Sevrin’s Musical Dream

This week seems to have an ongoing theme that revolves around manifesting dreams into reality. I’ve addressed fears and I’ve been reminded that my dream is valid and doable.

Today an ordinary shopping trip to a local electronics store to price laptops resulted in another realization: it’s important to help others achieve their dreams. I met a young man working in the store named Sevrin. This post recognizes Sevrin’s musical dream. It’s my small way of helping him as he takes steps to create the life he longs for.

Sevrin’s Musical Dream

Sharing a Dream

This bright and helpful employee offered his assistance as Greg and I looked at computers. As he shared about the pros of using a Mac laptop, it was obvious he knew electronics. His information was helpful and that might have been the end of our conversation.

However, Sevrin shared further, explaining how he uses his Mac to create music. His face lit up as he talked enthusiastically about using technology to arrange and produce music. Greg asked Sevrin if he produces music professionally, and his answer struck an empathetic chord in my own heart.

“I wish,” Sevrin said with a smile and a bit of a laugh.

Simple words, full of meaning, full of longing. I wish. Oh, how I understand that answer.

Sevrin’s Musical Dream

Creating the Dream

When Sevrin told us that he had created a CD, I wanted to know more. Titled Serum, Sevrin’s musical dream begins with this first offering, released earlier this year. Classified as Alternative, Serum contains a collection of songs, a blend of instrumental music, percussion and technology.

I asked about availability and promised to listen…not because I had to but because I was genuinely interested in Sevrin’s creation and his dream. As we walked out of the store, thankful for the assistance and the conversation, I was already looking online for Serum.

I found it.

Sevrin’s Musical Dream

Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

Serum, with its 14 songs, can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, and it is available for purchase through iTunes. I opened the album in Spotify first and listened to the first couple of songs on the drive home.

The songs, which are musical only, are fresh, uplifting and engaging. I appreciate music of all kinds and find many parallels between musical creation and life’s journey. At home I felt inspired to open Serum through the YouTube app on my iPhone and listen as I baked a rustic apple galette. Sevrin’s dream, in musical form, provided the perfect background for my own creative efforts.

Les Brown wrote, “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve your own.”

We are all walking each other home. Helping another realize his or her dream brings me one step closer to realizing mine. Creativity flows freely. It is not limited or offered sparingly. Expressing it isn’t a competition, it is collaborative manifestation that contributes to something greater than the individuals creating each part.

This afternoon, I purchased Sevrin’s music. It’s my way of applauding his gift and his determination and acknowledging his dream. I believe in him and I hope he continues on his musical journey.

You can encourage Sevrin too. Check out his music. Listen to Shimmer and know that you too are contributing to another’s dream and birthing it into reality.

Sevrin’s Musical Dream