Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA


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It’s October! That means it’s time for my yearly spooky series.

When I visit a location, I usually book a ghost tour of the city. Not only do I hear the local ghost stories, I also learn more of the history of the area.

When Greg and I visited beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia last May, one of the first things we realized upon arriving was this: we were in bigfoot country!

Instead of sharing ghost stories from the mountain town, I’m departing from the norm to share bigfoot stories from Blue Ridge Ga.

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA title

Blue Ridge Georgia

This charming small town was established in 1886 as a railroad stop. Visitors rode the train into Blue Ridge, ate a meal and then walked to the mineral springs. Because of those pure mineral springs, Blue Ridge became known as a health resort town.

Today visitors can walk along Main Street browsing through boutique shops, dining in cafes and watching the town’s resident roosters strut about.

We arrived late our first day in Blue Ridge. Driving to our cabin atop a mountain, we noticed something out of the ordinary. People had life size bigfoot silhouettes or decor in their yards.

Doing a bit of research that night, I discovered that northern Georgia is indeed considered bigfoot country. There have been hundreds of sightings in the mountains over the years. Standing on the upper deck the next morning, gazing out over heavily forested mountains, I could easily believe that these elusive creatures roam the area.

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA silhouette
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA – these silhouettes were in many yards

Expedition Bigfoot – Sasquatch Museum

Curious about Blue Ridge’s reputation for bigfoot sightings, Greg and I stopped by the Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum.

I admit I expected this museum, located at 1934 GA Highway 515, Blue Ridge, to be cheesy. Wrong! This well done museum, opened in 2016 by owner and bigfoot researcher David Bakara, is packed with intriguing exhibits and a massive amount of evidence and scientific data supporting the existence of bigfoot.

The self guided tour lasts a minimum of 45 minutes, however, depending on your level of interest, you could easily spend a couple of hours here.

There is a theater playing bigfoot themed movies. Listening stations allow visitors to hear actual recordings of bigfoot hoots and howls plus there are recordings of eye witnesses, telling their stories. Exhibits include artifacts, photographs and drawings, plaster casts of sasquatch feet and hands, written accounts of encounters, equipment used for scientific expeditions and models  of creatures, created from descriptions by witnesses.

The museum is also a research facility. People call in sightings and tell their stories, which are then recorded as data to study.

I entered the museum a bit of a skeptic. I exited a believer!

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA museum
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA – Expedition Bigfoot Museum

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA

While there are more than 10,000 recorded sightings from all over the US, including my home state of Missouri, the following stories are from the northern Georgia, Blue Ridge area.

Minnehaha Falls Sighting

At this popular northern Georgia waterfall, an off duty police officer visited the falls alone, at dusk. After eating a sandwich, he prepared to leave when he spotted a figure at the base of the falls, staring at him.

As he approached the figure to say hello, the creature stood up, measuring between nine and ten feet tall. The officer noted that the area smelled strongly of body odor and fecal matter. When the officer drew his weapon and yelled, the creature climbed up the hill to the right of the waterfall and continued on to the ridge above.

This sighting has a great deal of credibility, coming from a police officer who is familiar with collecting evidence and writing accurate reports.

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA recreation
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA – life size model created from a sighting. Exhibit in museum.
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA plaster cast
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA – cast of footprint

Bigfoot Hitchhiker

This sighting occurred near Blue Ridge. A 51 year old man, driving along Highway 515 at 8:30 pm, spotted a seven to eight foot tall creature standing near the road.

He said it was still light outside when he saw the creature who appeared covered with dark hair, walking on two legs, with a somewhat pointed head.

The driver skidded to a stop on the side of the road and watched to see if the creature, which disappeared into the woods, would return. It never did.

Although the man feared ridicule, and later shared that his own wife didn’t believe his story, he reported his sighting to Bakara at the Expedition Bigfoot museum. He affirmed the creature walked upright, like a human, but with long arms that swung back and forth as it walked.

The driver added that as he sat stunned in his car, a stranger approached, asking if he needed help. The driver explained that he saw a bigfoot on the side of the road that disappeared into the woods. The stranger simply smiled, said “I believe you” and walked away.

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA head
Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge – head modeled after a creature sighting

Another Dimension

This is the strangest bigfoot sighting that I’ve read about.

A man stood in his side yard, late on a December afternoon, hitting golf balls. As he walked toward the woods to retrieve the balls, he stopped, dumbfounded by what he saw about 80 feet away.

A bigfoot, about nine feet tall, stood with the sun behind him, watching the man. The bigfoot had wide, massive shoulders, measuring at least four feet across, and a cone shaped head above the muscular body. The creature stood in the open, watching the man quietly.

The two stared at each other for approximately 10 seconds. Then, and this is where things get strange, the bigfoot stepped to the right toward a tree. Out of nowhere, a door appeared next to the tree. The man could see sunlight shining through the door and noted leaves on trees. In his woods, the leaves were all gone and the trees stood bare.

The bigfoot slid into the opening, almost folding itself in, the man recalled. And then the door and creature vanished.

The man stood frozen in disbelief for several more seconds, then went into his house and locked all the doors.

Bigfoot Stories from Blue Ridge GA exhibit
One of the exhibits at the Expedition Bigfoot Museum

Are You a Believer?

These stories are just a sampling of hundreds of tales told of sightings in the Blue Ridge area. Some are brief encounters. Others take place in full daylight. And some have bizarre twists, like the other dimension story above. All are from witnesses who swear by what they saw.

I’ve never seen a bigfoot although when Greg and I walked in the woods near Blue Ridge we did encounter a collection of small tree trunks arranged in an X formation. According to a museum display, this is a classic sign from a bigfoot that means, “do not enter”. We didn’t linger in the area.

Do I believe there are wondrous things that exist in the world, in the universe, that we cannot explain? Yes, I do. I’ve had enough paranormal experiences to stay open to all kinds of possibilities and all kinds of life forms.

Have you ever had a bigfoot encounter? Are you a believer?

Me and a couple of friends
Me with a couple of friends


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  1. I remember watching movies about Bigfoot. So, it’d be interesting to visit the museum. And, the stories from Blue Ridge are interesting to read.

  2. If dinosaurs existed why not Bigfoot? I don’t think there is enough evidence of big foot but maybe if I went to this museum I would change my mind.

  3. These are fascinating Bigfoot stories in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I’ve always been curious, but like you, a little skeptical. May need to check this out more when I’m in the area!

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