Sending Cheer Through the Mail

This has been a day devoted to writing. I polished up a couple of essays before sending them out. The Inspiration Starter for today involved more writing, of a health piece. That was my afternoon project. This evening I am excited to kick off the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, sponsored by the organization More Love Letters.

I first participated in this annual campaign last December. The objective is simple and beautiful. More Love Letters posts a new name each day, December 4 – 15, and a brief story about the person on their website. Letters of encouragement, cheer and love are sent to a family member or friend who then delivers the bundle of notes to the recipient.

I was deeply moved last year by the stories shared about good people who were struggling with illnesses, loneliness, discouragement or life changing situations, such as the death of a loved one. None of the recipients know they have been nominated to receive a bundle of love letters. I hope the surprise brings them the intended cheer and encouragement, and helps them to know that their lives matter and they are loved.

This year, on Day 1, the first love letter goes to Chris, a young man who feels very isolated and despondent because of a severe medical condition he was born with. As a child he was cheerful and sang to others, in spite of numerous surgeries and frequent hospitalizations. Life is feeling much different for Chris now, who is in his mid twenties. He still lives with his parents and relationships are difficult for him because he fears no one could love him due to his medical conditions and his physical limitations.

Chris’ story touched my heart. Although I don’t know this young man, when I thought about him and opened my heart toward him, I sensed his courageous spirit. He has been an overcomer and a thriver and the world so needs his light and his courage.

A new name, and another story, will be posted tomorrow. It only takes me a few minutes to write a love letter and my intention is to sit quietly each evening and send hope and cheer to the day’s recipient. More than just writing the words, I want to remain mindful of each person and energetically send them love, comfort and encouragement.

I hope Chris is feeling waves of love tonight, even though he is unaware that people around the world are thinking of him and putting words of love onto paper, on his behalf. I hope, for him, that there is a lifting of his spirits in anticipation of what is to come…a great outpouring of love and encouragement.

If you would like to participate in this uplifting experience, and send cheer through the mail to dear ones needing encouragement, please visit

The 12 Days of Letter Writing

I am always open to opportunities to touch another life with love, and especially so this time of year. As I am finishing the year, I ask to be shown ways to give back, either financially or with my time, or both. Then I let go of the request and stay aware. Beautiful opportunities arrive. This year was no exception. 

This interesting campaign caught my attention in my Facebook newsfeed over the weekend. Sponsored by the group The World Needs More Love Letters, the goal is simple, and yet profound: Make love famous. Show people that they are not alone. 

Check out their website HERE

Founded by Hannah Brencher, her purpose is to encourage people by sending them heart-felt, handwritten love letters, reminding them that whatever difficulty they are facing, they are not alone. 

I was immediately captivated. For about a year I’ve felt drawn toward letter writing. In an age of text messages and emojis and tweets, there is something beautiful and soulful about putting pen to paper and letting the words flow, along with the ink. 

Monday evening I participated in my first Twitter party with members of this organization. What fun to meet other women across the US and learn more about the 12 Days of Letter Writing. Those who joined in Monday were given two precious individuals to write to. 

The official campaign kicked off on December 5, and continues through the 17th, with a new person to write to given each day. Although these people are strangers, their first names are given and a brief story is shared. Each person selected to receive love letters can use the encouragement during this time in their journeys, and the reminder that people care about them. 

Tonight I gathered my supplies and caught up on my writing, completing six notes. I carefully read through each person’s story and simply wrote from my heart, sharing love, sharing hope, sharing their journeys in this moment. Their stories are so touching. Their souls, so beautiful. And each one is so deserving of love. I feel privileged to offer words of encouragement to them. 

I’m now current. It will be a great way to end my day, during the rest of the campaign, by writing a love letter each night. 

I’ll drop these notes into the mail tomorrow. They go to dear helpers who will bundle all of the letters together, and send them on to the recepients. I hope each person receives hundreds of notes. 

I am grateful for this opportunity, this invitation, to make a difference in someone’s life. All it requires is thought and a little time and a postage stamp. And love. Truly, what the world needs is more love.