Journey 347: Clearing Space, Creating Flow

A rainy day with periods of heavy downpours kept me house bound today. I cajoled my inner artist, my creative child, into a “date” at home. Happily, she not only agreed, but brought her creativity to the activity I decided upon today…clearing the rest of my studio and decorating it for Christmas.


Months ago I began clearing this small room, with its six windows, converting it from being a home real estate office, to more of a creative studio space. The big clunky desk was replaced with a writing table, boxes of accumulated stuff removed, and attractive storage containers purchased. And then I stopped, half done. Maybe a bit more than half. 

As happens when forward momentum is halted, there is often a reversal in direction, otherwise known as backsliding. This room tends to be a catch all space. So things began to accumulate again…coloring supplies, junk mail, old photos, and most recently, unwrapped Christmas gifts. I’m sensitive to energy, and the flow of it. When stuff clutters a room, I feel it as clogged, choked energy. Not what I want in my creative studio!

My creative child and I set the music on my iPhone to shuffle, cranked the volume up, and rolled up our sleeves. Starting at the writing table, I worked clockwise around the room, clearing, cleaning, and decorating, in that order. I was ruthless with old files and papers. I’m so very grateful that Keller Williams is now a paperless company. All records and docs are stored online, from active transactions to deals closed years ago. I carted out bags and boxes of old records and blank forms that I no longer need to keep on hand. 

I tossed duplicate class binders, extra play bills, quotes on scraps of paper that I no longer require. As I worked, singing along with whatever song popped up, the room felt lighter and brighter, even as darkness gathered outside the windows. I uncovered momentos that once held significance and a dream book that I created years ago, a forerunner of my vision boards. Here’s where things got interesting. I saved some items. Then reconsidered. Did I want that energy in my creative space? I pulled the dream book from the shelf I’d stashed it on. Flipping through it, I recognized that the dreams were old ones. Some, like a trip to Scotland, have been fulfilled. Others, including many business goals, no longer appeal to me. And some have lost the sparkle or promise they once held for me. I don’t need this old dream book, this old energy, in my fresh space. I threw it away, and instantly, a heaviness I hadn’t  noticed until then, lifted. 


I was very pleased with the room, after I finished. I made space. On shelves and in cubby holes, in drawers and the buffet top, yes. But I created additional space as well. For energy to flow. For ideas to flow. For my creativity to expand and grow, without feeling confined by clutter and pools of negative resistance. The room feels open and supportive of who I am and what I desire to do. I can breathe in this space. I can create. 


I read the next chapter in The Artist’s Way, Week Seven: Recovering a Sense of Connection. Well, I thought, I didn’t connect with anyone on my date today except my inner artist. I wondered if my date was in sync with the upcoming chapter, as it has been the last six weeks. I discovered as I read that the author isn’t writing about connecting with others in this chapter. She writes about connecting with our creativity and our personal dreams. Personal dreams. I thought again of the book I tossed full of old dreams I’ve outgrown. Ahhh…yes. I’m journeying with new dreams now. 
Further, the chapter for this week connected with my symbol for next year, the river, a symbol that had just been confirmed. Julia says, “Art is an act of tuning in and dropping down the well. It is as though all the stories, paintings, music, performances in the world live just under the surface of our normal consciousness. Like an underground river, they flow through us as a stream of ideas we can tap down into. As artists, we drop down the well into the stream. We hear what’s down there and we act on it – more like taking dictation than anything fancy having to do with art.” 


I love that quote. I understand what she’s talking about. I’m ready to immerse myself in that flow of ideas, even as I immerse myself in the flow, the river, of life. This creative studio has flow now as well. I’ve created a space where I can listen to that stream of ideas and “take dictation”. 

I’m looking forward to opening the blinds in the morning and welcoming the sunshine into my fresh space, and welcoming in creativity. I’ll be poised, pen in hand, ready to write. 


Journey 159: Bread Crumb Trail


I’m very much in clearing mode. Today, I made two more sweeps through my house, examining every book I own. I love books. I’ve accumulated quite an extensive collection. However, there are many that I will never read again. It is time to clear away those that, although they taught me valuable truths when I read them, no longer resonate with me.

I packed up three boxes of books, holding each volume in my hands before placing it in the “go” box or putting it back on the shelf. Most of the books, I knew immediately whether I had moved beyond the content or not.  A few I opened to a “random” spot, if I didn’t get a clear sense of giving away or keeping. If the chapter title or words on the page captured my attention, I kept that volume to revisit it.

I realized, as I placed book after book in the boxes, that I was getting a glimpse of my past journey. Here was my Law of Attraction phase. Here my books on succeeding in business. This stack helped me to embrace my intuitive side and learn from others with the same gifts. It’s not that any of these books were not wonderful reads at the time that I purchased them. They have served their purpose and I am journeying further abroad and around the bend in the trail.

Following this “trail of bread crumbs” back I marveled at where my journey has led me the past 15 years. I remembered why I selected each book…what was going on in my life at the time. Releasing these books literally lightens my load as I travel Life’s path, creating empty space for new books, new thoughts, new ideas to enter, as fresh topics resonate with me now.

bread crumb trail living room redo

The clearing away of this old energy transferred to a flurry of activity on my part and I rearranged the living room this afternoon, creating new flows of energy there as well. Out to the trash bin went old magazines, papers, and lists of plants for the garden. I don’t need those things anymore. I was quite pleased with the space that opened up, from the front door to the corner room that is shifting from office to writing/creating room.

Moving from room to room, clearing away clutter, giving away the things that I don’t need or want anymore, I didn’t complete all that I want to today. However, I did go the distance that I could in one day. Tomorrow is another opportunity to continue clearing and shifting energy.

I released the bread crumb trail. Unlike Hansel and Gretel, who left a trail so that they could follow it back home, I am not going back the way I’ve come. The journey lies before me, accessed by living moment by moment by moment. I am facing my future, as I journey day by day. I’m excited to see what’s around that next bend.

bread crumb trail don't look back