The Sweetness of Winter

Winter is my least favorite season. I love the holidays and I am a January baby, however, unlike Elsa in the animated film Frozen, the cold does bother me!

And it has been cold this week as the Joplin area experienced single digit temps, with below zero wind chills. We also received our first blanket of snow, closing schools and businesses. When today’s high hit the low 60s, I had to get out and savor the warmth!

Greg and I chose to walk at Mercy Park. It felt so good to be outside, even with a strong breeze that made the air feel cooler than I anticipated. A brisk walk soon warmed me up. I was 27 days in on a 30 day walking challenge late last fall, when a twisted left knee took me out. I have not gone on a long walk since. But with a healed knee and boundless energy, the walk this afternoon was glorious, and I felt like announcing to everyone, “Day 28!!”

The sky simply could not have been more blue, nor the sunshine more golden. It is still way too early for signs of spring, however today, I drank in the beauty that winter presents. And, I discovered, it has much to offer.

The snow melted off of yards and streets, with the warmers temps, sunshine and breeze, but the ice that formed on the pond at Mercy Park was still evident. And that amazing sight…white translucent ice, except for a donuts of turquoise water around the spraying fountains…totally enchanted me. I couldn’t stop taking pics.

Staring at the gorgeous pond, I could imagine how cold the water would feel. As we walked along the northern edge, I didn’t have to wonder. The wind carried the spray from the twin fountains to me, the icy mist making me squeal as it kissed my face.

My heart thawed toward winter this afternoon. Without flowers in bloom, trees in leaf, and green grasses to pull my attention away, I could appreciate the browns and golds and incredible blues of winter. I could see the ice as beautiful, intricate art rather than a nuisance to avoid.

The colder temperatures will return. The sun may disappear for days at a time yet, behind heavy gray clouds. However, I will tuck this day away in my heart and treasure it, not just as a promise of the spring to come, but in appreciation for the winter beauty that it offered.

I experienced the glory of winter today, and that will make summer all the sweeter.