Day 262: The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Contest Challenge 4

The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies Tapestry

So I’ve temporarily skipped over Challenge 3 in the contest, and quickly completed Challenge 4 this evening, for my first today. Challenge 4 was a snap. I simply had to share an exclusive picture, which is actually a part of a larger tapestry, from the upcoming movie. The picture was shared on Facebook and twitter.

And, I worked on Challenge 3 today. With only about 15 minutes of daylight left, I grabbed my phone and the script I had written out, and seated myself in my garden. I think I hoped I’d do a couple of “takes” and voila! There the finished video would be. Well that was a good thought!

Challenge 3 is most definitely challenging. I know a year ago having to create a video would have stopped me from finishing the contest. And to be realistic for a moment, I haven’t completed it yet! The completed contest MUST include the video, or it doesn’t count as a submission. The creators of the contest knew this would be the making or breaking point, and much emphasis is placed on the video.

I have a script I wrote out. I won’t read it on camera. But it helps to sear the message I want to convey into my brain when I write it down. I read through it a couple of times and then started the video on my camera. The first two takes, I simply read through the script. Both times, the video was too long. It can’t be more than two minutes. I finished with a 2:15 video and one at 2:11.

I struck a few lines from the script and this time, tried recording sans script. Take 3. Uh oh. I caught myself frowning. Take 4. A car drove down the alleyway, hidden behind the fence, but the noise not only distracted me, it was evident on the video. Same thing happened on Take 6. Where are those cars coming from? I hardly ever hear a car in the alleyway. Take 5. One of the cats jumped up next to me, striking the metal table. Cut! Take 7. I got the giggles because I suddenly realized I had a telephone pole coming up out of my head. Shift the chair. Take 8. I flubbed a word. Takes 9-12. More stammering of words. I mutter a colorful word. No profanity allowed! Take 13. Yikes, mosquitoes are biting my hands and feet! Take 14. I lose my train of thought and stare blankly into the camera. Laughter. Ahem. CUT! Take 15. The words are flowing well, however, I notice the light has failed enough outside that the video is appearing grainy. Final cut and it’s a wrap for tonight.

I have a couple of days left in which to complete this challenge. Tonight, for the first time, I did consider quitting. I speak often, before small groups, before large groups. It’s not the speaking that is getting to me, it is knowing that I’m recording my words. I will not allow discomfort to keep me from finishing this quest. The challenge is pushing me. So be it! Tomorrow morning, I’ll start again. No mosquitoes. Hopefully no cars in the alley. Cats contained in the house. I can do this. Roll video.