Supraliminal Messaging

I came across an interesting article several weeks ago, detailing ways to send messages to your subconscious mind, with the intention of creating the future you want. I was intrigued. But more than that, because there was an exercise included, it seemed playful. I'm all for having fun. And playing with my subconscious sounded like fun to me.

Today that article came back into my awareness. I was intrigued again. And I decided to play.

Supraliminal messaging is different from subliminal, even though both target the subconscious. Subliminal messages are embedded in text or pictures. We don't consciously see or hear the messages but our subconscious receives them. Even without our awareness, we may be influenced by these secret messages. Advertisers are not allowed to use subliminal messaging for that reason.

On the other hand, supraliminal messaging is not hidden. However, we may be mostly unaware of it, perceiving the messages as background noise or unimportant text. According to a study done in a liquor store, when German music played in the background, shoppers purchased more German wines. When French music played, they bought more French wine. That's supraliminal messaging at work.

The article I read, with the accompanying exercise, was written by Vivek Ranjan. To do the exercise, he suggested the following:

1. Write out several simple goals, on white index cards, stating an affirmative action that will move you toward a dream. For example – I am a quick learner. Create at least three cards with goals related to your dream or theme.

2. Store the cards next to your bed, along with a flashlight. Set your alarm for 3:00 am. Go to sleep.

3. When the alarm goes off, pick up the index cards and one at a time, shine the flashlight on them, rapidly turning the light on and off a dozen times. Don't try to read the words. Just stare at the cards while clicking the flashlight on and off. Do each card the same way.

4. Turn off the light and go back to sleep. Do this every night for at least a week.

I created four cards, with affirmations centered around my dream of creating multiple streams of income that will allow me to travel more, and have the freedom and ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. I would love living such a lifestyle.

I have my stack of cards next to my bed, along with a futuristic looking flashlight. And I know. Some would not enjoy being awakened at 3:00 in the morning, while in the midst of good sleep. I wake up anyway about that time most nights. And since adopting a plant based lifestyle, I don't have any problems with getting back to sleep. This exercise is just quirky and interesting enough to me that I look forward to playing along.

Ranjan wrote that participants noted problem solving dreams appeared after 2-3 nights of doing the exercise, that assisted with their goals or influenced their decisions. And within a week, most reported serious movement toward their goals.

There is a scientific reason for that. Feeding information to the subconscious also allows the reticular activating system, located in the brain, to kick in. The purpose of the RAS is to focus in on important information while eliminating nonessential info. It's at work when we think about buying a blue jeep, and then suddenly see blue jeeps everywhere. It's bringing us the information that matches our thoughts, whether they are conscious or subconscious ones.

Sidenote: This is why our thoughts are so important. If we are consistently thinking negative thoughts, such as No one likes me, our RAS goes to work to bring us proof of that thought. We can quite literally change our lives by changing our thoughts. It's not woo-woo stuff…it's science!

Beginning tonight, I will be sending supraliminal messages to my brain that I am ready for multiple streams of income that will allow me to work remotely anywhere in the world. I will be seriously supporting my desire to travel more, while allowing my businesses to fund a life that is perfect for me.

I can already think of several ways streams of income could appear. However, I am not attached to how things unfold. I am more interested in seeing what unfolds. I am open to everything. This creative way of playing is designed to tap into my subconscious and my reticular activating system.

Will this work? Oh, I am quite certain that I will experience marvelous things. I'll let you know what happens!