon piece. Check out how I styled Crescent Moon in the photos in this post, beginning with the collect beautiful moments grouping above. And then guess where I ended up placing it.

True Stock Studios dream
Swapping out the stack of books for a metal lantern and candle

Ways to Enjoy Art from True Stock Studios

Before I reveal where my wooden art piece ended up, let me share some ideas for ways you can enjoy True Stock Studios products.

These pieces are so easy to incorporate into your own home decor. Try them in:

  • vignettes…my favorite way of creating a display that tells a story
  • bookcases and on table and shelf tops
  • wall hangings and gallery style groupings
  • office or studio
  • family room, dining room or kitchen
  • bedroom
  • nursery shelf, wall or bookcase
  • child’s room
  • teen’s room
  • college student dorm room
  • covered front porch or sunroom
  • yoga studio or workout room
  • holiday decor…True Stock Studios offers fun holiday themed art as well

Plus, wooden art makes wonderful gifts. Give these beauties as:

  • birthday gifts for all ages
  • Christmas, Valentine’s…any holiday! Labor Day gift anyone?
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts
  • home warming gift
  • wedding gift (they can even be personalized)
  • anniversary gift
  • baby gift (again, think personalized with the baby’s name)
  • graduation gift
  • retirement gift
  • congratulations gift
  • moving away keepsake gift
  • bff gift
  • vacation reminder
  • boss or coworker gift
  • “I deserve this” gift for yourself

Or, like me, choose something that carries meaning for you, inspires a dream, motivates change or simply warms the heart.

Table top vignette
Swapped out the candle holder for a gold canister

Purchase Your True Stock Studio Art

Head over to the company website HERE. Browse around.

The selection is amazing, the prices incredible and shipping is free and FAST. Like me, you’ll have a hard time deciding which piece to order first. And, I asked Jason, he can create custom art besides doing personalized pieces.

I’m excited about that! I’ve already talked to him about creating wooden art for me, for NEXT year’s symbol. More about what that symbol is, later.

I can save you some money too! Enter my discount code Cindy Goes Beyond at checkout and save 25%. This code is good for anything in the shop!

True Stock Studios shelf top
Shelf top vignette

Where Did Crescent Moon End Up?

So which vignette did you like, featuring Crescent Moon?

I loved them all, actually. Crescent Moon tried out various places in my home including my writing table in my studio and my bedroom, in addition to the vignettes on the dining table and the shelf top.

I can tuck this art piece into so many different nooks and vignettes, making it incredibly versatile. And, I know I’ll use it with my Halloween decor when October arrives.

As you can see from the photo below, Crescent Moon ended up in my bedroom. I moved the whole vignette with “dream” and the gold planter onto a vintage metal tray placed atop a little padded stool in my room.


Because my bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s where so many of my visions for the future, dreams and plans are birthed. That room, more than any other room in my house, supports who I am…and who I am becoming. Crescent Moon is perfect there, for now.

Which True Stock Studios wooden art piece do you like? And what will you do with it?

Bedroom vignette
Inspiring me as I dream…