Andy B’s Space Odyssey Escape Room

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For his 10th birthday, my great nephew Kaleb knew exactly what he wanted to do…try out an escape room!

Family members joined Kaleb at Andy B’s Space Odyssey escape room, in Tulsa, Oklahoma for this thrilling attempt. Eight of us entered the room with one hour to figure out the clues, solve the riddles and get back out.

Join us in this fun adventure.

Note: I will not share where to find any of the clues or answers to riddles, only an overview of the experience.

Andy Bs Space Odyssey Escape Room title meme

Andy B’s

Located at 8711 S. Lewis Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Andy B’s is a family friendly complex that offers bowling, games, escape rooms, laser tag and go-karts. They also have an onsite cocktail bar, grill and snack bar. Check out their menu HERE.

Andy B’s hosts birthday celebrations, company get togethers and bachelorette parties.

They also have locations in Springfield, Missouri and Branson, Missouri.

Andy Bs Space Odyssey Escape Room poster
Andy B’s Space Odyssey Escape Room – we have a problem!

The Escape Rooms

Andy B’s Tulsa offers three escape rooms.


You and your team of detectives have one hour to solve a string of kidnapping cases before the FBI takes over the case.

Duration: one hour

Recommended for all players

House of Dread

A dinner party with an old friend takes a turn for the worst. What awaits you and the other guests may come as no surprise. Shall we eat?

Duration: one hour

Recommended for adults

Space Odyssey

Decode the message left behind by the missing captain and crew of Odyssey II before you are captured by others on the spacecraft.

Duration: one hour

Recommended for kids and teens

With our party of three children, one teen and four adults, we chose Space Odyssey. I’ve done one other escape room, geared toward ages 13 and older, and it was intense. We had a 10,000 square foot warehouse to search for clues plus zombies chased us. We did NOT escape in time. Space Odyssey is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of an inquisitive 10 year old and it wasn’t too intense.

Andy Bs Space Odyssey Escape Room group
Andy B’s provides these fun signs for group photos. Can you find the birthday boy?

Andy B’s Space Odyssey Escape Room

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete objectives. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secrets hidden within the room. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons, and space stations, and usually the various puzzles and riddles follow the theme of the room.

Our group received a briefing. We nominated Kaleb as our captain and he pocketed a small walkie talkie. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint. Unlimited hints are offered and three specific clues if you really need help.

Time for the game to begin! We all filed into the room, set up to look like the interior of a space ship. Our room was fairly dark, making us grateful that we carried our phones with us. We frequently turned on the flashlight apps on our phones, to see better.

Our instructor set up the clock to count down from 60 minutes and shut the door. You are never locked into a room and may leave if you need to. We had one hour to look for clues left behind by the captain and crew of the Odyssey, before aliens found us. We knew that ultimately a key unlocked a box with a button in it. Pressing that button meant we escaped.

Andy Bs Space Odyssey Escape Room cabinet
Andy B’s Space Odyssey Escape Room – Kaleb at work

Racing Against the Clock

Without giving away any of the details about this particular escape room, I’ll share some general rules that apply to any escape room.

The room is full of clues, hints and puzzles. The trick is to look at EVERYTHING in the room and look for ANYTHING that is out of the ordinary, mixed up or out of place. Search under objects, behind items and inside anything that opens.

We initially divided into teams and that actually worked well for us. Kaleb directed us and led the hunt for clues. The rest of us searched, brainstormed and speculated. A pad of paper and a pen helped organize information. Not everything is important so deciding what to process and what to ignore is crucial.

We did occasionally ask for confirmation, rather than a hint, to make sure our process was correct.

As the clock ticked down, our pace picked up and we joined forces as one team. We had trouble with one puzzle in the room. We knew exactly what needed to happen however making it work proved difficult and ate up precious minutes.

As we raced to complete the room, we ran out of time. But when the instructor came into the room and saw how close we were, she added 10 minutes to the clock and left us playing. What a nice surprise! Kaleb punched that red button, ending the game, with 5 minutes 32 seconds to spare!

Andy Bs Space Odyssey Escape Room Kaleb
Kaleb completing the room, with minutes to spare.

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed this escape room experience! Kaleb captained the group well and everyone worked as a team. Although no zombies or aliens chased us, just working against the clock creates some intensity that kept us moving at a fast pace. It feels good to finish, knowing you correctly solved puzzles and collected the right clues.

I highly recommend Andy B’s if you are in the Tulsa, Springfield or Branson areas. It’s a fun place to spend an hour…or an afternoon…and celebrate a birthday!

Have you ever done an escape room? What was your experience like?

Group shot
Second group shot

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Urban Air Adventure Park

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Recently my sisters and I met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Urban Air Adventure Park. Different family members accompanied each of us, an assortment of grown kids and grandchildren.

As COVID cases in the area remain low, it’s been wonderful for restrictions to ease. My group, consisting of Greg and our son Nate and granddaughter Aubrey, enjoyed a little road trip from Joplin to Tulsa, for some fun at this unique and wildly fun indoor adventure park.

Urban Air Adventure Park title meme

What is Urban Air Adventure Park?

Urban Air is the ultimate indoor adventure park. The park features activities and attractions for all ages, from toddlers to adults.

The company launched seven years ago, in Southlake, Texas. Founder Michael Browning partnered with his wife and parents. He had an idea and a commitment to making that idea work.

Michael wanted to offer a park with activities that included climbing, jumping, running, throwing…physical movement that children and their parents could enjoy together.

As he continued to refine his concept, Michael successfully created a franchise that now has more than 1,000 adventure parks in 200 locations across the US.

In my area, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri both have Urban Air parks.

Urban Air Adventure Park Aubs and London
Urban Air Adventure Park – cousins Aubrey and London on the ropes course

What Can You Do at Urban Air Adventure Park?

Each location may vary slightly in what’s offered. I’ve only visited the Tulsa location…so far. Located at 3328 E 51st Street, participants can enjoy next level play in these areas:

Adventure Hub – featuring Sky Rider Coaster (zip line), Ropes Course and Tubes Indoor Playground. Height restrictions may apply for the Sky Rider and Ropes Course.

Wipeout – be the last person standing in this fun…and funny…competition. Most of our group tried this, together. They ALL went down!

Urban Air Adventure Park ropes course
Urban Air Adventure Park – ropes course

Virtual Reality – strap on a headset in this section and step inside a new, high end universe.

Climbing Walls – harness up and reach new heights on these walls. Must be 41 inches tall to climb.

Leap of Faith – climb to the top of a platform, take a deep breath and then…leap to the hanging pendulum.

Trapeze – experience the thrill of the flying trapeze

Slam Dunk Zone – show off your favorite dunk moves here where basketball and trampolines meet

Warrior Course – become a ninja and attempt this challenging obstacle course. Must be 41 inches tall.

Urban Air Adventure Park warrior course
Urban Air Adventure Park – warrior obstacle course

What else?

Kids Area 7 & Under – wall to wall trampolines for the youngest family members, with no big kids allowed!

DropZone – practice flips, spins and acrobatics here. A giant inflated airbag catches you.

ProZone Performance Trampolines – defy gravity in this room by bouncing from the trampolines to the walls

Urban Air Adventure Park gravity is overrated
Urban Air Adventure Park – ProZone Performance Trampolines

Dodgeball – dodgeball plus trampolines? Yes! This is the ultimate dodgeball experience.

Runway Tumble Track – Flip, twist and back handspring down the runway. This area is the perfect practice spot for gymnasts, cheerleaders or aspiring ninjas.

APEX Trampolines – This big room contains trampolines on the floor and walls

Cafe – take a break and grab a snack or drink here. Cafe style tables are set up in this area plus picnic tables are scattered throughout the interior.

Birthday Parties – for the BEST birthday party ever, let the Party Reservation Specialists handle all the details.

Urban Air Adventure Park beam battle
Urban Air Adventure Park – battle beams, London vs Kaleb

Our Experience

We all had a blast at Urban Air Adventure Park, adults and children. For the older family members, the high up Sky Rider zip line and the ropes course were favorites. The younger kids enjoyed the Tubes Playground, the Warrior Course and of course, all of the trampolines.

Aubrey and London, who were the impetus for this family gathering, paired off and explored the whole park. It’s a safe place for children to roam and play.

Members of our family fought it out on the battle beams, with hilarious results. And a big group attempted to remain standing during Wipeout.

Urban Air Adventure Park Ethan
Urban Air Adventure Park – Ethan with the Adventure Hub behind him

Check out Aubrey on the Sky Rider

Find Your Nearest Urban Air Adventure Park

Check out the franchise’s main website HERE to find the adventure park nearest you.

The Tulsa location is currently open everyday, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday – Thursday, 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Saturday and 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm Sunday.

Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver before children may participate. And there are a variety of attraction packages available that range in price from $14.99 to $29.99. Parents may purchase a Parent Pass for $5.99 and join their children in activities.

The Tulsa Urban Air offers weekly activities as well. Check out their online calendar for days and times.

I highly recommend Urban Air Adventure Park. It’s a fun way to spend time together as a family.

Do you have an Urban Air near you?

son and granddaughter
Son Nate and granddaughter Aubrey

Check out my review of Soar Trampoline Park, for a fun Joplin option.



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It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre

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Two weekends ago, I needed to visit a place in Oklahoma that I had not visited before. I drew out this unique activity as part of my 63 Curious Things to Do for My 63rd Birthday celebrations. Check out Holiday Flair to see the date I drew this activity.

Because of snow in the forecast, I decided to stay fairly close to Joplin. I live in southwest Missouri in the four state area, with Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas all within miles of Joplin. Looking for places nearby, that I had not visited before, I came upon the Coleman Theatre Beautiful, in Miami, Oklahoma.

A mere 33 miles from Joplin, the location seemed perfect. And I’d never been to the Coleman Theatre although I’ve always wanted to see it. Perfect again. Checking their website, I found that daily tours are available. Even better, a classic Christmas movie that I love was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 12. It was a one time showing. Snow or no snow, I committed to going by purchasing a ticket online.

I was going to It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre.

Its a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre title meme

Coleman Theatre History

Located on Route 66, in the northeastern town of Miami, Oklahoma, the Coleman Theatre Beautiful attracts visitors from around the world. George L. Coleman Sr. built the vaudeville theatre, which opened on April 18, 1929. Opening night packed the house with 1,600 people who paid $1.00 each for a ticket.

The theatre features a Spanish Mission Revival style exterior with an elegant Louis XV interior. One can find gargoyles, cherubs, dolphins and faces throughout the facility. And the theatre is home to the “Mighty Wurlitzer” an organ built in 1928 and delivered for installation in February 1929. The Wurlitzer is the only grand organ of its time that still resides in its original home.

The Coleman eventually transitioned from a vaudeville theatre only to a movie theatre too. In its long history, the Coleman’s door have never closed. Movies still play there and performers take the stage. Stars at the Coleman include Will Rogers, Bing Cosby, Jim Thorpe and the magician Harry Blackstone.

The Coleman’s mission is to provide quality arts and educational programming while maintaining and promoting the historical significance of the theatre. Programs range from ballets and operas to jazz and dance bands. Occasionally they show silent movies with the Mighty Wurlitzer providing the music and sound effects.

Coleman Theatre Exterior
It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre – Spanish Colonial Mission exterior

It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre

It did indeed snow on the Sunday of my road trip, however in my area accumulation was very light. I left home early enough to drive cautiously and arrive well before the movie so I could explore the theatre. Masks were required in the theatre and attendees were required to social distance. With so many seats available, on the ground floor and mezzanine, social distancing was not a problem.

Take a tour of this gorgeous building with me.

Celebrity Park

As I approach the entrance to the theatre, I pass the Celebrity Park. This pretty little courtyard features benches and a fountain. On the exterior wall of the building is the Wall of Fame.

This area recognizes people with ties to the community who have achieved high levels of professional accomplishment and who have contributed to the community. I didn’t walk into the courtyard although I pause to take a photo. I believe there are pictures on the Wall of Fame and information about each person honored.

Celebrity Park Coleman Theatre
It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre – Celebrity Park

Coleman Theatre Lobby

Walking into the lobby, I am immediately struck by the splendor of the Coleman. The plush, dark burgundy carpet, the sparkling glass lights, the dark wood with gold trim all contribute to the elegance of the interior.

Concessions are sold behind a single counter in the front lobby, at a refreshingly reasonable price. Sodas and popcorn are cheap, as are candy bars. A cup of hot apple cider is $2.00. Homemade cookies sell for $1 each. I pick up a cup of hot cider to sip on during the movie.

The interior is beautifully decorated for Christmas in November and December. I chat with the ticket man and pick up my souvenir ticket. There are photos from the theatre’s early days, models of the building and a guest book to sign. As I slowly walk the long hallway off of the lobby I think of the Paris Opera House and Phantom of the Opera. The interior reminds me of that building’s grandeur, on a smaller scale.

Front lobby at the Coleman Theatre
Front lobby in the Coleman Theatre
Gold Statue in the Coleman Lobby
It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre – gold statue in the lobby

The Coleman Theatre Mezzanine

Climbing the stairs to the mezzanine, I look over the railing into the lobby and hallway below. Two entrances lead into the gorgeous theatre room at ground level and two open into the upstairs balcony but I’m not ready to find a seat yet.

There are seating areas on the mezzanine with lamps creating inviting pools of light. I could easily sit with a book and simply enjoy the warm ambiance.

Restrooms for men and women are available on both floors.

Up to the Coleman Theatre mezzanine
Up the stairs to the mezzanine
Looking down from the Coleman Theatre
It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre – looking down from the mezzanine
Seating area on the mezzanine
Welcoming seating area on the Coleman mezzanine

The Coleman Balcony

Many people seem inclined to find a seat in the balcony. I climb down to the railing so I can snap photos before the movie starts.

The view from the balcony is indeed magnificent. The stage is grand with its dark burgundy curtains and gold trim. Christmas decorations add a festive feel on stage. These are removed before the movie starts.

That’s the Mighty Wurlitzer on the left. Box seats flank the stage and continue up one interior wall.

Looking up I spy the grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Now I’m really thinking of Phantom of the Opera and that Paris Opera House. It’s so beautiful.

Looking down to the stage from the balcony
Looking down from the Coleman Theatre to the stage
Grand chandelier
Grand chandelier in the Coleman

The Coleman Theatre Room

As the time for the start of the movie nears, I choose to sit downstairs in the main theatre room.

I find a seat in the center of the room, near the back. People spread out, in family groups and couples and single viewers, leaving plenty of space for social distancing.

I sipped my hot apple cider and talk with the family sitting several rows in front of me. They have not seen It’s a Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart. Their excitement is contagious. I’ve seen the movie many times however it’s been at least six years since my last viewing.

The lights dim, the movie starts….and yet no sound accompanies the film! Someone behind me jokes that perhaps this classic was a silent movie. It turns out that a new sound system was installed in the theatre a few days before this showing. There’s a minor glitch however a tech person comes to our rescue.

While sound is restored, a friendly and knowledgeable staff person provides history about the Coleman. We even get to hear a couple of songs from the Mighty Wurlitzer and the entire audience sings Christmas carols together. I truly don’t mind the delay.

In a short time It’s a Wonderful Life begins, with sound, and I sit back to enjoy the movie.

The Coleman stage from ground level
It’s a Wonderful Life at the Coleman Theatre – stage at ground level
My view of the Wurlitzer from my seat
My view of the Wurlitzer from my seat

I’ll Visit Again

What a moving experience, to watch this heart warming Christmas movie in such a beautiful place. I loved it so much that I’ll return for other movies and performances.

The theatre emits such interesting energy. Yes, it’s supposedly haunted. According to stories, at least  three ghosts roam the Coleman: a former projectionist whose bay rum cologne gives away his presence, a whistling spirit in the basement, which once housed a crematorium, and ghosts near the dressing rooms off stage. I did not see or hear anything out of the ordinary. My spider sense only picked up on warm, tingly energy of the good kind. I felt settled and happy in the Coleman, a testament to many years of joyous entertainment and wonderful experiences.

The theatre hosts the Sunny Side Film Festival in March. It’s a competitive event for filmmakers and screenwriters as well as songwriters, musicians, photographers and poets…and their independent films. I look forward to a fun weekend at the Coleman Theatre Beautiful, watching indie films in a lovely setting.

If you live in the four state area, check out the Coleman’s website for upcoming events! I just might see you there.

Enjoying my visit to the Coleman Theatre
Enjoying my visit to the Coleman Theatre Beautiful

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Amazon. Click photo below.