American Horror Story Halloween Party


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My family enjoyed the annual family Halloween party on October 28. With a new theme, fresh costumes and lots of delicious food, the party was a huge success.

Take a look at the total house transformation for the American Horror Story Halloween Party…if you dare!

American Horror Story Halloween Party title

Meet the Hosts

This yearly party is created and hosted by my sister Debbie, niece Ashley, nephew in law Jon and their children.

This clever, resourceful and hard working bunch goes way beyond the typical Halloween party! Adhering to a new theme each year, Debbie, Ashley, Jon and kids transform their home, room by room. Furniture is stored away and personal items removed, to create a blank canvas for their work.

They build, repurpose and create all the decor from wall coverings to life sized mannequins to the smallest macabre details to create an authentic experience. They begin preparations early in the year, scouring estate sales and discount stores, procuring what they need. Using those items as a base, they add to them or remove pieces to shape their creations.

Additionally, the ample food buffet that they prepare matches the theme.

These family members put a LOT of time and effort and not a small amount of money into this party and it shows. I’ve said for years that they could make big bucks doing parties professionally. At this time, everything they do is for love and fun.

American Horror Story Halloween Party hosts
American Horror Story Halloween Party – hosts Ashley, Kaleb and Debbie
And Jon
And Jon! Other two adult children pictured in a costume photo later in the post.

2023 Party Theme

This year’s party theme was American Horror Story.

This anthology television series, which began in 2011, features different characters and locations that showcase varying aspects of horror. Each year  focuses on a different story. Created by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, the series has attracted big name stars over the years such as Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Zachary Quinto,  Wes Bentley and Dylan McDermott.

American Horror Story is currently in its 12th season. You can watch in on Hulu.

For the family Halloween party, guests were encouraged to dress as any character from any of the seasons, giving a wealth of possibilities! Our hosts decorated different rooms in their house, corresponding with the first five  seasons of the series.

As you see from the pinnable title photo, Freak Show decor welcomed guests into the home. Lights, music, fog and mannequins contributed to the creepy vibe!

Enter the American Horror Story Halloween Party…if you dare!

American Horror Story Halloween Party hallway
American Horror Story Halloween Party – even the hallway gets a makeover.

Season One – Murder House

Synopsis: Ben Harmon, his wife Vivien and their daughter Violet move across country to get a fresh start in life. They purchase and move into an old house with a dark, troubling past: the previous occupants were the victims of a murder/suicide.

In fact, many people were murdered within the house. The family experiences a series of horrific, twisted events through this first season.

The living room became the basement from Murder House. Note the incredible details!

American Horror Story - Murder House
American Horror Story Halloween Party – Season One Murder House
Guests in the Murder House
My nephew, niece in law and their daughter Lola in the Murder House.

Season Two – Asylum

Synopsis: Briarcliff, a former tuberculosis hospital, is now an insane asylum run by the Catholic Church. Sister Jude Martin is the day administrator to a host of seriously disturbed patients. There’s something sinister, something secret, going on in the asylum. The in house doctor treats patients during the night and disposes of their bodies immediately when they die.

The dining room transformed into the asylum rec room.

American Horror Story Halloween Party - asylum rec room
Season Two Asylum rec room. My mom getting comfy there.
The Barnes kids, in costume.
The Barnes kids, in costume, in the rec room.
Aubrey and London in the asylum rec room.
Aubrey and London in the asylum rec room.

Season Three – Coven

Synopsis: A young girl named Zoe discovers she possesses a genetic affliction tracing back to Salem, Massachusetts. She is sent to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a mysterious boarding school in New Orleans dedicated to protecting the remaining descendants from this unique bloodline.

The sunroom became a Louisiana swamp, where one of the series’ characters lives.

American Horror Story Halloween Party season three swamp
Season three swamp.
The Coven
The Coven includes me, my mom, niece, daughters and granddaughters.

Season Four – Freak Show

Co-joined twins Bette and Dot join a circus in Jupiter, Florida, after their mother’s shocking murder. Show owner Elsa Mars rents a farmer’s field and sets up tents for the show. The community does not welcome the troupe and few people attend the show, especially after a strange series of disappearances and murders by Twisty the Clown.

The family room/den morphed into a striped tent.

American Horror Story Halloween Party freakshow
American Horror Story Halloween Party – Freak Show tent
American Horror Story Halloween Party eating in the tent.
American Horror Story Halloween Party – Greg and Finley eating in the tent.

Season Five – Hotel

Synopsis: A pair of sisters from Sweden check into the mysterious Hotel Cortez, a place known for its many paranormal activities. While there they encounter a Los Angeles detective who is investigating the brutal murder of a couple in the hotel. This season ties in with Murder House and Coven.

The upstairs landing, hallway, a bathroom and two bedrooms became Hotel Cortez.

American Horror Story Halloween Party hotel room
American Horror Story Halloween Party – Hotel Cortez
Secret room at Hotel Cortez
Secret room at Hotel Cortez.

That’s a Wrap for This Year

We had such a fun afternoon and evening at the family Halloween party! As always, it was fun to tour the house to see this year’s amazing transformation and to chat with family and friends.

I don’t know what next year’s theme is yet…but I look forward to attending the party, in costume of course!

Did your family gather for a Halloween party this year?

Yearly tradition
A yearly tradition, the sibling photo with my brother and sisters.

Check out last year’s party!

Same house, different theme.

Antonia Graza Ghost Ship


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  1. Okay, that is a serious halloween party. The “chef” butcher is pretty scary — right out of an American horror story.

  2. How fun! I would love to attend a fun Halloween party like this one. I’ve never seen American Horror Story, but I’ve always heard that it’s really good. Maybe I need to check it out. The costumes are great!

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