On the Border

One of the thing I’ve enjoyed, since I began blogging in 2014, is trying out new restaurants. Joplin is an average sized city that serves a large rural area. We have a great selection of restaurants, individually owned and those that are part of a franchise. I love when a new place opens up. I get to try it out and write up a review. 

Tonight I visited the recently opened On the Border Mexican Grill, located at 3030 S Range Line, with Greg, my younger daughter Adriel, and her husband Nate. 

On the Border
The first On The Border restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982. Originally based on sizzling fajitas, frosty margaritas, happy hour and a booming patio, the restaurant has evolved and expanded over time to include a variety of dishes inspired by the cuisines of South Texas and Mexico.

Today, with more than 150 restaurants throughout the United States, On The Border remains passionate about sharing a love for good Mexican food, spirits and fun.

On the Border
The Joplin restaurant was bright, clean and spacious, with a casual dining atmosphere. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. We dined at 6:00 and they had a good crowd there, however there were plenty of tables available still for seating. 

Since adopting a plant based lifestyle, eating out can be challenging. However, restaurants offering Mexican cuisine typically offer some vegetarian options. If nothing else, I can always order veggie fajitas without cheese or the tortillas. 

Adriel and Nate were scanning a menu, checking out vegetarian choices, when Greg and I arrived. I so appreciate the support I have from my family. Everyone, from my mother to my grandchildren, understands my desire to improve my health through the food I eat. They continually encourage me. 

On the Border
On the Border offers several options for plant based diners. I chose a wonderful bowl with black beans, lettuce, cilantro lime rice, grilled red peppers, zucchini and yellow squash and a large portobello mushroom, grilled and sliced. I asked that the queso be omitted and they were happy to honor my request. 

The bowl was delicious! I topped my meal with a little salsa. It was perfect. Portions were generous and the food was fresh and flavorful. I’ll be back, to see what else I can savor from the menu. 

I enjoyed my dinner. And I enjoyed chatting with  Greg, Adriel and Nate, who graciously picked up the tab. It was wonderful to catch up on news and hear about the most recent rescue animal to arrive at these two animal lovers’ house. They found a domestic black and white bunny, wearing a pink collar, running with wild rabbits in their neighborhood. The rabbit went home with them. 

So far efforts to locate her owners have not been successful. I suspect Adriel and Nate have a new pet joining their little menagerie. She will be well cared for, if that’s the case. They are calling her Mildred, as both of these young adults had a Grandma Mildred in their families. 

I love these two compassionate people.  I’m proud to be Adriel’s mom and Nate’s mom-in-law. And they were willing to let me try out a new restaurant tonight. Gracias! 

On the Border