Journey 218: Siloam Springs AR Historic District

Last year, during my year of firsts, I enjoyed experiencing something new every day. That journey changed me, shifting my perceptions about life and myself. I opened to infinite possibilities  and adventure, simply by being willing to try things I’d never tried before. 

So today, finding myself in the beautiful historic district of Siloam Springs, AR, I decided to visit a new shop and experience a restaurant I had not eaten at before.

Having a little time before a scheduled appointment, Greg and I stepped into one of my favorite types of shops, a junk store. 2 Gals’ Junk, located at 120 S Broadway, offers cozy cubicles and cubby holes full of interesting items, antiques, collectibles and yes, good ole junk. We spent a leisurely 15 minutes browsing and remarking over familiar items and new-to-us gadgets, interesting bits and pieces, all with stories attached. 

After the appointment, we wandered down the pretty street looking for a unique restaurant to have a late lunch. Fratelli’s Wood-fired Pizzeria caught our attention. Also located on Broadway, this charming little restaurant features 12″ speciality pizzas that are indeed wood-fired. 

We wavered between pizzas with interesting names such as 3 Little Pigs, Gorgonspeck and Bavarian. We settled on the Bavarian…tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced Italian sausage, onions, and bell peppers on a hand tossed Italian  crust. 

As we waited for our pizza, I looked around at the earthy decor…exposed brick walls, intimate tables and comfy booths, wooden floors and art on the walls. I noticed for the first time the print hanging above our booth. It was a bi-wing airplane. Greg and I smiled. The airplane has already become the symbol for Greg’s dad. We were seated by the only airplane print in the restaurant. 

We enjoyed our meal when it arrived! The tasty 12″ pizza was the perfect size  for two people to share. Fratelli’s also serves gelato. We each purchased a small cup to savor as we left the restaurant…peanut butter chocolate for Greg and brown sugar pecan for me. 

Sitting on a bench facing the street, we finished our dessert and watched the activities on the busy street. It was a quiet moment to pause and enjoy a treat and also consider what task we next needed to do. It continues to be a busy time as we settle Greg’s dad’s estate and make plans for dispersing property. 

At the end of a long life, there are cupboards and closets and drawers full of items, momentoes of the journey. Like the little shop we visited, full of interesting tidbits, Bob’s house is full of items with their own unique stories attached. Over the coming days and weeks, Greg and I and our children and grandchildren will sort through these special memory laden pieces and decide what to do with each item. 

It will be a beautiful journey through time and recollections. I’m sure there will be stories told, tears shed and laughter shared. And each person will take home what is dear to their hearts, a small part of Bob and Leta Moore to cherish. This afternoon, however, I enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me and a cold gelato and quiet conversation. The journey ahead will unfold in its own time. And that’s just perfect!