Harmonic Connection

I’m very grateful for today’s creative activity, and not just because on the surface, it appeared to be a simple one. Often, it seems, inspiration wears the guise of simplicity. 

I drew this slip of paper today: 

Add a new song to my iPhone playlist

Although I don’t have musical ability, I love music. I took piano lessons as a kid and again as an adult, and played the snare drum in the school band…and that’s the extent of my talent. However, music has the power to move me, deeply. When I’m cleaning the house, cooking, or alone in the car, I have music playing. 

Drawing this creative action was akin to being told to go shop in a clothing store where every item is the right size. In such a situation I would simply enjoy browsing, leisurely, until the right outfit attracted me. 

Late this evening I settled into my recliner, donned earbuds and asked for inspiration to guide me to a great new song to add to my iPhone playlist. Google was my friend. I typed in inspirational songs and scanned through the suggestions. I jotted down songs that drew me and then pulled them up on YouTube. 

The first song that touched my heart and made my soul expand was actually one I’m familiar with, but had forgotten about. I have the Prince of Egypt soundtrack on my iPod, and yet I realized tonight that it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any of the songs. 

This is such a powerful song, and very fitting to counter the climate of fear that threatens to overshadow us all during these turbulent times. Listening to these lyrics…

In this time of fear, When prayer so often proves in vain, Hope seems like the summer bird too swiftly flown away. Yet now I’m standing here, My heart’s so full, I can’t explain. Seeking faith and speakin’ words I never thought I’d say. There can be miracles, When you believe, Though hope is frail, Its hard to kill.

…I decided that fear has often gripped the world, through the ages, for a vast number of reasons. These words remind me that though hope is frail, it is very hard to kill. And I carry hope in my heart, as do many others around the globe. 

This song, though not new to me, was promptly downloaded to my phone. Listen to it HERE

I still needed a new song to add to my iPhone playlist. After listening to several good songs, I was captivated by one I had never heard before. 

Colbie Caillat has a beautiful song written for women on her CD Gypsy Heart. Listening to Try for the first time brought tears to my eyes. Watching the video moved me deeply. Her song is about embracing who you are and not changing yourself to please others. She sings…

Wait a second, Why should you care, what they think of you. When you’re all alone, by yourself, Do you like you? Do you like you?

You don’t have to try so hard, You don’t have to give it all away, You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up. You don’t have to change a single thing. 

…reminding me that when I’m alone, by myself, I do like who I am. I don’t have to change a thing. I was thrilled to add this ballad-style song to my iPhone. Listen to it HERE

This seemingly simple activity turned into a joyful time of sampling songs and being uplifted by the power of music. I feel the connection between music and creativity. Even if I’m not writing songs or composing stirring symphonies, music inspires me and feeds my creativity, in whatever form it is expressed. 

I love what Robin Williams’ character says in the amazing movie, August Rush. 

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars.” 

Music is everywhere. It abides within me. And even the stars sing.