Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated

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What a wonderful time of year! I love the holiday season that begins, for me, with the beginning of fall and concludes after my January 9 birthday. From cool, crisp weather to seasonal décor to candlelight and festivities, I love it all.

Come take a tour of my holiday decorations, this Christmas wonderland with Decocrated featuring pieces from a year of subscription boxes from this fun company. This is one of my favorite things about Decocrated. The pieces from the spring box work for fall and Christmas. And last winter’s box meshes perfectly with this winter’s items. Two items from the Halloween box are on display in one of my Christmas vignettes.

In my opinion, that brings even more value to the boxes. Most of the Decocrated items remain in use in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated title meme

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated

I received the Decocrated winter box right after Halloween. It was fun to begin decorating with items that can go up before and remain up after the holidays. I liked that transition.

When the Christmas box arrived, decorating for the holidays began in earnest. Check out the fun Christmas box items, in the following vignettes. I’ll also point out items from previous boxes so you can see how wonderfully the pieces work together.

Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar

I’ve always wanted to create a hot cocoa bar. Decocrated inspired me to do so this year with their fun pieces. The two tiered tray is from the summer 2020 box. It holds a cute gingerbread set I’ve owned for years and on the bottom shelf, my teapot, a couple of red and black mugs and a hot chocolate sign. The sled shelf is from the winter 2020 box. It’s the perfect size for my stacking snowman set, a wooden tree, the sweet travel inspired art and a yummy scented candle. And the piece that started this cocoa bar, the sign post, is from the Christmas 2020 box.

In the black wire shelf, containers of loose leaf herbs stand ready for cups of fragrant hot tea. Tea bags rest in the round black and red cannister while healthy hot cocoa mixes and chai latte packets, all from Four Sigmatic, provide the “cocoa” in in this cocoa bar. I’ve enjoyed this festive yet practical set up so much. The sled shelf has a permanent place here in my kitchen where herbs and tea bags will always offer refreshment.


Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated cocoa bar
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – cocoa bar

Dining Room Vignettes

As I’ve stated before, my dining room more properly is my vignette and plant room. I never eat at the little round dining table! Instead, the room changes with the seasons. Currently it features a variety of Christmas décor and festive vignettes.

Snowman Village

I broke up my snowman collection this year, grouping them around the house. On this small table, nestled against the open door into my creative studio, a cheery group of snowmen share space with a couple of Decocrated Christmas pieces.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year framed print (which reverses to a Joy to the World print) and the wooden red truck sign, both from the Christmas box, add to the fun in this snowman gathering.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated snowmen
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – snowmen

More Snowmen

On the dining room table, more snowmen cluster around the black candle ring from the fall 2020 box. It looks so Christmasy with its ring of dark red berries. I’ll definitely use the candle ring for each season by changing what surrounds the base and the color of the candle tapers. The framed snowman print is a drawing my late brother-in-law drew when he was a boy. I love using his art in my home. As an adult Ray became an amazing artist. Sadly, cancer cut his life short. I think he must smile that I framed his snowman.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated candle ring
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – candle ring from the fall box

Christmas Lanterns

After I unpacked the Christmas box, I rearranged this top shelf on my tall bookcase so that the sled shelf could move to the kitchen. The adorable winter village from the winter 2020 box remains, as do the wooden perpetual calendar and the “hello winter” mug. And last winter’s double sided framed art print moved to hang on the wall.

New to this collection is the wooden lantern. I love how versatile this piece is. It looks Christmasy with a silver poinsettia bow. However, after Christmas I’ll replace it with a winter-themed bow. As each season arrives, this lantern will get a new bow or a floral arrangement to freshen it up.

The second shelf remains as is, with its winter theme. The winter village framed print and the large greenery print are from the winter 2020 box while the ceramic trees that I love so much arrived in the winter 2019 box.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated winter village
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – winter village and wooden lantern

Black and White Christmas Vignette

And my new this year black and white Christmas vignette continues to bring me joy. The wooden crate on the top shelf came with the fall 2020 box. I filled it with pumpkins for fall and Halloween. It now holds black and white cloth ornaments. The black lantern on the second shelf, another extremely versatile piece, arrived in the spring 2020 box. And the black lanterns on the bottom shelf are Halloween box pieces. I’ll use them year around.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated small bookcase
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – black and white vignette

Living Room Vignettes

Moving on to the living room, the following vignettes feature Decocrated pieces as well, from boxes throughout the year.


I created this cozy spot on my vintage sofa with these pieces from Decocrated. That metal and wooden tray, that I use ALL the time, is from the winter 2019 box. Working with brands and products, many of my photos feature this tray. The snuggly throw is from last winter’s box also while the tree pillow is from winter 2020. I love the JOY pillow from the Christmas box. It’s reversible. The other side offers a greenery design that matches the large framed print from the winter 2020 box, with the addition of bright red berries. Flipping the pillow to that side, this cozy corner can remain in place until spring.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated joy
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – JOY pillow

Entry Table

On the bottom shelf of my chippy entry table, the gold planter from summer 2020 gets dressed for Christmas with sprays of greenery and berries. It looks classy and festive. The ceramic Santa candle holder adds playfulness.

The top of the shelf features an eclectic group of Santas sharing space with a wire cloche, a bowl of favorite ornaments and a reminder for the season.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated entry table
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – entry table

Explosion of Festivity

I call this next vignette an “explosion of festivity”! I enjoyed creating a burst of color with the gold canister set from the spring 2020 box. If you had asked me last year if I’d ever decorate with gold pieces, I would have said “NO…I’m a silver person.”

I love that Decocrated gently pushes me beyond my comfort zone by introducing new pieces into my décor. I appreciate this canister set and the gold planter. Both remain in use every month. The mirror reflecting all that joyful festivity is from summer 2020.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated gold canister set
An explosion of festivity! The exuberance in this vignette literally makes me laugh.

Bedroom Reading Nook

One more vignette to share, this one from my bedroom. I have many, many more Christmas vignettes, displayed in every room in my house. These featured in this post provide a sampling of how I use Decocrated pieces, from all of the seasonal boxes, to create a cozy, merry and fun Christmas atmosphere in my home.

This is my reading nook, near the windows in my bedroom. The blue and white striped rug, from the summer 2020 box cozies up the glider while the blue pillow, from the same box, adds comfort. My daughter gifted me the warm, snuggly blanket.

That’s a vintage metal tray beneath the cheerful red and white checkered cloth. While I’m reading a good book that tray holds a cup of hot tea and a healthy snack.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated cozy
Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated – reading spot

Do You Love Decorating?

What about you? Do you enjoy decorating and creating vignettes in your home that tell stories?

I love getting the Decocrated boxes each season. They come right to my front door. As you see, the pieces work well with existing décor, no matter your style, and they work well with items from other seasons. And sure, you can shop at places like Hobby Lobby…I still do…however the Decocrated pieces are becoming my foundational items.

If you’d like to try a seasonal box…or go ahead and sign up for a year of decorating fun…click my link I LOVE TO DECORATE. And, type in my code CINDYM15 to save $15 off a seasonal box or a yearly subscription. The yearly subscription is the best value and you won’t miss a box.

There are a limited number of winter 2020 boxes still available. These pieces are perfect for after the holidays and will take you to spring. The spring 2021 box comes available soon, as do the Easter add on boxes.

Merry Christmas, my dear readers and friends. May you experience the joys and blessings of the season. And together we enter into a bright new year.

Christmas Wonderland with Decocrated wooden lantern


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Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

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I love decorating for Christmas. This is my favorite time of year, for many reasons. Near the top of the list is that I enjoy the coziness and warmth of my decorated home.

People ask me about creating vignettes, which are displays with items grouped together. They are easy to do and during the holidays, even items that aren’t specifically Christmas themed can be used as décor.

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Using what’s already owned is fun and creates uniquely beautiful arrangements. Here are some of my favorite tips that are easy to duplicate.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Use Available Surfaces

Use ALL available surfaces, clearing away regular décor. This includes mantles, tabletops, shelves, dressers, side tables, counters and even vintage chair seats. If it has a flat surface, it can be decorated! I have a vintage metal ironing board with a wooden top. It gets decorated for Christmas. Don’t forget the floor beneath tables and chairs.

Study the cleared surface and decide whether to leave it bare or cover with a cloth before decorating. I have a drawer full of linens that I’ve picked up over the years…placemats, pretty kitchen towels, vintage doilies, table runners, etc. I watch for sales and markdowns and pick up linens at a fraction of the cost. If I spy a red or green plaid cloth on sale I snatch it up. Don’t hesitate to use linens in other colors though. I have two gorgeous shawls that I use during the holidays that are rust, black and green.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Group Items Together

Once surfaces are cleared, study the space. The size of the area determines how to fill it. For a small space, such as the seat of a vintage chair, two or three items are enough. A tabletop can hold an entire collection, such as a Christmas village or a snowman grouping. Shelves hold arrangements at either end.

I tend to use the rule of three often, grouping three items together that vary in size and height. However, there aren’t really any rules! This is where the fun begins. Gather items together and play. Try different arrangements, adding items or taking them away, until what remains is pleasing to YOU.

Of course use the Christmas décor that you have, but don’t be afraid to add in other everyday pieces. More about that in the next section.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Include Everyday Décor in Christmas Decorating

This is one of my favorite things to do as I decorate, incorporate non-holiday pieces. I mix Christmas decorations with vintage pieces, stacks of books, framed art and all kinds of everyday décor. The result is eclectic and fun and it saves money, using what I already have on hand. Check out this post from a couple of years ago, for more ideas.

This time of year is great for showcasing vintage pieces. Use color to unify everything. On a shelf I have groupings that don’t contain anything Christmas themed. Red elements tie everything together and create a holiday feel. Another display features a stack of Harry Potter books, a wooden candle holder, a favorite framed quote, a black lion, a wooden box full of colored pencils and a metal candle holder featuring a row of Christmas trees. Most of the items are not Christmas related yet the vignette is colorful and festive.

This is creative play at a high level. Enjoy the process of making a display from favorite items.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Use a Variety of Containers

Another favorite trick of mine is to create vignettes inside all sorts of containers. Wooden boxes, trays, metal buckets, my grandfather’s WWII army truck, an old wooden sieve and a vintage suitcase all become a place to group décor.

Christmas and non-holiday items can share the space. Work with a color theme or chose an item to be the foundational piece and build around that.

My great great aunt’s little red footrest is flipped upside down, becoming a rustic box. It holds two mason jars with tea lights tucked inside, dried baby’s breath and cinnamon sticks. A red metal birdcage candle holder and tiny red metal BELIEVE sign complete the vignette.

On the deck Aunt Annie’s red box is filled with greenery, pine cones and candle holders. Greg has made me several boxes from old repurposed wood. Each has a vignette within it. In the bedroom Grandma Moore’s battered old suitcase holds a mix of items, from flea market finds to metal Christmas trees to vintage photographs.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Use Tea Lights Everywhere

The simplest way to create holiday warmth and cheer throughout a home is to fill it with candlelight. Those flickering lights dispel darkness and act as tiny beacons of hope.

I have all kinds of Christmas candle holders that I enjoy. However, any fireproof container can serve as a candle holder. I pop tea lights into decorative bird cages, sturdy tea cups and mugs, metal buckets, mason jars, glass containers, sugar bowls and pitchers. The possibilities are endless. If a container is fragile or not fireproof I use a battery operated tea light, to be safe.

If someone wants to decorate on a budget, this is my number one tip: buy a bag of tea lights, add them to a variety of containers, and then group them together. It’s a great way to feel the joy of Christmas.

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

Decorating for Christmas, Your Way

I hope these tips have given you some usable ideas! The best thing about decorating for Christmas is that each person can create décor that uniquely represents who she or he is.

Love plants? Collect cat figurines? Have Grandma’s silver candlesticks? Love the rustic look? Classical décor? Pink everything? It all works. It’s all allowed. Bring out the pieces that bring you joy…and start grouping them together until the results make you smile. Most importantly, have fun. Play Christmas music. Sip tea or hot chocolate. Wear your favorite Christmas sweater.

Decorate the whole house or one room or a single shelf. And please, send me a photo!

Decorating for Christmas with What You Have

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From Kid’s Craft to Framed Art

Tonight’s fun project was inspired by an idea I had last year. I found a child’s carefully drawn snowman, in a box of keepsakes from Greg’s parents’ house. The child who drew this cute snowman was Greg’s brother, Ray. I estimated the drawing was done in 1958. I framed the snowman, using a plaid scrapbook paper for the background.

I have enjoyed using this framed art as part of my Christmas decor. Ray passed away in 2002, making the snowman very special. I think of him when I look at his artwork. That project in turn inspired me to create framed art from vintage Christmas cards from the early 1900s.

Earlier this year, I uncovered more Christmas crafts, created long ago by another child. These construction paper pieces were made by Greg, when he was nine or ten years old. Being a parent, one thing I embraced long ago is fairness. Having turned his brother’s snowman into Christmas decor, it seemed right to do the same with Greg’s holiday candle and poinsettia!

Tonight I assembled materials to transform these childhood keepsakes into framed art. One slight challenge that I had was that Greg’s artwork wouldn’t fit within an 8×10 frame, as Ray’s snowman had. It was simple enough to buy larger frames. An 11×14 frame worked and at Michaels they were on a ” buy one, get one” special. Perfect.

The challenge part was finding a holiday themed paper large enough to serve as the background for the artwork. Scrapbook papers don’t come in that bigger size. I bought a roll of Christmas wrap, thinking that could be an option, and gathered my supplies, which included sheets of 9×12 holiday scrapbook papers.

When I opened the first frame, and discovered there was indeed an actual mat included, with an 8×10 opening, I made a quick decision. I liked the idea of using the scrapbook paper and the mat…and allowing the artwork to rest outside the mat, rather than within it. It was a literal “outside of the box” project!

Double sided tape secured the festive construction paper candle to the mat and background, and into the frame the repurposed artwork went. I used a plain green background for the poinsettia and in a few minutes the second framed art was completed.

The framed poinsettia is upside down in this photo, however, I am pleased with the results.

These simple projects are meaningful to me. Creating framed art from childhood treasures honors the artist, provides a lasting keepsake, and they are great additions to my holiday decor. I would rather have these pieces of art by Ray and Greg, which are almost 60 years old and 55 years old respectively, on display where they can be appreciated and enjoyed, rather than forgotten in a storage box.

I think Ray would smile over his framed snowman. And I know Greg takes delight in seeing a keepsake from his childhood elevated to framed art and displayed as well.

I must sort through more boxes…and see what other treasures I can find.

Greetings from the Past

I had a few free minutes early this evening, which was just enough time to be creative and craft simple Christmas décor. Sorting through boxes of old photos, correspondence and notes recently, Greg came across a handful of tiny Christmas cards. Inspired by the framing of Ray’s snowman, I was excited to see what I could make with these vintage greetings from the past. 

I have never seen Christmas cards like these before. The smallest one, about two inches square, is made from standard card paper. But the other three cards, which are slightly larger, have teeny cards attached to squares of transparent or opaque parchment paper. Researching them,  I found the cards referred to as gilded parchment. 

The cards are uniquely beautiful, with green, white and red etchings on the parchment, which feels like stiff plastic. Greg’s grandparents were the recipients of these cards. My best estimate is that the cards date from 1910 to the late 1920s. I found very similar greeting cards online from 1910. That means these greetings from the past are around 100 years old. 

I sorted through a stack of old frames, selecting a simple wooden one for the tiny paper poinsettia card. For the three parchment cards, I used, at last, three white vintage looking  frames that I purchased years ago. The cards fit perfectly within the openings, leading me to believe that I have been saving the frames for just this purpose. I used scrapbooking Christmas paper behind each card. 

I am quite pleased with how these simple framed pieces of art turned out! The paper card rests on a festive table near a poinsettia dish that Greg’s mother, Leta, made in 1961. 

And the three parchment cards hang together in their white frames, near my silver metal Christmas tree. It brings me great joy to repurpose these old greetings from the past, creating something fresh, artsy and decorative. 

I love the way inspiration is tapping me on the shoulder and whispering creatively into my ear. I desire to keep accepting these invitations to play and create as I flow into the next year, ensuring that many more such invites will arrive. The new year is so full of promise.