Dream, Dream, Dream

After two long and busy days, that were also fun and rewarding, I was extremely grateful for the creative action that I drew. I’m low energy tonight and I needed an easy activity. 

I selected:

Create a dream jar. 

In a few minutes, I had a simple jar crafted and ready to be the receiver of my dreams. A dream jar is exactly what it sounds like…a receptacle for dreams, wishes and hopes. Although any dream can be dropped into the jar, from huge miraculous hopes to small easily attainable wishes, I am focusing on dreams that challenge me a bit while remaining doable. 

I confess that immediately after I wrote out this arrow of desire and placed it within my glass pitcher, I questioned why I had included it. I almost fished the folded paper out to replace it with another creative action. I thought about why this evening. 

A dream jar seemed very similar to what I was doing already with the 30 arrows of desire. However, I get it now. There’s not much difference between a desire and a dream. But my arrows are focused primarily on creativity as I journey toward a more creative and artistic life. 

The dream jar is focused on movement of any type, toward living out my highest and best wishes for myself. I realize that drawing out daily creative activities, which I have enjoyed and learned from, has seeded the creation of a dream jar. 

As dreams, wishes and hopes come into my awareness, I’ll jot them down and drop them into the jar. Tonight I wrote out Learn helpful words and phrases in Italian. This will be an action step that I can take toward my 2017 dream trip to Italy. 

I’m not sure yet how often I will reach in to randomly select a dream. I’m open to the possibilities. I may let the dream papers accumulate for the rest of the year and let this activity be part of next year’s journey. 

Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

This is me, going with such confidence in the direction of my dreams.