Solgave Threads

I love how life and events unfold, and how connections are formed. I don’t usually understand all the whys and hows along the way, but I recognize when something extraordinary is occurring. The fun part of the journey is following these new paths that appear, unconcerned about the ultimate destinations, open instead to the opportunities for growth and inspiration. 

Solgave Threads

I connected with Jared Ritter on Facebook, appreciating his fresh views about life and the journey. As I learned more about him through his social media posts and musings, I realized our connections actually preceded Facebook. I went to school with Jared’s uncle. His extended family and I lived in the same small Missouri town. 

Jared embraces an international lifestyle, spending time in the US, Norway and Sweden. He captured my interest initially by way of his thoughtful insights and his sincere desire to make a difference in the world. Most recently I have been captivated by the launch of his company, Solgave Clothing ~ The Common Threads. 

Solgave ThreadsToday, Jared graciously shared information about his company, which is forming organically, in real time, as an artistic expression of his journey. I learned that Solgave Clothing has four foundational categories…Recovery, Mindfulness, Activism and Nature…and eventually there will be shirts in all categories. 

The designs are simple, and inspirational, based on musings, stories and real life experiences. Jared and his wife began with a vision that included using animals and nature to facilitate healing. That work became the catalyst for Solgave Clothing and a line of apparel that told stories and connected with people who care about others, care about animals and the environment, and desire to create change in the world. 

Solgave Threads

Another Solgave design, based on a John Muir quote. 

Jared says, “Our shirts are American made, no sweat shops were involved. We care about the planet, we care about all the animals on it, we care about inspiring hope for the hopeless, and want people struggling to never give up.” 

The shirts are extremely well made and incredibly soft. 

I know. I received my first Solgave shirt Monday, and I love it. 

Solgave Threads

I selected the I Am A Dreamer t shirt, in a fitted women’s style, charcoal gray in color. I wore it all day today, with a little black jacket thrown over it when the day was cooler. People complimented me on my shirt, everywhere I went. 

Not only did the soft material feel good, I felt good wearing the shirt. The sentiment of being a dreamer is perfect for me…I am a dreamer, and I embrace that about myself. However, I feel good wearing a shirt that supports and encourages the dreams of another as well. I love Jared’s vision for Solgave. And his clothing and his dream both inspire me. I believe in his principles and I am thrilled to be a part of his community. 

You can be a part of this vision, and this community, too. My grandson Dayan has already selected his shirt, and two more designs have fired my imagination. I’m excited to watch this journey unfold and I hope to spot others soon, wearing a Solgave shirt. 

Check out Solgave Clothing’s website HERE

Solgave Threads