Christmas Decorating Underway

Entering into my final few days of expressing gratitude daily, my focus shifted today. I got Christmas decorating underway. This season is my favorite time of year. As I changed the dècor in my bedroom, I easily found five things to be thankful for.

Christmas Decorating Underway

Grateful for Something I Did 11 Months Ago

My Christmas decorations are stored in boxes, high up and out of the way. A ladder is required to retrieve the boxes. I’m grateful for Greg, first of all, who patiently handed down box after box.

Secondly, I am incredibly happy with myself, for something I did early in the new year. As I packed away Christmas dècor, I labeled the boxes, by room. So all of the living room decorations are grouped together in boxes and labeled as such. I did that for every room. Today I simply carried boxes to their designated rooms, as Greg handed them down.

Two boxes went into my bedroom, which is where I chose to start the Christmas transformation. What a difference, opening two boxes and having everything for this room right there, versus opening all of the boxes, hunting for items.

Why have I never thought of doing this before?

Christmas Decorating Underway

Something Old…

Greg recently found a small felt poinsettia he made as a child, tucked into an old bible that belonged to a grandparent. I love these kind of finds. Rather than tuck such treasures away in a drawer, I repurpose them.

Check out a previous project HERE.

Greg’s name is written on the back of the felt decoration, in capital letters. Unfortunately there isn’t a date, but Greg must have been 7 – 8 years old, making this little poinsettia vintage now! I’m grateful his grandma or grandpa saved his artwork and that Greg discovered it.

Christmas Decorating Underway

…Becomes Something New

I gathered Christmas scrapbooking papers, double sided tape, scissors, a pencil and a 5X7 wooden frame I had on hand.

Using the removable back of the frame as a template, I traced around it on the dark red, green and white plaid paper. After cutting out my rectangle, I had the background for the poinsettia. Double sided tape secured the felt piece to the paper and then I popped it into the frame.

This cute framed art joins other repurposed art work from Greg’s childhood and vintage Christmas cards that I’ve framed as well. I’m thankful for simple, effective ways to display these keepsakes.

Christmas Decorating Underway

Kaleb’s Gift

I received my first gift of the season yesterday, from my seven year old great nephew Kaleb. My sister Debbie and Kaleb came into town for a quick overnight visit, so they could attend Lola’s Bouncy Birthday Party.

Kaleb and I have a special bond, an instantaneous connection that began the moment I held him, shortly after his birth. I can’t explain it, in a way that makes sense to anyone else. Our old souls just recognize each other.

When we get to spend time together we have fun talking and playing games and singing our favorite songs, loudly. Kaleb gave me a woven piece that he made, on a little hand loom. I had such a loom as a child, and spent many happy hours creating gifts for loved ones. I’m deeply touched to receive his work of love.

Rather than use Kaleb’s gift as a potholder, I incorporated it into the Christmas decorating in my room. I love how the little woven mat looks, with a cheerful snowman candle holder resting on it. Displayed with it is a smaller hooked yarn piece that my cousin Mindy made. She passed away almost four years ago. I’m grateful to her son William, who allowed me to bring this piece home. And I’m thankful for Kaleb’s special gift. The colors are perfect.

Christmas Decorating Underway

Christmas Music

As I decorated, I took a temporary break from listening to Queen. Instead, I pulled up channel 838 on DirectTV…the All Christmas music channel. I prefer to work, cook or clean with music playing. What better than Christmas music, for Christmas decorating?

The sound of music, from holiday classics to Christmas rock, filled my room as I worked. I hummed along and frequently broke into song. Glancing at the television screen reveals what song is playing, who is singing, the album name and the year…all great info.

I’m deeply grateful for music…all kinds…and tonight I am especially thankful for Christmas music and DirectTV for creating music channels.

Christmas Decorating Underway

Christmas Decorating Well Underway

A pleasant couple of hours later, one room is completely decorated for Christmas. I started here because this is my personal space. This is where I sleep…and where I think, write in my journal, read, and watch movies. This room, and my creative studio, most accurately reflect back to me who I am. I surround myself, in both rooms, with the things that I love, the objects that inspire me, and the items that bring me joy.

Tonight the Spirit of Christmas is alive in my room, filling my heart with peace and joy. It’s a good start.

Christmas Decorating Underway