Creating an Environment That Supports My Journey

Today is day 21 of my healing cleanse. I just have seven days to go! As I am entering the last week of this part of the journey, I am preparing for the next phase. This cleanse, and all of the supporting practices, has changed my eating habits. I’ll be sharing posts  later in the week that give more details about how my body and health have shifted. Today my focus has been on creating an environment that supports my continuing health journey. 

The foundation of the cleanse is eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve become a frequent shopper at the local farmer’s market. And at the supermarket, I primarily shop in the produce section. At home, my purchases have been going into the fridge, in various plastic bags and containers covered in plastic wrap or foil. It’s a very ineffective way to store produce! I rustle through the bags, hunting for the right foods to make a salad or smoothie. 

I just received an order from Amazon…a Rubbermaid Produce Saver set. I was excited today to totally empty the refrigerator, wipe it down, and get rid of those plastic bags! The large container easily holds a head of butterhead lettuce. Each container has a vented lid and a crisp tray that fits in the bottom, allowing air to circulate and keeping the produce moisture free. The company claims that produce stays fresh up to 33% longer. I’ll let you know! 

I’ve made other changes in my life, during this cleanse, to support a healthy lifestyle. It was time to make my refrigerator “clean”, both literally and in terms of the way I store my nutritious food. Creating a supportive environment sends messages to my brain, and to the Divine, that this journey is crucial and that I embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

Every time I open the refrigerator door, I’ll be reminded of my commitment to my health and well being. And I’ll be able to find the spinach! 

Day 62: Create a Health Bubble


During this cold winter, I’ve created ice bubbles and icy winter globes as firsts. Today was another cold day with yesterday’s ice and snow covering the ground. It was the perfect day to stay in and create another first, a health bubble!

I recently decided to take back my health, using a detox diet designed by Dr. Mark Hyman. More about that in a few days, as I complete the 10 day detox. One of the things I’ve appreciated about Dr. Hyman’s book is that he has a section for daily use, full of encouraging tips and ideas. Today’s section was called Design. And it fit in perfectly with my day. The action plan was to make sure my environment is supportive of my desires and intentions for my health. Dr. Hyman says, “We need to create our own “health bubble”. I want you to discover how to sync up your motivation, your ability, and the environmental triggers to make doing the right thing automatic.” My strategies for today that I focused on: Organize my kitchen for healthy meal preparation and make my bedroom a sanctuary.

Eight days ago, I emptied out my refrigerator and stocked it with fresh produce and healthy proteins such as eggs, chicken, turkey and fish. Today, I tackled the cabinets, where unhealthy processed snacks still lurked. It is difficult for me to throw away food. I had to override that voice in my head telling me I was wasting perfectly good food. I did attempt to give some of it away, but found that created a conflict as well! If I don’t consider it healthy for me to eat, how can I foist it on someone else? Once I threw a few things in the trash and silenced any sense of guilt about it, I made great progress! I felt very good about cleaning out the junk food. I now have a refrigerator AND pantry stocked with healthy food choices.  I have a great food prep area ready to go as well.

In his book, Dr. Hyman asks the question, “Is your bedroom designed to be a peaceful, stress-free environment that promotes rest?” I took a critical look at my bedroom with that question in mind, and decided it could use some tweaking. The TV that I had moved to my bedroom when my young granddaughter spent the night was still present. Back it went to the spare bedroom. After a bit of tidying up, I decided to add a bistro table set that I had bought last weekend at a junk show. I love this set and it will eventually end up in my backyard garden, but for now, it has a home in my bedroom. I think I’ve created my new morning spot for breakfast, tea and reading.

I have a quote that I attach to the bathroom mirror occasionally. It reads, My entire living space is an affirmation, reflecting the energy I wish to utilize in fulfilling my personal destiny. I am being intentional about creating an environment that not only supports who I am, but who I am becoming!