Day 322: Afternoon Tea at The Carthage Deli

Carthage Deli

Today, I decided to follow my curiosity, and see where it took me. As I was finishing up with clients, I was aware that I still needed a first for the day. My curiosity drew me to toward the pretty town of Carthage MO, just north of where I was completing showings. As I drove that way, the welcome thought came to me to find a place for afternoon tea. On this bright, cold day, hot tea sounded great!

Carthage has a square, surrounding a gorgeous and stately courthouse. Lining the square are offices and antique shops, an art gallery and, on the NW corner, at 3rd and Main, is The Carthage Deli, occupying the old Bank of Carthage building. This was my destination. I had never been in the deli, but I’d seen it many times as I cruised around the square. I’d always wanted to step inside. Today, I did.

Carthage Deli Courthouse

What a delightful surprise. The interior was much more spacious than I’d supposed. Tables and chairs and booths with bright pink cushions provide ample seating for guests. The 1950’s décor featured black and white tiled floors, Route 66 memorabilia and vintage finds and there was a section of a pink car fashioned into a booth. I chose to sit in this spot, which was near the flower filled front windows.

The deli offers an assortment of sandwiches, such as grilled ham, bacon and cheddar on a toasted Kaiser bun, or turkey and provolone. They offer a huge variety of specialty coffees as well. I noted Hazelnut Mocha, Autumn Harvest and Mistletoe Joe, just to name a few. There’s ice cream as well, available by the scoop, and I understand their malts and shakes are amazing.

Carthage Deli interior

The Carthage Deli had a large selection of teas available. I chose something I’d never had before, in keeping with my firsts. The Cinnamon Plum blend, which was delicious, and warmed chocolate chunk scone created a simple and satisfying afternoon tea. I enjoyed spending a leisurely 30 minutes sipping my tea and watching people hurry by outside, arms crossed and heads tucked against the chilly air. Inside, it was cozy and peaceful, the old building well maintained and quietly keeping its many secrets.

I left refreshed, warmed and ready to move on with my day. I will visit again, when I’m in the area, and try another flavor of tea. And perhaps next time I’ll sample one of their chocolate brownies.

Carthage Deli booth

Day 165: The Screen Door


Family gathered today for an early Father’s Day celebration for my step-dad, Walter. We enjoyed lunch together and this evening, a time around the fire pit in my backyard, chatting, laughing, sipping drinks, toasting marshmallows and making S’mores. In between those two activities, the ladies slipped away to do a little junkin’. For my first today, I visited The Screen Door, located at 112 E. 4th, on the square in Carthage, MO.  My mom and sisters, Debbie and Linda, accompanied me.

We girls have a good time, no matter what adventure we set off on. We love to browse in flea markets and vintage stores. Although today I didn’t have any particular items that I was searching for, my sister Debbie was on the hunt for specific treasures to use for Halloween decorations. The Halloween Party War is on, between Debbie and her daughter, Ashley, and my daughter Elissa and grandson Dayan. Both families throw amazing parties, and it’s all in good fun. For the rest of us, we get the benefit of enjoying two outstanding parties.

I’ve looked forward to visiting The Screen Door. I’ve read good reviews and seen pictures that piqued my interest. I was not disappointed. This is a very cute, very clean shop, full of flea market type items, vintage pieces and antiques. There is truly a bit of everything here. We took our time wandering around, looking at treasures, discussing what we could make with them. It is always fun to discover an item that we had as kids or remember a grandparent using, like ice tongs.

Debbie scored with a vintage wicker doll carriage. With some slight repairs and Debbie’s or Ashley’s handiwork, it will make a great addition to their Halloween décor. I foresee a zombie baby or other creepy kid nestled within it. Debbie was delighted with her find.

I found many interesting items, including fun pieces for the garden. I didn’t purchase anything today, but I will certainly return and check this store frequently. That’s part of the fun of junkin’ and visiting flea markets, seeking and finding and walking out of the store, feeling like I’ve found a treasure and a bargain.