The Yellow Trellis

Today I drew the last folded slip of paper from my vintage glass pitcher, the 30th creative action. I knew what was left…a gardening activity. It was perfectly timed, as the hot summer temperatures are back! There won’t be any more fresh plantings this season. 

I emptied the pitcher with this one:

Create small garden around azalea bush. 

This small area is my last bit of untamed wilderness. All the other garden spots have been redone and the backyard transformed. But this little plot of earth, between the lilac and azalea bushes, is overgrown. It was time to turn my creativity loose here. 

Opting for simplicity, my primary goal was to eliminate the weeds and open up the space. I dug up hostas that have never done well in this location, due to receiving too much sun. They will do better in a shady spot in the backyard. I now had bare ground to work with. 

A week ago I found a bright yellow trellis with a bird perched on it, at Lowe’s. There was only one left, seven days ago. I hoped it was still available. As I drove to the Garden Center, the image of a tipped flower pot came to mind. I’ve always wanted one in the garden. 

I found both items quickly. The trellis was where I had left it last week. Then, although I was drawn to it, I wasn’t sure where I would put it. I hadn’t selected the correlating activity yet. Now I knew exactly where the brightly colored trellis would take up residence. 

I picked up five plants…two white dipladenia to trail up the trellis, and three plants for the tipped pot. I like the color combination of the coral calibrachoa paired with the frothy white euphorbia in the flower pot. And I love the visual effect of the flowers spilling out of the container. 

I’ll add a thick layer of mulch this week, and this creative project will be completed. Indeed, all of my creative activities are completed, and what an incredible experience these 30 arrows of desire  became. Inspired by an exercise in Walking in This World, what began as creative play for me quickly became lessons in art, creativity, belief, life and most of all, trust. 

I discovered how much in the flow I am. I marveled at how in sync I was with the creative activities, and how precisely the actions meshed with my day and allotted time. All unfolded perfectly. And I learned. Each activity became an arrow of desire that I launched, and following that arrow to the intended target, I uncovered deeper truths about life, God, surrender, and myself. I have seen that the Divine loves to play too and especially loves when I’m paying attention. As I move, the Divine moves to meet me, right where I am. 

I will carry these profound truths with me as I continue to journey, surrendered to all that is intended for me. 

Julia Campbell wrote, “Art is a matter of commitment. Commitment is of interest to the Great Creator. When we display the faith necessary to make our art, the Great Creator displays an interest and an active hand in supporting what it is we are doing. We receive supply in all forms.” 

I have found this to be true. With great anticipation, I am looking forward to seeing what’s just around the river bend. 

The end of a great experience…or is it?

Once Upon a Time in the Woods

The 4th of July. Independence Day. A three day weekend. I’m enjoying this extra day off, this second Sunday. And so is my neighborhood, celebrating freedom by way of loud explosions and the pop of firecrackers. 

I had two creative activities left to draw from this morning…both outdoor actions. I knew which one I was hoping for, however, I was open to receive the action that was best for me today. 

I drew out:

Walk in woods @ Wildcat. 

Yes, this was the activity I was looking for today, a walk in the woods at Wildcat Park, south of Joplin. I was thinking it might be more quiet in the woods, more peaceful. I was wrong. 

The riverbanks and the park were full of people enjoying the warm, sunny day. And they brought their fireworks with them. Rather than birdsong, the woods echoed with the sharp crack of explosives, eerily reminiscent of gunshots. However, the trails were deserted, and beauty surrounded me. I decided not to create a story about the noisy celebrations. I chose to let the cool and shadowy woods tell me stories instead. 

And so they did. I “heard” stories of survival and perseverance. 

And tales of spontaneity from the wild cousins  of my garden flowers. 

Here in the woods there were stories about Life…

…and death, told without sadness. The cycle of life was apparent and accepted, the fallen returning to the earth to birth new creations. 

I paused from walking to sit on a bench, deep in the woods. The pop, pop, pop of firecrackers faded away. I shared from my heart with the trees and rocks and flowers, stories of gratitude and love and hope. The woods around me became very still, as if listening intently. 

Walking again, I called out to Oak Tree as I rounded a bend in the path. Tall and ancient, Oak Tree is my favorite friend in these woods. We connected on a winter day a couple of years ago. I always stop to chat when I walk at Wildcat. Sunlight fell across him, as I placed my hand on his rough bark. I could feel energy coursing through the tree. Today Oak Tree’s story was that his neighbor had fallen. Indeed, there was a downed tree nearby, claimed by old age it seemed. I offered my respect and love. 

What an amazing time in the woods at Wildcat. I never know where the arrow of desire connected to the creative action will take me, I simply remain open. I loved the time of walking and receiving stories, of listening and sharing, watching and learning. 

I paused on a stone bridge, spanning a creek, and snapped a pic of my reflection as I peered into the water. As I sat in my car, I looked at the picture I had just taken, and realized there was one more story for me. The creek was still and I did not drop any pebbles into the water, nor did any fish come to the surface. And yet, looking closely, I saw ripples in the water radiating outward…from my reflection…reacting, it appeared, to my presence

Tears filled my eyes. I have an energetic impact, for good or for bad, on everything around me, just by being who I am. And that impact, that influence, ripples outward, often unseen and unknown by me, but out it goes, in waves, touching other living things. Be mindful, the creek and the woods seemed to say today. Be aware of who you are and what you sending out into the world. 

“I took a walk in the woods, and came out taller,” said Henry David Thoreau. Ah, so did I today, walking in the woods at Wildcat Park. I came out taller and with a heart full of wonderful stories. 

Capturing My Day in Photos

True to the forecast, today was a rainy day. And even better, it was a rainy Sunday. Being the 4th of July weekend, I’m sure not everyone was as excited as I was with the prospect of enjoying a long peaceful, restful day at home.

I like rainy days, especially when I have no where that I have to be. The possibilities for today were delicious and endless. As I reached into my glass pitcher, I was aware of three remaining slips of paper. Two contained outdoor activities. One would not be affected by the weather. I wasn’t at all concerned about what I would draw, not after the extraordinary month of creative activities that I’ve had, with their accompanying deeper messages. 

I selected this one:

Capture my day in photos. 

I was delighted to engage in this activity, on this quiet, soul care Sunday. Here is my day, captured in photos, with minimal explanation. 

The theme for the day. 

Beyond the canopy of the covered front deck, the rain fell. The plants in containers on the deck still needed watering. 

Marco loves to watch me water the plants. 

The perfect rainy day activity…taking a nap. 

Time to stroll in the garden, in between rain showers. 

Sparkler Cleome

Many people don’t realize that hostas flower. They are gorgeous this year. 

The next rain shower was minutes away. 

This amazing book is changing my life. More about it in a future blog post. 

From the BBC Doctor Who Coloring Book. 

Those were some of the highlights of my day. When I wrote out this creative activity, I envisioned photo-documenting a busy day. However, this day was the perfect one to capture. Following the arrow of desire, I realized keeping my iPhone camera ready, snapping pics, brought my awareness acutely into the present moment. I noticed more. Such as the little visitor behind the plant I photographed, seeking shelter from the rain. 

As I read chapter four in Walking in This World, I came upon an exercise for the day. It was this same activity…capturing a day…although Julia suggested sketching the moments rather than photographing them. I wish I had thought of that! The wonder, though, of finding that I was already engaging in the task she assigned in a chapter I had not read yet assured me that I am deeply in the flow. The connections, the synchronicities, the surprises are all signs that I am taking the right journey, for me. 

In writing about capturing the day in sketches, Julia says, “So much of the adventure of the life we lead rushes past us in a blur. Velocity is the culprit. Velocity and pressure. A sketch…or a photo…freezes time. It is an instantaneous form of meditation focusing us on the worth of every passing moment.”  I added the words “or a photo”.

I was well on my way to discovering the truth of Julia’s words by the time I read them. It was a beautiful day, measured in moments. I’m grateful I captured some of them, freezing them in time. 

Movie Review: The Age of Adaline

In between several family birthdays, I had the opportunity today to draw another creative action. Only four folded slips of paper remained in the glass pitcher. 

I selected:

Watch a movie I haven’t seen before. 

I’m always excited to watch a new movie. My sister and I took our granddaughters to see Finding Dory last night. It was a wonderful movie and I’ll write a review for it soon. Tonight, I was searching through Amazon Prime for a movie I had not seen, for today’s creative activity. The Age of Adaline caught my eye. Having seen previews for this film, I knew the synopsis. I was drawn by the clever, and dare I say creative, play on words in the title. 

The Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker and Ellen Burstyn. This fantasy drama was directed by Lee Toland Krieger. The movie carries a PG-13 rating, for suggestive comments, and has a run time of 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Adaline Bowman (Lively) was born on New Year’s Day, 1908. She led a normal life…falling in love, getting married, giving birth to a daughter…until a series of tragedies occurred, leaving her a widow and forever suspended in time at the age of 29. 

The years pass, however Adaline doesn’t age a day. Her daughter, Flemming (Burstyn), ages normally. To prevent suspicion and unwanted questions, Adaline makes the difficult decision to move every ten years, changing her looks and her name. Only Flemming knows Adaline’s unique story. 

To keep her secret, Adaline, who is currently using the name Jenny, chooses to live a solitary life. She avoids relationships and being photographed. Her only companions are a series of pet spaniels. 

But then Ellis Jones (Huisman) comes into her life, by way of a shared elevator ride, and Adaline finds her resolve to live in isolation crumbling. She cautiously opens her heart again to love. All is going well, until Ellis takes Adaline home to his parents’ 40th anniversary party. 

Ellis’ mother, Kathy (Baker), welcomes her son’s new girlfriend. But Ellis’ father, William (Ford), is shocked when he meets Adaline. He calls her by her real name, and Adaline recognizes him as the man she fell in love with in the 1960s…a man she ran way from. She offers the story that Adaline was her mother, and she passed away. Both William and Adaline are shaken. 

The encounter brings up memories for both of them, and for Adaline raises the fear of discovery and the survival instinct to flee. Again. Will she run away, as she always has in the past? Or will her love for Ellis allow her to finally live out of her true heart?

This was a beautiful film. The story weaves together Adaline’s present existence with well done flashbacks that fill in the pieces of her life through the decades. While it would appear that becoming ageless would be a positive experience, the film poignantly portrays the loneliness that Adaline feels as she watches life pass her by. 

Ellis is Adaline’s invitation back into life. The great joy he exudes allows her to hope that she can move beyond her self imposed restraints. William, Ellis’ father, reminds her of the old belief she carries that love is not for her. She knows she will outlive everyone that she cares for. Isolation seems safer. 

William sees Adaline slipping back into fear, and tells her, “All these years you’ve lived. But you’ve never had a life.” 

What powerful words, and how close to my own heart they struck. I could relate to Adaline’s fear…of being different, of losing those she loved, of being seen for who she really was, and not being accepted. Like Adaline, we all make the choice, sometimes daily, of living small and invisible in fear, or living a big life by being fully who we are. 

I make that decision…fear or life…almost daily. Adaline made her choice too. 

Hens and Chicks

I’ll be sharing a brief blog post tonight, after a lovely evening hosting my book club ladies in the backyard garden. Knowing this event was coming up, I made sure the garden looked its best, putting down fresh mulch and tidying up the beds. My creative activities have aligned perfectly with having guests in the garden tonight. I’ve consistently drawn the gardening activities the last few days. 

Early this morning, eager to finish up gardening tasks, I was busily planting succulents called Hens and Chicks in and among the Arkansas rocks with holes or depressions in them. Suddenly I paused, realizing I had forgotten to draw my creative action for the day. Dusting off my hands I took the time to correct my goof. 

There were five folded slips of paper in the pitcher. One of them had for its creative activity the planting of Hens and Chicks in the rocks. Would I draw it? There was a twenty percent chance that I would…and an eighty percent chance that I would not. 

I selected:

Plant Hens & Chicks in rocks. 

True story. I laughed. And I felt relieved. I was already engaged in the perfect creative activity for the day. And more than that, I was shown, once again, that I’m in alignment with the flow of life, with the Divine. 

I tucked these fun plants into the rocks Greg brought home from his parents’ house. The parent plant, the Hen, creates tiny versions of itself, the Chicks. I separated baby plants and scattered them among the rocks. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and spread. 

I am so humbled by this whole creative experience. I’ve learned more about trust and playfulness and about being surrendered to the flow. And even when I think I’m running ahead, I discover I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I am so loving this journey. 

Something Old, Something New in the Garden

I anticipated working in the garden today. Partly cloudy skies and lower temperatures created the ideal conditions for such an endeavor. However, I was open to receiving the perfect creative activity, whether it was focused on gardening or one of the three remaining non-gardening actions.  

I reached into the glass pitcher and drew out a slip of paper with these words written on it: 

Buy/plant a flower I’ve never heard of. 

Yes! I was intending to go to the garden center this afternoon to pick up a few plants. This was, indeed, the perfect activity for today. Just as I arrived at Lowe’s Garden Shop, the dark clouds that had been piling up unburdened themselves…with great delight it seemed. I sat in the car, waiting for the torrential rain to spend itself. I felt like I was underwater, peering out through the window into a gray sea. 

In a few minutes the downpour became a gentle rain. The sun peeked out again, while I strolled around one of my happy places. So many vibrant plants grouped together have a strong, positive effect on me. I was smiling and humming as I searched for a plant that was new to me. This proved a bit more difficult than I thought it would. But at last, an unfamiliar flowering plant caught my eye. 

The Sparkler Cleome, pictured above on the left, is a fun flower! It has colorful clusters on a dense shrub like plant. As I picked up a few other plants, I noticed a subtle pleasant scent wafting from the plant. I liked this little beauty. 

At home I tucked my new flower into a vintage bucket, replacing spring annuals that were done for the season. The Sparkler Cleome is near a washtub full of baby Fireworks Flowers that I started from my own harvested seeds. It seems like the perfect pairing. 

Although not part of my creative action, I tucked portulaca into a rusty wheelbarrow that I salvaged from the Arkansas house. I love using these vintage pieces in my garden. This portulaca is a variety that has large blooms in neon pink, orange and yellow. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow after the blossoms open for the day. Best of all, I can wheel the plants around the yard, trying out different locations. 

I enjoyed my time in the garden. This space never fails to bring deep peace and joy to me. I am surrounded by beauty here. And today, I introduced a couple of fun fresh elements into my paradise. The garden is ever changing, growing and resting, surprising me with unexpected plants that pop up in new places. I learn so much about myself and my own journey out there. What an amazing classroom the garden is, in which to learn about life. 

Going Where My Heart Will Take Me

I’ve been looking forward to drawing today’s creative action. Sunday was the perfect day for some concentrated effort on behalf of one of my dreams, as it is my me time, my heart, soul, mind and body care day. 

I drew:

Plan a 2 week trip to Scotland. 

I visited Scotland for the first time in August 2014. I loved the ten days that I spent there with my cousins, Mindy and William, exploring Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and our ancestral village Lauder, in the Borders. Even though I had never been in that beautiful country before, I felt like I came home. I cherished every moment, and as soon as our plane lifted into the air from Edinburgh Airport, I began thinking about going back. 

What fun then this afternoon, after a morning spent in the garden, to do more than just think about my return trip to Scotland. I spent several hours planning my trip. Ten days was a great start in getting to know the land of my ancestors.  We’ve been properly introduced, Scotland and I. Now I want to learn more, and deepen the connection. I want to see places that there just wasn’t time for on my first trip.  

Edinburgh will be my home base on this second trip. Scotland is a small enough country that I can take day trips to anywhere from this centrally located city. And I do love Edinburgh. Although I expected to be drawn to the Borders, where my clan resides, it was this ancient city with the fortified castle perched high above it that captivated me. I have never had such a strong attraction to any other location. I am haunted by Edinburgh. 

The first item on my planning list was locating budget friendly extended stay facilities in the heart of the city. My favorite find was a self catering apartment on Blackfriars Street, just off the Royal Mile, that leases for a week at a time. It is perfect for my needs. 

Places on my itinerary that I missed before include the Writer’s Museum, pictured above, the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Elephant House (the pub where JK Rowling wrote much of Harry Potter), and Dean’s Village, pictured below. I intend to have afternoon tea at The Palm Court at Balmoral Hotel, stroll through the Princes Street Gardens and enjoy fine Scottish fare at The Gardener’s Cottage and the Scran and Scallie Public House. And I’ll revisit favorite sites such as Edinburgh Castle, and walk the Royal Mile. 

During my day trips, which could occasionally turn into overnight visits, I’ll see the huge, magnificent Kelpies for the first time, shown in their glory above, go off the mainland to the Isle of Skye, and dance among the mysterious  Callanish Standing Stones. Sterling and Eilan Donan Castles are on my must see list, as are the towns of Inverness and Pitlochry. 

And I will venture into the Borders again. I look forward to another long, leisurely tour of Thirlestane Castle, eager to see how the renovations are going. And I know we missed parts of the quaint village of Lauder. I intend to see it all. 

I loved planning my trip today. To move from longing to go back to making detailed plans brought me great joy. Putting actions with my thoughts sends out a strong signal that I’m making ready. I know that the Divine comes to meet me as I move forward, arranging everything once I release the outcome and settle into the flow of life while staying open. 

As I looked up information and scribbled notes this afternoon, I heard in my heart these whispered words, “Get really specific with your desires…” I was ever so happy to comply. 

The Nature of Rocks

As this month of creative activities is winding down, I realized this morning that all of my actions that involve working in the garden remained in the pitcher. It would appear that I’m going to be spending some extended time in my backyard paradise. 

I was not surprised, then, to draw this creative activity:

Arrange AR rocks in garden. 

Before Greg’s parents’ house closed in Arkansas, he transported a variety of rocks from that property to the backyard garden. It wasn’t because Arkansas has rocks and Missouri doesn’t! These rocks were collected over the years by Greg’s sweet mama. In the midst of a fishing trip on the lake, she would suddenly spy an interesting rock, and guide her patient husband to shore, to collect the treasure.  

The rocks have been piled in the backyard, awaiting my attention. I was happy to begin settling the rocks into the garden this morning. Those with holes or deep reservoirs in them will be grouped together for a special purpose. More about that project when I draw that creative activity! Today I concentrated on the rest of the collection. 

I love that Greg uncovered and brought to Joplin this pretty garden disc, made of colorful rough cut stones. After a thorough cleaning, the disc found a new home at the entrance to my meditation area. 

A large, beautifully textured rock with mossy green patches came to rest near clumps of lavender. 

I created a grouping of rocks around the black kettle. Rilynn, who was following me around the garden, photo bombed my picture. I will continue to play with these rocks, trying different combinations of displaying them, until I’m satisfied with the look. The variety of colors, sizes and textures creates interest. 

As I was working with these rocks, Greg pointed out that we had a visitor. A unique black and white dragonfly was flitting about the garden, circling me, coming to rest occasionally on the fire pit or garden arch. I was delighted! I love dragonflies, and had one as my symbol a couple of years ago. These magical insects represent walking in two worlds and they are always welcome in the garden. 

The dragonfly’s unexpected appearance caused me to reflect on the nature of rocks. There is interesting symbolism connected to rocks. Because they endure, they represent eternity and solidity. We refer to a loyal steadfast individual as being “solid as a rock” and one of God’s names is Rock of Ages. 

Our ancient ancestors thought that spirits dwelled within rocks, which is one reason for using them as headstones in cemeteries. Or rocks were piled as a memorial, a solid reminder that a beloved person once walked this earth. 

Carl Jung saw the rock as a symbol of eternity as well. He said that each of us has inherited an ancient human tendency that allows us to see and feel the sacredness in rocks. I like that. I like having these weighty symbols in my garden, memorial stones that remind me of Greg’s parents and all those in my family who have transitioned into eternity. 

There is a sacredness, indeed, that I feel in their presence, a earthy, positive hum of energy that grounds my garden and grounds me as I walk in it. I don’t consider it a coincidence that as I placed these ancient expressions of Divine love around my garden, a dragonfly appeared. He reminded me that this restorative space embodies peace and joy, beauty and enchantment, Earth and Spirit. The rocks called to him. They call to me too. 

Playful Rain

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I woke up to the rumble of thunder and the patter of rain. Heavy rain. The thunderstorms started last night and continued to roll through the area overnight. I felt a heightened sense of anticipation as I reached into my glass pitcher this morning. There were nine folded slips of paper left. I knew one of them was a rainy day activity. 

I drew this action:

Play in the rain. 

I laughed! How perfect. How beautifully soul expanding, heart lifting, mind blowing perfect. 

I had a full schedule ahead for the day, beginning with a morning closing. However, I took time to stand on the covered front deck, watching the rain fall down in heavy sheets. The word “deluge” came to mind! I inhaled the fresh earthy scent and grabbed potted plants, holding them out in the rain to receive a drink. 

Ready to leave for the day, I played in the rain, on my way to the car. Because I didn’t want to walk into my office and then a closing soaking wet, I did something that I rarely do. I flipped open an umbrella. I was instantly transported back to my childhood, when I would walk around in the yard while it rained, splashing in puddles, feeling intimately enclosed in my own little world beneath the umbrella. 

When I wrote this creative action, back in late May, I envisioned carrying out this action by dancing wildly in the rain in the backyard. This was much more sedate play today, but full of joy. In the car, the playful attitude stayed with me, and I drove through huge puddles of water with gleeful abandon. 

I am undone by this month of creative actions, these arrows of desire. I am amazed by the synchronicities, and the alignment of the activities with the unfolding of the day. Only two rainy day activities in the batch of 30 and I drew both of them on rainy days, with many days of dry hot weather in between them. 

Every time I reach into that glass pitcher, it is an act of trust. After 22 days of randomly selecting creative actions that are undeniably right for the day, I have sunk deeply into that trust, deeply into Divine guidance. I am surrendered. 

This has been an incredible experience that has opened my heart beyond what I could have imagined. I know I am being prepared for something yet to come, just around the river bend. 

Hello Hallee

I was happy to draw today’s creative activity, and as I worked through a long, busy day, I stayed open to the outcome. 

I selected:

Write an encouraging letter. 

Like most other people, I primarily rely on technology to communicate. It’s so easy to send off a quick text to check in on a friend or family member, respond to a client’s question or even say “Happy Birthday”. It’s been a while since I wrote to someone, using pen and paper. 

And yet, I recognize how energy flows through the act of writing. Ideas and thoughts literally travel down my arm, from my mind, and appear on paper as my hand moves. It’s magical! And it is becoming a lost art. 

I felt inspired to include this form of communication as a creative action, looking forward to sending words of encouragement, and their accompanying positive energy, to someone special. 

As I settled in at home, I stayed open toward the recipient of my letter. I just didn’t know who it was going to be yet. This is where inspiration…Divine guidance…stepped in. As I was checking Facebook, I remembered a group that I’ve liked. 

Letter Earthlings believe in “touching lives, one letter at a time.” This organization holds letter writing circles in places such as Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. They bring hope to people, by way of beautifully crafted, hand written letters. 

I was skimming down through their Facebook page, when I came across the following post: 


This is my cousin Hallee. I’d like to tell you a little bit about her… First off, she is a beautiful young woman-both inside and out. She lights up a room with her smile. Hallee is funny, sweet, caring, smart, an athlete, a jigsaw puzzle champion, a wonderful student, and a best friend to all. Hallee is an amazing person-a person I am proud to be related to. She is also a person who just happens to have Autism. She has never let that small detail define who she is as a person-which is why I refuse to use it as something to describe her. A fun fact is that Hallee’s Birthday is fast approaching! And this is where I have a favor to ask of all of you….

Above is a picture of Hallee last year at her 18th birthday party. She had been so excited to have a party with her friends. She wanted to go bowling, have fun, and eat cake and Ice Cream. Invitations went out to her classmates at school and to other friends in the area. Hallee sat at her party anxiously waiting for her friends to arrive so they could have fun….but Hallee’s friends would never arrive. Not a single one. Above is the picture of her celebrating alone – eating her birthday cake. My cousin is a beautiful young woman who will always have the mind of a child…so as you can imagine, she was heartbroken and beyond sad. She was hurt… 

This year we are having a large family party for her. But you can help make this years birthday incredible!! I would love to flood her mailbox with birthday cards, from all over! Hal loves getting mail- this would be the best birthday gift she could ask for. If you could find it in your heart to take a few mins out of your day and send her a card, I would be forever greatful. This would mean a lot to her mother as well, for as you can imagine, watching your child cry into her birthday cake breaks your heart. If there is anyone who deserves a great birthday, this is the girl.
Hallee’s 19th Birthday is July 2nd

Hallee Sorenson

34 Wellesley Way

Bangor, ME 04401

Please help us make this birthday memorable.
Thank you,
Becky” ❤
Credit: Rebecca Lyn

I was so touched by Hallee, and the love her cousin Becky has for her. I knew this was the person I was supposed to write an encouraging letter to. I’m very grateful that I was drawn to the Letter Earthlings site, where I discovered Hallee. And, I still have time to get a card to her by her July 2 birthday. 

I selected a pretty dragonfly card, in honor of Hallee and her special day, and wrote her a brief, joy filled letter. I know she is receiving encouragement and well wishes from all over the world. My card will be mailed tomorrow. 

Because it was getting late, I almost picked someone else to write a letter to, even though I didn’t feel like it was the right recipient. I love these little taps on the shoulder that creative inspiration gives, the invitations to “come this way”. May I continue to stay open and receptive to such beautiful guidance.