Level Up Podcast: Leading an Extraordinary Life

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How fun it is, to continue to experience new things as I journey. My practice is to say “yes” to fresh opportunities as often as I can. Often it’s the experiences that challenge me or push me even further from my comfort zone that provide the most amazing opportunities for growth.

When Dan Chiodo, of Impact Training & Development, contacted me about being a guest on his Level Up Podcast program, I immediately said yes. However, as the morning for the podcast approached, I confess to feeling a bit nervous. Dan’s podcasts are not just audio. They are visual as well. It’s one thing to hear myself speak, since our voices always sound differently to our own ears. It’s another matter entirely to be recorded while speaking!

I’m so grateful that I’ve learned to go beyond fears and comfort zones. Chatting with Dan, I learned a great deal about the process of creating podcasts and I even learned some new things about myself and what I’m capable of doing.

Level Up Leading an Extraordinary Life

Level Up Podcast Leading an Extraordinary Life, With Host Dan Chiodo

I’ve know Dan for about 10 years. He’s an amazing life coach and executive business coach, based in Naples, Florida. Dan travels around the US, meeting with clients and leading training sessions for corporations. And he offers skyping and phone calls for remote coaching.

I coached with Dan when he lived in Joplin, and we stayed in touch after his move to Florida. Dan is familiar with my story and my current journey. I appreciated the opportunity to share about my new adventures and the dramatic shift in my health and overall wellbeing.

The wonders of technology meant Dan could chat with me from Florida, in his well set up office, while I met with Dustin at Storm Cloud Marketing, in Joplin, and did my part of the podcast from his studio.

Truthfully, knowing Dan as well as I do made this wild new experience easier. I didn’t know exactly how the conversation would go. And Dan hinted at a BIG question at the halfway point of the podcast. However, I trust Dan. I knew whatever direction our session headed would be just right. And I was curious to discover what the big question was!

Level Up Podcast Studio Time

At the Studio

Dustin has a sweet set up at Storm Cloud Marketing, located at 526 Virginia in Joplin. In moments he had run sound checks and perfected the lighting. Dan signed in on his computer and it was time to do my first podcast. The headphones were comfortable to wear and not at all distracting. And I quickly got used to the microphone.

Dan made the whole experience a true pleasure. This man is extremely easy to communicate with, and as we all know, great communication takes skill. Dan listens well and he has a gift for asking insightful questions.

Our time together flew by and I found any residual nervousness evaporating as we chatted. I had fun and I deeply appreciate Dan for offering this opportunity and Dustin, for taking care of all of the technology.

Level Up Podcast Ready to Roll

Level Up Podcast Leading an Extraordinary Life

And now, I present episode 28 of the Level Up Podcast Leading an Extraordinary Life, with host Dan Chiodo.

You can listen to the podcast, audio only, by clicking the following links:





Or you can watch the podcast by clicking on the YouTube link below:

And please check out Storm Cloud Marketing, for all your technology, marketing and photography needs.

Leading an Extraordinary Life

What a fun experience my first podcast turned out to be! I’m far from a podcast pro, however I look forward to more opportunities to share and encourage others that life is, indeed, enchanting and magical. We truly can live beyond fears, comfort zones and limiting beliefs. Health and vitality and healing can be embraced at any age.

And new opportunities present themselves, when we open to possibilities and say yes to adventures.

Shall we journey together?

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