Lightning Round

I needed something fun this evening, after spending hours doing a task I dislike. I deleted emails, thousands of them, and created files for emails that I kept. Ask any family member of mine…my email notifications are typically in the 5,000 – 14,000 range. Yep, that’s a massive amount of correspondence to sort through.

However, I woke up this morning with the desire to clear that stagnant energy away. With nearly 7,000 unread emails to sort through, mostly from people and companies who have added me to their email lists, I dedicated a chunk of time to the task this afternoon, deleting, unsubscribing, and organizing. I originally intended to clear half and do the rest later but once I started I got zealous about it. For motivation I promised myself a reward. The rewards used to be food. Today it was the prospect of doing something fun.

Lightning Round Look at that! Zero notifications.

After completing that huge task, I decided to play a game that’s popular on social media and often used as an ice breaker at office parties. Called a lightning round, these rapid fire questions are even being used by some companies as part of their interview process for new hires.

Since I was playing this game alone, I got creative and used a random number generator on a bunch of lists I found online to create my twelve question lightning round. Then I answered the questions rapidly, without overthinking the answers.

Lightning Round

So here we go. The questions are in BOLD and my answers in italics.

1. Cake or pie? Pie. Raw blueberry mango pie, specifically.

2. Favorite day of the week? Sunday…my self care day.

3. Dawn or dusk? Dusk

4. If you could travel to any place, that you haven’t already visited, where would you go? And why? New Zealand. I’d love to see the Middle Earth sets and the beautiful countryside.

5. When did you last stay up past 4:00 am? About a month ago.

6. Favorite city? Edinburgh, Scotland.

7. Do you Instagram your food? Not ALL of my food. I have a regular account and a health one. So yeah, I post food pics, healthy food of course. (You can find me on Instagram under these user names, cindylauderdalemoore and journeywithhealthyme)

8. Last Halloween Costume? Martha Brewster, one of the eccentric sisters from the movie Arsenic and Old Lace.

9. How long does it take you to get ready? Forty five minutes to an hour.

10. Climb a mountain or jump from a plane? Wow. Either would be a fun challenge. Jump from a plane because the thought scares me!

11. If there’s a spider in the house do you kill it or release it? I’ve always been one to release spiders, unless it’s a brown recluse, which are poisonous. I’ve been bitten several times by those sneaky critters.

12. What’s the name of the street you grew up on? Queen Street, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Playing solitary lightning round was fun, which is exactly what I sought. I liked the random factor involved and letting the answers pop up quickly. Play along, answering in the comments, or answer aloud, for the fun of it.

Just don’t send me an email, please!

Lightning Round