Chef Robin’s Kitchen Nutrition

Last Thursday, when I attended a documentary at the theater about the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle, I learned about another wonderful opportunity. At the theater I met Chef Robin Jeep for the first time. It’s always fun to meet Facebook friends in person and as we chatted, she mentioned she was presenting a lunch and learn at noon today. Included in this free event was a plant based meal, provided by Suzanne, at Suzanne’s Natural Foods on 32nd Street in Joplin. I enjoyed attending the seminar, accompanied by my friend Georgia.

Chef Robin’s Kitchen Nutrition

Robin is a plant based chef, teacher, and the author of The Super Antioxidant Diet & Nutrition Guide. She trained and collaborated with internationally known physician Joel Fuhrman, MD, and she has taught evidence based culinary nutrition across the US. Robin currently lives in the Joplin area.

Georgia and I joined 30 – 35 people at Suzanne’s for the lunch and learn. As we enjoyed a beautifully prepared and nutritious plant based lunch, Robin shared about nutrition. She covered a variety of diets that are trendy but not optimal, health wise. She then explained the benefits of a nutrient rich whole food plant based lifestyle.

Chef Robin’s Kitchen Nutrition Look at that gorgeous food, prepared without meat, dairy, eggs, sugar or oils.

Robin is very knowledgeable about nutrition. Plant based is a lifestyle she has embraced for many years. Her teachings are sincere, honest and evidence based. And as a chef she has marvelous experience preparing healthy and satisfying meals. I appreciated all that she shared and offered from her vast wisdom.

I have appreciated too discovering that there is a group of people, here in my area, practicing the plant based lifestyle. It is extremely encouraging and supportive to journey with like minded people who get what you are doing, and why. I look forward to more gatherings where we can discuss nutrition and learn and grow in our knowledge, all while becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves.

Robin is creating those opportunities to get together. For the next six weeks, beginning Saturday April 14, she is leading a whole food plant based class series, covering a broad range of topics. Each session includes a healthy plant based meal and a cooking demonstration. Classes are $28 each or the entire series can be prepaid for $138. A workbook is included.

I am thrilled that more and more people are becoming aware of the vital connection between good health and good food. Health and well being are our most valuable assets. It is exciting to see people taking charge of their health and making powerful decisions that have a far reaching impact on their lives.

Learn more about Chef Robin Jeep by visiting her website HERE. You can also find her on Facebook at Chef Robin’s Vibrant Living Society.

Chef Robin’s Kitchen Nutrition