Wearing the Realtor Hat

It’s 11:29 pm and I am just starting my blog post, after a very full day. Sixty minutes ago, as I sat in my office, finishing up real estate related work, I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I had been away from home, and any possible creative projects, since 8:15 am. 

And yet, I have learned in my journey to stay open, receptive, unattached. I asked, What shall I write about? 

As I sent docs for electronic signatures and started on a comparative market analysis for another client, I glanced at Absolem the caterpillar, perched nearby. He asked me the important question, Who are you?

Wearing the Realtor Hat

I think about that question while I finish my work. 

Today I wore several hats. I was Yaya and Mom, spending a short time with one of my children and two of my grandchildren late this afternoon. I was Sister and Daughter and Cousin, having dinner with family tonight and enjoying the additional company of my out of town cousin Greg, and his wife Shellie. I was Friend and Writer and Artist. 

Primarily, I wore the Realtor hat today. Suddenly an idea popped into my head, making me laugh. I actually own a realtor hat, with a KW, for Keller Williams, embroidered on it. It was time for a little late night impromptu photo shoot and a very brief recap…love the pun…of a day in the life of a realtor. 

Wearing the Realtor Hat
Although it was a long one, this was one of those magical days in real estate that I love. I had a double sided closing, meaning I represented the buyers and the seller in a transaction. Sure, I got paid today.

However, I had the opportunity to be compassion, grasping an older client’s hand tightly and telling him that the home he held dear and had shared with his wife, will be well loved and cared for by its new owners. 

I had the joy of handing the key to the buyers who journeyed far in search of their new home, allowing me to help them find it. Can we be friends? the wife asks me as the closing is completed, not wanting the time we’ve spent together to be over. Yes, I answer sincerely, I would love that. 

Wearing the Realtor Hat

In between closings and emailing documents and comparative market analyses, I spent the day doing what realtors do…

…taking down signs and a lockbox, talking to other realtors, saying hello to a new agent, who…ha ha…turned out to be in my own Keller Williams office, getting feedback, scanning in documents, scanning in more documents, meeting with the realtor on the other side of an in process transaction to discuss an inspection, dropping off reports with clients, looking up info, texting clients, calling clients, responding to messages, offering reassurance, guidance, congratulations, empathy…

Wearing the Realtor Hat
It sounds like a lot of busy work…and it was. And it was so much more. I was walking my clients home today. From the first few hesitant steps of inquiry to ushering them across the threshold into a new home, it was all part of the journey.  

In keeping with my desire for this year, I was making life a little more tender, in many small and not so small ways. It all matters. It is all important to someone. It’s all part of life. And I got to walk alongside, while experiencing others coming alongside me. 

Who are you? asked Absolem. Today, living and offering fully out of who I am, I could answer…I am a Realtor. 

Wearing the Realtor Hat